10 People Who Survived The Impossible

When a relationship seems to be fizzling out, most people would sit down with their significant other to tell them it’s not going to work At the very least they’d send them a break-up text and tell them ‘it’s not you, it’s me’

Not factory worker Marcin Kasprzak Marcin had ‘grown tired’ of his fiance Michelina Lewandowska and decided he wanted her out of the way Assisted by his friend Patryk Borys, Marcin used a 300,000 volt taser gun to attack Michelina He then bound her hands and feet and forced her into a cardboard box They buried a still-conscious Michelina in a shallow grave in some remote woods on the outskirts of Huddersfield, England

She was then left to suffocate and die They also used her bank card to withdraw £500 of her money But Michelina was having none of it She used her engagement ring to cut loose her bonds and then claw herself free of the grave Unsurprisingly, the ordeal left her with severe PTSD

But justice was done, and both attackers received 20 years behind bars for their barbaric crime In 2008, Royal Marine Lance Corporal Matthew Croucher not only survived the unbelievable, but he became a national hero in the process During a reconnaissance mission in the notoriously dangerous Helmand Province in Afghanistan, he felt a trip-wire against his leg He immediately recognized that he had inadvertently activated a Taliban grenade Without a second thought, he shouted for his comrades to get out of the way and launched himself at the grenade

He managed to place his rucksack between the bomb and his body, and tucked his legs to his chest to protect them from the oncoming blast He was thrown into the air from the force of the explosion but, apart from a nose-bleed and burst ear drums, he was miraculously unharmed It is thought that – were it not for Croucher’s selfless actions – he and the other three members of his patrol would have certainly been within lethal range of the explosion He was awarded the George Cross by Queen Elizabeth II, in recognition of his incredible bravery Being involved in a plane crash is a lot of people’s worst nightmare but – for 14-year-old Bahia Bakari – it became a horrifying reality

On June 30th 2009, Bahia was on board Yemenia Flight 626, flying from Yemen to Comoros with her mother Tragically, the plane lost control over the Indian Ocean and plummeted into the water with an almighty crash Bahia was thrown from aircraft Unable to swim and without a life jacket, she thankfully managed to stay afloat by grabbing hold of a piece of debris At first, she could hear the faint cries of other survivors but, after a few hours clinging to the debris, they all began to fade

It wasn’t until nine excruciatingly long hours later that a search ship arrived at the scene and help Bahia to safety She broken numerous bones, including a fractured pelvis and collarbone Luckily, she made a full recovery and left hospital just over three weeks later Sadly, the 152 other people on board the plane perished in the disaster, including Bahia’s mother Think you're unlucky? Try being Robert Evans! One evening in September 2008, 46-year-old Evans was riding his bike along the roads of Boulder, Colorado, when he was hit by a speeding car

The driver of that car then fled the scene, and was never caught Evans was taken to Boulder Community Hospital for treatment Luckily, he wasn’t very badly injured so he was discharged at 3am the following day On his way back home, he chose to take a risky shortcut through a narrow railroad bridge Big mistake

Less than 8 hours after being hit by a car, a coal train ploughed straight into Evans He was thrown over 4 meters off the bridge and ended up straight back in the exact same hospital he just come from Amazingly, he survived both major incidents with little more than a slight concussion When Carlos Rodriguez was arrested in 2012 for allegedly soliciting prostitution, his alarming mugshot quickly went viral It’s not that unusual when you look at him here facing forward, but when he turns to the side… you can see he’s missing quite a large section of his skull

According to Carlos, nicknamed ‘Halfy’ for obvious reasons, he gained his unique appearance following a car accident when he was 14 He was driving recklessly in Miami, following a major alcohol and drugs binge Unsurprisingly, he lost control of the vehicle, flew through the windscreen and landed head-first on the road He was only able to survive thanks to surgeons who cut away large chunks of flesh and bone, to alleviate pressure on his brain If that’s not going to put you off driving under the influence of drink and drugs, nothing will

When 44-year-old Peter Skyllberg from Sweden went missing in December 2011, his family feared the worst There was no sign of him for over two months, until a passer-by discovered a car completely buried beneath a snowdrift The passer-by scraped snow from the windscreen and was astounded to see movement inside the car It turned out that Peter had been completely trapped inside his vehicle for all that time, the weight of the snow forcing his doors shut He had no food or water and had to survive by eating snow, while temperatures plummeted to -3°C outside, while he slept on the backseat of the car

Doctors are completely stumped as to how on earth he survived for so long in these conditions Dr Stefan Branth, from Uppsala University hypothesised that his metabolism may have slowed down ‘like a bear that hibernates’, making it easier to go without food It’s also thought that his car created an ‘igloo effect’ that insulated him from the bitter temperatures Luckily, Peter made a full recovery following his ordeal It’s not unusual for teenagers to run away from home, but the story of 18-year-old Matthew Allen from Australia is utterly bizarre

Matthew, who suffers from learning difficulties, left his family home in December 2012 on what he described as a ‘survival mission’ He had very little food or water with him, and was entirely alone His description turned out to be incredibly accurate, as he ended up spending over nine weeks in the most gruelling conditions imaginable While his friends, family and neighbours searched far and wide for the young adventurer, he disappeared into the harsh Australian outback During his ordeal, Australia experienced a record-breaking heat wave, with temperatures reaching a sweltering 48°C

When Matthew was eventually found by hikers, he was lying exhausted on the floor He had lost half his body weight, was suffering from partial blindness and gangrene and leeches had begun to eat away at his lower legs He was treated in hospital in Sydney and managed to make a full recovery However, doctors believe that he would’ve died within hours had he not been found when he was British Army officer Sir Adrian Carton De Wiart has gained a reputation as the ‘unkillable soldier’, and rightly so

He fought in three major conflicts across six decades: the Boer War, World War One and World War Two During this time, he was shot in the face, head, stomach, ankle, leg, hip and ear He lost an eye and an arm, as well as tearing off his own fingers when a surgeon refused to amputate them And if that weren’t bad-ass enough for you, reports from his comrades describe him pulling the pins out of grenades with his teeth and throwing them at the enemy with his good arm This super soldier also survived two plane crashes and tunnelled out of a prisoner-of-war camp

For his bravery and sheer stubbornness for life, he received various honours and medals – not least the Victoria Cross, the highest award of the UK honours system He died peacefully in 1963, aged 83 Despite becoming the most battle-scarred soldiers in history, Carton de Wiart wrote in his autobiography: ‘Frankly, I enjoyed the war’ Each to their own, I suppose Growing up in Dinant, Belgium, in the early 19th century, young Adolphe Sax was determined to set a new clumsiness record

During his childhood he was involved in a number of serious accidents, each of which could have easily ended his life These included: falling from a three storey building and hitting his head on the ground; drinking from a bowl of sulfuric acid; swallowing a pin; burning himself in a gunpowder explosion; falling onto a hot cast iron frying pan; nearly being suffocated by varnish and almost drowning in a river Young Adolphe was so ill-fortuned that even his own mother once said ‘he’s a child condemned to misfortune… he won’t live’ There’s nothing like the confidence and support of a loving parent, eh? But don’t worry, things turned out alright for him in the end Not only did he manage to live to an unexpectedly ripe old age of 79, but he went on to invent something you may have heard of… the saxophone

The odds of getting attacked by a shark are 1 in almost 4 million You’re more likely to be killed falling out of bed or off a ladder But unfortunately for Todd Endris in 2007, the odds were not in his favour One sunny August day, he was surfing off the Australian coast when he was suddenly and viciously attacked by a huge 5 meter Great White Shark The shark tried to bite Todd’s body in half, and ended up tearing off his skin

Todd kept his stomach tight to his surfboard, which doctors say was essential for protecting his internal organs and preventing even greater blood-loss Then, adding another twist to this dramatic story, he found himself surrounded by dolphins The pod of bottlenose dolphins formed a protective ring around him, coming between Todd and the attacking Great White Todd lost a great amount of blood and had to undergo intense physical therapy, but he was – amazingly – back surfing just six weeks later

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