10 People Who Disappeared Without A Trace

10 People Who Disappeared Without a Trace 10 Ray Gricar In 2005, Ray Gricar had been the district attorney of Centre County, Pennsylvania for 20 years

But after calling his girlfriend to tell her he was driving home one night, he was never seen again His car was found, with everything missing but his phone and a severely water damaged laptop nearby Theories are wide-ranging, as lawmakers like Gricar acquire numerous enemies In fact, he was investigating what would later be known as the Penn State sex abuse scandal, six years before Jerry Sandusky was charged Gricar had previously refused to press charges against Sandusky, suggesting he was building a huge case against the predatory coach

It’s thought his disappearance could have been part of the documented cover-up by university administrators But searches on Gricar’s computer for ‘how to fry a hard-drive’ cast a darker shadow on his disappearance, although his laptop was too damaged to discern what he may have been hiding 9 Solomon Northup The 2014 best picture Oscar winner Twelve Years a Slave adapted the real memoirs of Solomon Northup Northup was born free in 1805, but was kidnapped and sold into slavery in 1841

A spoiler warning is probably redundant here, because as the name suggests, this lasted for 12 years The film ends happily, as a freed Northup returns to his family, but that’s not the full story History knows Northup used his freedom to push for abolition, teach lectures and even produce pays about his experience, but then he just vanishes from history His last documented appearance was in Canada in 1857 Northup’s wife died a widow, and other family members are quoted as saying he disappeared

One account claimed Northup left to help fugitive slaves on the Underground Railroad in the 1860s But sadly, American Union newspaper supported what most of his family believed, which is that he was kidnapped again, and either enslaved or killed 8 Granger Taylor Granger Taylor was a gifted mechanic with a fascination for aliens After building a UFO shelter in his garden, this descended into obsession, as he reported being contacted by beings, promising to take him away

And in 1980, this may just have come true One night, 32-year-old Taylor vanished into a severe storm He left a note for his parents claiming he’d ‘gone away to walk aboard an alien spaceship, as recurring dreams assured a 42-month interstellar voyage to explore the vast universe’ On the back was a strange map, which has never been deciphered 6 years later, human bones and what may have been a piece of Taylor’s truck were found, four miles from his home, although it couldn’t be concluded whether they were his

The theory follows that Taylor was carrying dynamite for clearing tree stumps, and it went off, intentionally or otherwise But conspiracists will always believe Taylor has gone where no one has gone before 7 Zebb Quinn In January, 2000, US Army trainee Zebb Quinn left his work and drove with his colleague Robert Jason Owens to look at a car he was considering buying The two drove in separate cars, and Owens later told police that Quinn had driven his away after being paged

Quinn was never seen again The page was later traced to Quinn’s Aunt She was having dinner that night with a woman named Misty Taylor and her boyfriend, who had reportedly threatened Quinn because he’d become involved with her Owens arrived at hospital later with broken ribs, which he claimed were from a random car accident, although none were reported Despite this, no arrests were made until Owens was imprisoned for a separate murder, of a pregnant chef and her husband

This renewed suspicion in Owens, who was indicted in 2017 for Zebb Quinn’s murder, although no body has been found, and no sentence has been passed as of this video’s publication 6 Ambrose Bierce In 1878, 16-year-old Charles Ashmore left his home with a bucket to collect clean water from a nearby spring When he didn’t return, his father headed out into the snow, but found no trace of him, except footprints that stopped suddenly For many, this story is conclusive evidence of paranormal abduction

It’s also completely false But bear with us here Though the tale has been passed through the years as fact, it actually originated in the short story ‘Charles Ashmore's Trail’ by American author Ambrose Bierce Amongst other achievements, Bierce helped pioneer the psychological horror story, which makes it all the more fitting that he himself completely disappeared in 1913 Bierce was believed to have travelled to Mexico, to join Pancho Villa’s revolutionary army in an observational capacity

His last known communication was a letter, which ended: ‘I leave here tomorrow for an unknown destination’ Theories around the author’s disappearance range from suicide to death by firing squad 5 Richey Edwards In 1994, Welsh rock band The Manic Street Preachers released what many consider to be their magnum opus: The Holy Bible The album was largely praised for the darkly poetic lyrics of guitarist Richey Edwards

But as the Manics approached stardom, Edwards had a coinciding drop in mental health, suffering from severe depression Then, on the eve of a 1995 tour, Edwards disappeared from his hotel, leaving no trace of him, except his car, abandoned near Severn Bridge The bridge is a known suicide spot, but this theory has been brought into question by numerous fans who claim to have seen the British musician abroad In Edwards’ car was a toll bridge receipt, which sparked a 23-year appeal for witnesses on the bridge at 2:55pm Edwards was officially declared dead in 2008, but in 2017 it was revealed the ticket machine worked on a 24-hour clock, leading to renewed appeals for witnesses at 2:55AM

4 Madeleine McCann In 2007, the McCann family were holidaying in Portugal Parents Kate and Gerry were having dinner with friends, just 120 meters from the apartment where their three children slept They returned to check on them every half hour until 10pm, when Kate returned to find 3-year-old Madeleine was gone What followed was a mistake ridden investigation, which may have given a kidnapper invaluable time to evade capture

Several people have fallen suspect, with the first being cleared in 2008, and others never having been identified Several aspects have also lead suspicion to fall on Madeleine’s parents These include disputed DNA evidence, purported to show McCann’s blood in the back of a rental car, which the parents didn’t rent until 25 days after her disappearance In 2017, a judge ruled that the McCann’s hadn’t been cleared of suspicion They have maintained an extensive public search in the decade since their daughter’s disappearance

3 Lars Mittank The last known sighting of 28-year-old German Lars Mittank was in 2014 Security footage from Varna Airport in Bulgaria captured him entering the airport, then sprinting out shortly after, without his luggage Mittank had been holidaying with four friends, and was due to fly back with them a day before But a few days earlier, Mittank wandered off after a night out

He returned the next morning, claiming to have been attacked by some other German tourists the group had argued with earlier The friends were dubious of the story, which ended in Mittank suffering a burst eardrum This meant he had to delay his flight, but he insisted he’d be fine alone That night he called his mother in an erratic state, asking about his prescribed drugs and claiming four men were after him Booking a new flight for the next day, he visited the airport doctor, but when someone walked in, Mittank fled with the words: ‘I don’t want to die here’

He has not been seen since 2 Maura Murray Following a workplace breakdown, 21-year-old student nurse Maura Murray took a week off in 2004, claiming she’d had a death in the family Her family later claimed no knowledge of the death, and Murray never returned to work After losing control of her car in New Hampshire, a passing driver called the police, despite her begging him not to

She disappeared before the police arrived The last contact Murray had with the world was a reported voicemail received by her boyfriend, in which he claimed only to hear Maura crying After the disappearance on Route 112, her father described those responsible as ‘Dirtbags’ This arose suspicion when the Youtube channel ‘Mr112Dirtbag’ posted a video 8 years after the 21-year-old disappeared, of a man laughing, followed by the words ‘Happy Anniversary’ The man has been identified, but his videos were written off by the family and police as cruel taunts by an online sadist

1 Nicholas Barclay In 1997, three years after he disappeared in Texas at age 13, Nicholas barclay was found by police in Spain Case solved, right? Except Barclay is still listed as a missing person today That’s because after 3-and-a-half months of living with his family and going to his school, it was revealed the boy wasn’t Nicholas at all In fact, it was 23-year-old Frederic Bourdin

Having masqueraded as around 500 different missing people, Bourdin is known by Interpol as ‘The Chameleon’ After finding Nicholas’ name on a missing persons database, Bourdin told the family that he’d been kidnapped by men, who even dyed his eyes a different colour It took a private detective to crack the case, because Barclays family were adamant that the young man was their son Some people, including Bourdin himself, believe they were so accepting because they themselves were trying to cover up Nicholas’ death, but nothing has ever been proven

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