10 School Trips That Went Horribly Wrong

10 The Sex Tape A teacher was in charge of 29 pupils on a tennis trip to Portugal

While there, he failed to impose curfews and allowed the underage children to drink alcohol and stay at a nightclub until after 4:30am On the final night, he allowed a 17-year-old male to use his hotel room to have sex with a girl he’d picked up in the club Midway through sex, the boy spotted a camera poorly hidden and pointing into the bedroom He scrolled through the footage to see his teacher setting up the camera When confronted, the teacher said it was a joke, but he’s now banned from teaching for four years after the boy reported him

Source: The Telegraph 9 The Brisk Mountain Walk In 2004 a teacher led 39 girls up a 2,500ft mountain wearing skirts and trainers The teacher didn’t think to bring a map or compass and eventually had to borrow a pupil’s mobile to dial 999 after they became stranded in heavy, disorientating mist at around 4:30pm 10 rescuers were called out to save the girls three hours later They were found wearing bin bags to protect themselves from the elements

Nobody thought to question why the teacher came prepared with bin bags but no map or compass… Source: The Guardian 8 The Classmate’s Brain A forensic science trip to a mortuary took on a dark twist for New York High School students, when they came across their 17-year-old former classmate’s brain in a jar The jar was labeled with the name of the boy who had died in a car accident only a few months earlier Although his parents had agreed to an autopsy, they had not agreed to his remains being stored in a jar Source: CNN 7

Most Wanted A fugitive on the run from a series of crimes was taken back into custody after he chaperoned his daughter’s elementary school field trip Donald Vasser featured on Washington’s Most Wanted as a ‘high-violent offender’ with more than 20 arrests to his name Another parent on the school trip recognised him from the show and called the police When confronted by an officer, Vasser ran away But in a rather anticlimactic ending, he later turned himself in

His convictions included assaulting a police officer, burglary, and harassment, which put him in the top 10 most wanted people in the state Source: CBS 6 CSI: Florida Ms Messenger had planned a fun school trip for her class in Florida to teach them about forensics She laid out clues on a mock crime scene, including paper skeletons and fake weapons

When children came across a hand clutching a fence, they presumed it was another clue… it was in fact a dead body The body was that of a homeless man who had died of natural causes Naturally, the kids were pretty shaken up about their find Although it did further their understanding of crime scenes and also gave them a chance to check out some rigamortis Bonus knowledge! Source: The Guardian 5

Red Light District Two 17-year-old pupils weren’t satisfied with their school physics trip to Geneva, so they took matters in to their own hands by getting drunk and hitting the red light district One of the boys then had his money stolen by a woman working in a nightspot they had visited They were caught after complaining to bar staff about the theft The Swiss police decided to take no action, but the boys were sent home early from the trip after the teachers found out Sounds like they had a lucky escape from a science trip to me… Source: The Guardian 4

Childbirth Trip While on a school trip, a 12-year-old girl from the Netherlands began to experience violent stomach pains Emergency services were called and when they arrived they saw that the girl was at the point of giving birth She was rushed to a nearby building where she gave birth to a healthy baby Neither the girl nor the family knew she was pregnant, as she had no external signs to show it Source: The Telegraph 3

The Blister On a school trip to Barcelona, teachers advised the children to wear factor 50 sun cream, as they were visiting a water park Kids being kids, the majority of them ignored the teachers’ advice, and since the teachers couldn’t legally force them to wear sunscreen, they got burned Seriously burned Temperatures were around 30 degrees C at the time and the kids were at the park for 6 hours 15-year-old Connor Pritchard had to undergo specialist treatment at the burns unit on his return and stayed in hospital for 6 weeks

Source: The Metro, Daily Mail 2 The Slavery Ambush An innocent, tranquil school trip to study nature turned ugly for a group of middle schoolers when they were ambushed and taken to a slavery re-enactment during the night The simulation involved a mock slave ship experience, being crammed into a dark room, and being told to imagine that they’d just seen their father's murder The students, or ‘slaves’, were then threatened before being chased through the dark woods as they tried to escape One girl’s report described a teacher telling her that if she were to run, they would whip her until she bled on the floor, and then either cut her Achilles tendon or hang her

Some children also reported the staff using the N word, although the teachers denied this, claiming that instead they called them a “dumb, dark-skinned negro person” Source: HLN TV 1 The Disaster Trip to the Hebrides Geography teacher Mr Harris led a group of children on a fieldtrip to a remote island in the Hebrides [heb-rid-eeze] The trip started off strong with a train ride leading to the mass arrest of the whole class

This was after a boy impaled himself on a train compartment lampshade Mr Harris then had to talk the police out of taking the class away from him because of an attempted murder; initially they believed the boy had been stabbed Once in the Hebrides, an arctic blizzard secured the class in tents, giving them no choice but to complete their homework It took 3 days for the 2 feet of snow to clear

When the weather eased up, they hired a fisherman to take them to the nearby Isle of Muck Within hours, they were stranded on the island The group almost starved and the entire class slept in a barn until the fisherman rescued them two days later Source: The Guardian

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