10 Places Frozen In Time

10 Places Frozen in Time 10 Plymouth, Montserrat As the former centrepiece of the British overseas territory of Montserrat near Antigua, Plymouth holds the strange position of being a capital city that nobody lives in

That’s because it’s directly in the path of Soufriere, one of the most active volcanoes on Earth One eruption in 1995 sealed the capital’s fate, when it spewed ash across the city, destroying 150 homes, killing 9 and displacing the entire 1,500 strong population To this day, many of those displaced inhabitants are still living in temporary shelters Most of the city is entirely buried in ash, but the buildings that are still accessible appear like dusty relics from the time before the eruption Montserrat isn’t one to give up though – it’s exploring the use of geothermal power from the volcano, and repurposing the sand flow for building materials to rebuild the island

9 PRIPYAT, UKRAINE The toxic legacy of the Chernobyl disaster will be felt after anyone watching this video is long gone, but there’s a good chance that the nearby city of Pripyat will still be there to showcase its devastation When design flaws and human error caused an uncontrolled reaction in the plant 1986, Pripyat was among the first to feel the brunt of the nuclear fallout 49,000 people had to be evacuated from the blast zone, leaving an area that won’t be habitable for humans for at least 24,000 years Now for the last 30 years, the city has stood as an eerie reminder of the human cost of the disaster, with nurseries and fairground attractions left rotting, still with the occasional child’s toy laying around

But for anyone who’s interested in seeing a disturbing snapshot of 1980s Soviet life, the town is now open to so-called ‘extreme tourists’ – radiation an’ all 8 TREECE, KANSAS Supposedly founded on a chance encounter with minerals in 1914, Treece quickly became one of America’s key mining towns thanks to its abundance of natural ores It even supplied more than $20 billion worth of materials towards the 1st and 2nd world wars But things started to go wrong for the town pretty quickly once residents realized that mines can run out

By 1981, the EPA deemed it the most contaminated area in the country thanks to chemical seepage, which could be seen in its vinegar smelling creeks and 100m sinkholes Now, just one couple live there, Tim and Della Busby, after refusing to take the government’s $45,000 buyout offer At this point the town isn’t even recognised by the government – it’s effectively lost in American history 7 DÖLLERSHEIM, AUSTRIA Shortly after the Anschluss in 1938, when Hitler reintegrated Austria into Nazi Germany, the Fuhrer decided to evacuate a few tiny Austrian villages to create army training camps

Among those villages was Döllersheim, which remains abandoned to this day – and that makes sense, since it was bombed into the ground That’s all a fine part of military history, but it gets a bit weird You see, Döllersheim was also where Hitler’s Grandmother Maria was buried, which raises questions over just why he chose to bomb the village And even weirder, Nazi lawyer Hans Frank testified at the Nuremberg trials that Hitler was trying to suppress rumours his Grandfather was a jewish man named Frankenberger Peculiar

6 NORTH BROTHER ISLAND, NEW YORK In what might be the strongest contender on the list for a horror movie setting, North Brother Island has quite the terrifying history before its abandonment in 1963 When it was first utilised in 1880, the Island off the coast of New York was used to quarantine smallpox victims in a hospital away from the general public, later being used to house all manner of infected people, from Tuberculosis sufferers to the infamous Typhoid Mary The facility was eventually turned into a rehab center in 1950, but was abandoned just 13 years later with some inmates claiming they were locked in rooms against their will Since then the whole island was left derelict and has been off limits to pretty much everyone

For all intents and purposes, it’s a disturbing relic of days gone by 5 THE GEDI RUINS, KENYA There’s a false assumption in some parts of the world that Africa’s development lagged behind the rest of the world and only caught up thanks to colonial rule – but there are few better examples to the contrary than the Gedi Ruins in Kenya There are no official records of the city locally, but it was believed to have been founded in the 14th century and abandoned in the 1700s, and it appeared to be previously ransacked when it was first excavated in 1925 But what’s fascinating about Gedi is how advanced the city was and how well it was preserved

There was a functioning sewage system with working toilets, 14 preserved houses and 2 mosques – there was even evidence of international trade All of that suggests that Kenya was more developed than colonial settlers assumed 4 VAROSHA, CYPRUS Not a lot of people are very knowledgeable about the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in the 1970s, in which the northern half of the island was annexed and 160,000 Greek Cypriots were displaced But one particularly interesting outcome of the conflict was for Varosha, a North Cypriot holiday resort that was frequented by celebrities from Bridget Bardot to Elizabeth Taylor

But as of now, it’s just a ghost town – the ‘French Riviera of Cyprus’ is off limits to everyone, to the point where any trespassers will be shot on sight by the Turkish military In fact, the UN has ruled that only the exiled Greek Cypriots can be allowed to resettle the area But since the area was abandoned so hastily, many sites are still intact, if not a bit decrepit – you can find semi-preserved resort buildings, rows of 1970s cars and all kinds of dusty belongings left behind from before the invasion 3 GEAMANA, ROMANIA Geamana was once a picturesque village in the heart of Romania, but now it lies under a flood of toxic waste

That’s because Geamana happens to be situated near the Rosia Poieni copper mine, which was once thought to house the largest reserves in Europe with around a billion tonnes of the stuff Those reserves caught the eye of the infamous Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu (Nick-o-lie Chow-chess-kew), who decided in 1978 that the valley around Geamana would make a good basin to hold the byproducts of the mining process, including cyanide But worst of all, it means the village remains preserved under a 90m deep pool of waste, with just a church steeple peeking out to hint at what lies below 2 CENTRALIA, PENNSYLVANIA It might look like an innocuous little suburban town, but Centralia, Pennsylvania has been all but abandoned for over 30 years – as of 2013, just 7 people live there

That’s because a major fire took hold of the town in 1962 – the blaze eventually reached it’s mine and ignited the coal underneath the town, and hasn’t stopped burning since In fact, it’s predicted that the mine won’t stop burning for another 250 years Not only is it burning, but it’s regularly exuding toxic gases through the ground, including sometimes-lethal levels of Carbon monoxide As a result, the local government invoked eminent domain to force the federal government to buy its homes from the townspeople – meaning that aside from the buildings which were leveled, the town remains as a toxic throwback 1

ORADOUR-SUR-GLANE, FRANCE In one of the most tragic entries on the list, the small village of Oradur-Sur-Glane in the South of France was the site of one of the worst Nazi atrocities in Western Europe in 1944 SS Paramilitary soldiers systematically executed 642 villagers, including 445 women and children, through shooting, asphyxiation and burning alive Just 6 survivors lived to tell the tale As a result, the village became a literal ghost town, never having been inhabited since that harrowing event And that was kind of by design, since instead of repopulating or even demolishing the crumbling town, the French government decided to preserve it as a monument to the atrocities of the war

300,000 people visit the site every year, looking predictably sobered by the sight, but worries are mounting that weather conditions are going to do the job that France won’t and wear the ruins to the point of collapse That was 10 places frozen in time Which ones would you want to visit? Let us know in the comments and make sure to like and subscribe While you’re at it, check out this great Alltime10s video on screen now

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