10 Scary Facts About Mind-Control

10) Cults Cults use brainwashing techniques to exert mind control over their followers, as happened with the infamous Moonies church The new religious movement has been accused of using techniques including sleep deprivation and isolation to weaken the mental state of their followers, making them more susceptible to religious indoctrination

Those being indoctrinated into the church are bombarded with 21 days of intense new biblical teachings in order to override their perception of reality As a result, cult leaders can gain control of their followers’ critical thinking skills, thoughts, emotions, and behavior 9) Toxoplasma Gondii [gon-dee] Although only a single-celled organism, this parasite can change the behavior of its hosts When it infects rats, toxoplasma gondii can actually make them less scared of cats, which are the only animal the parasite can reproduce in Humans can become infected by coming into contact with cat feces or eating contaminated meat

T Gondii is estimated to affect 30% of the human population, including 60 million Americans Infection with this parasite has recently been associated with a number of neurological disorders, including schizophrenia 8) The Devil’s Breath Derived from the Borrachero tree in Colombia, Scopolamine is rumored to cause people to enter a zombie-like state when it is ground up and blown into their face The symptoms reportedly include confusion, a loss of free will, and memory loss

People exposed to The Devil’s Breath become easily suggestible, and there are even rumors that victims have committed assault and murder under the influence of the drug, without remembering doing so In September 2015 French police dealt with 20 people being targeted by the drug; one victim took her attackers into her home and handed over all of her jewelry 7) Psychosurgery A historically controversial means of treating psychological disorders, psychosurgery can be traced back many years, as ancient skulls with carefully cut holes have been found António Moniz devised modern psychosurgery by using blunt rods, either through the temple or eye, to destroy frontal lobe brain tissue This was often referred to as a lobotomy

The treatment was used on sufferers of schizophrenia and reportedly caused them to become calmer 70% of the time But other side effects included loss of memory, loss of emotions, resulting child-like behaviour, and sometimes death Psychosurgery is still used to this day, but is considered a last resort treatment 6) The Remote Control Bull In 1963 José Delgado conducted an experiment in which he was able to control the actions of a bull Using a chip implanted in the bull’s brain, Delgado was able to push a remote button when the animal started charging and actually stop it from doing so

The chip works using a ‘stimoceiver’, which electrically stimulates different regions of the brain Investigations have been flourishing in recent years, with reports of researchers being able to remote control a rat, pigeons, and even sharks 5) Mind-Controlled Delusions Psychologist Eamonn Walsh at the Institute of Psychiatry in London is using hypnosis to investigate psychoses and delusions in healthy people Using hypnotic suggestion, the scientist takes control of a patient’s mind and causes them to hallucinate, recording the effect it has on them After Walsh creates the idea that an ‘engineer’ has taken control of them, patients often have an out of body experience and feel that they are being manipulated by a puppeteer

4) Hypno mugging In 2014 a British shopkeeper was robbed after a thief placed him in a trance Using hypnosis techniques, the robber was able to rifle through his victim's pockets and steal the day's takings Using hypnosis as a method for crime isn’t that uncommon an occurrence In Indonesia in 2010 there was a wave of ‘hypnotic’ crimes, as thieves used hypnosis to steal in broad daylight Taking advantage of the country’s hectic atmosphere, the criminals overloaded the senses of their targets and distracted them, leaving them dazed and vulnerable

3) MK-ULTRA MK-ULTRA was the code name for the infamous CIA experiments conducted in the 1950s The experiments employed various methods, hoping to alter people’s mental states and brain functions Drugs like LSD, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, and complete isolation were just some of the methods used The aim of the program was to create spies or couriers, either against their will, or actually without the citizen’s knowledge In 1953 Frank Olson, a scientist and CIA employee, was found dead after falling from the thirteenth-floor of his hotel room

This was after the MK-ULTRA program attempted to manipulate his mental state 2) Subliminal Messages Subliminal messaging is the ability to pass messages to an audience without them consciously recognizing the messages There have been reports of subliminal messages in advertising and films, as well as in various music videos and tracks These messages have related to buying products, and some even to committing suicide In 1990 Judas Priest were accused of inciting the suicide of a teenage boy, after supposedly hiding the message ‘do it’ in their Stained Class album

Ultimately the judge found no evidence and the band was cleared of the charges Apart from being illegal and heavily fined in many different countries, the effectiveness of subliminal messaging is also debated 1) Ultrasound Soldiers The US government’s army research agency, DARPA, is funding research to develop army helmets that can implement mind control, with the use of ultrasound frequencies

Depending on which region of the brain is stimulated, it is hoped that at the flick of a switch soldiers’ brains could be manipulated to enhance their war fighting capabilities The ultrasonic devices would be embedded into the soldiers’ helmets and could essentially transform them into unstoppable fighting machines Their brains would be stimulated to prevent them from feeling pain, tiredness, or fear Researchers currently experimenting on worms have found that they can control the direction they travel in, using similar ultrasound technology

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