10 Places Most Likely To Get Nuked

10 Places Most Likely to Get Nuked 10 Hawaii While at first glance it doesn’t look like it, Hawaii is much more of a target for a nuclear strike than you would initially believe

That’s because it has immense strategic value to the United States military First of all, Hawaii is home to the headquarters of the US Navy Pacific fleet, which spans 250,000 officers and 200 ships That means that any pacific-focused navy action would be coordinated from the Island Why else would Japan have bombed Pearl Harbor in World War II? Speaking of which, the 14 million residents of the island are very aware of the risks that Pearl Harbor exposed – and as such have pressed the United States government to increase nuclear preparedness in the area in response to recent tensions over North Korea

If a nuclear attack did occur, the missile could kill as many as 20,000 people within 20 minutes of launching 9 Manhattan This seems surprising, since New York isn’t exactly a prime strategic target – it’s best known for a big park and a lot of theaters after all But there’s much more to the big apple than being a target resting on America’s head According to the European Council on Foreign Relations, Manhattan is one of the most commonly threatened targets by North Korean state media, and it’s an example of the DPRK’s lack of distinction between tactical strikes and civilian casualties

In the latter sense, Manhattan is a worryingly strong contender for a North Korean attack It’s the most densely populated county in America, with a population density of nearly 180,000 people per square kilometer A 150 kiloton blast, thought to be within North Korea’s capabilities, could kill more than 700,000 people and injure 15 million more That’s not to mention the damage of striking America’s spiritual symbol of pride – the statue of Liberty

8 American ICBM Bases International relations specialists like to think about worst case scenarios a lot – like if tensions with Russia reached nuclear proportions According to Stephen Schwartz, former executive director at the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, destroying America’s Intercontinental Ballistic Missile bases would likely be the most successful way to assure a lack of retaliation Such an attack would be purely strategic, since ICBM bases are purposely placed in sparsely populated areas, but because any strike would immediately trigger a counter attack – taking out every single base simultaneously would be necessary That’s theoretically possible for Russia, who boasts the world’s largest nuclear arsenal at around 7,000 warheads, but it would be incredibly hard to pull off successfully, since even one facility still standing would be capable of inflicting casualties in the millions

And that’s not to mention the 5 US nuclear subs operating at any one time 7 Tokyo Much like South Korea, Japan is subject to a great deal of antagonism from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea That’s mainly down to Japanese colonial rule of Korea from 1910 to 1945, which was characterized by militaristic oppression, including forced prostitution As a result, North Korea publicly denounces and even threatens Japan on a semi-regular basis – enough for the European Council on Foreign Relations to name Tokyo as one of its most likely targets, based on news broadcasts

Such a blast could kill 700,000 people In one example, the state-controlled Rodong Sinmun [Ro-dong Sin-mun] newspaper has proclaimed that “The four islands of the [Japanese] archipelago should be sunken into the sea by the nuclear bomb” The DPRK put that policy into practice, or at least threatened to, when it sent test missiles towards Japan in August and September of 2017, causing panic across the country 6 Israel It’s safe to say that the middle east is a geopolitically volatile region, for far more reasons than this video could cover

But one major international tension exists due to the religious and cultural animosity between Iran and Israel – former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad even called for Israel to be “wiped off the map” While Iran isn’t currently capable of firing nuclear missiles, it has allegedly been developing them for decades Commentators, such as Atlantic Magazine editor Jeffrey Goldberg, have suggested that with even a modest arsenal of 4-5 warheads, a nuclear equipped Iran would be a clear and present danger to Israel – it could potentially use its missiles as a last straw in a theoretical conflict over Lebanon, for example Worryingly, Israel has even received a real nuclear threat from Pakistan’s defense minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif [Ka-wa-ja Muhamad a-seef], who posted a retaliatory tweet over a fake news story suggesting Israeli nuclear aggression 5

Guam This US overseas territory looks like more of an island paradise than a prime nuclear target, so you’re probably wondering why it’s so at risk of destruction Kim Jong-Un has even threatened on multiple occasions to fire a missile at Guam specifically – prompting President Trump’s infamous ‘fire and fury’ remarks – but why? America has a lot of bases stationed in countries close to North Korea, but Guam is among the closest actual US territories to the secretive dictatorship That makes it a major strategic outpost for the US, as well as the fact that it's the country’s only permanent facility to house bombers west of Hawaii By destroying that base, it would represent a major bloody nose for America’s armed forces, and would seriously hamper its abilities to launch air-based attacks in the Pacific And of course, it would almost certainly even be the opening gambit in a wider conflict

4 Iran While North Korea gets the nuclear war spotlight nowadays, Iran has consistently made the headlines over the years for its developing nuclear program and middle-east antagonism But a rarer talking point is Iran’s own vulnerability to that kind of aggression Israel would be the most likely adversary in a nuclear conflict with Iran, on account of its close proximity and fierce political and religious opposition But the Israeli government would likely only launch such an attack on Iran in retaliation or if sufficiently provoked

A direct hit on Iran could have especially devastating consequences According to a study in the scientific journal Conflict & Health, a 250 kiloton strike on Tehran could kill 7 million people, 86% of its residents The study’s authors believe it would be the most devastating blast in history 3 Pyongyang The international focus on North Korea’s nuclear capabilities has mostly been diplomatic and preventative over the years, but as testing has advanced, the latter isn’t really an option anymore

It’s almost certain that there would be a retaliatory attack if Pyongyang struck first United States UN Envoy Nikki Haley even threatened that North Korea would be “utterly destroyed” But a pre-emptive nuclear attack hasn’t been ruled out either

It could conceivably take place as a preventative measure against North Korea if it appeared to be on the cusp of striking the west In any case, its estimated such an attack could lead to 2-3 million North Korean deaths and even war with China as a result of treaties between the countries 2 The White House You were probably expecting this one – where better for Kim Jong Un’s military regime to attack than the executive headquarters of its sworn enemy? According to the European Council on Foreign Relations, yes them again, the White House is one of Kim Jong Un’s top targets The point of such an attack would be to destabilize both the White House and Capitol Hill – theoretically throwing the chances of a coordinated response into disarray

That’s not to mention the estimated 500,000 to 700,000 deaths as a result However, it would take something extraordinary for the DPRK to follow through with its most explosive rhetoric and strike the most powerful office in the world That’s because the international community considers North Korea a ‘rational actor’ who wouldn’t take such an action without strategic cause 1 Seoul North Korea is known internationally by its antagonism with its Southern opposition, viewing the capitalist state as a pawn of American imperialism

But the risk of a North Korean nuclear attack isn’t merely over historical grievances The DPRK also sees its neighbor as the source of an impending invasion, so if tensions escalated, such a strike would have a significant strategic motive Then there’s the nearby US military bases like Camp Stanley and Camp Casey – North Korea is confident in its ability to fend off Southern troops, but not America’s superior forces That means any nuclear attack would likely be made to cripple American troops over the border, in addition to devastating South Korea That was the 10 Places Most Likely to Get Nuked – do you think any of these could happen? Let us know in the comments and make sure to like and subscribe

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