10 Shocking Catfish Stories

10 shocking catfish stories 10) Blindfold Sex Gayle Newland was sentenced to 8 years in prison after she pretended to be a man in order to seduce her female friend Newland created a fake Facebook profile for her male alter ego, Kye Fortune, and used this male persona to start an online relationship with her unnamed friend

The couple met, but, disguised as Kye, Newland would use a prosthetic penis and ask her girlfriend to wear a blindfold during their sexual encounters During their 10th encounter however, the victim became suspicious and took off her mask, discovering that Kye was Newland all along Source: Telegraph, The Guardian 9) Girlfriend hoax When college football star Manti Te’o refused to miss a game despite losing both his grandma and girlfriend on the same day, he was hailed as inspiration by the US sporting community But journalists at the sports blog Deadspin received an anonymous tip off that Te’o girlfriend never actually existed Investigations revealed that family friend Ronaiah Tuiasosopo had tricked Te’o into an online relationship using photos of his old classmate

Embarrassed that he’d been catfished, Te’o lied to the public that his girlfriend was dead, in an attempt to put the hoax behind him Source: Deadspin 8) Romance And Revenge Brian Curtis Hile was jailed for plotting to kill a swimwear model, after he was catfished by a man pretending to be her After 2 years of communicating, Hile discovered that the person behind the photos was actually a gay man in South Africa Enraged, Hile became obsessed with finding out the real identity behind the woman in the photos and decided to murder the unsuspecting woman and her boyfriend Eventually Hile’s family managed to warn the police, who arrested him when he was only a few kilometres from the woman’s house

Source: Daily Mail 7) Daddy’s Girl A 41-year- old man pleaded guilty to catfishing his own daughter in order to sexually abuse her The unnamed man set up fake social media accounts and posed as a 16-year- old boy, in order to win the trust of his 14-year- old daughter The two began an online relationship, and the father, posing as a fake boyfriend, convinced his daughter to text him nude photos of herself The father then used the pornographic images he’d obtained to blackmail his daughter into silence as he spent a year sexually abusing her Source: Syracuse 6) Doctor’s Orders Angela Buchanan was charged with online impersonation after she tricked her female friend into a lesbian relationship

Adopting the online persona of a doctor, Buchanan began emailing her long time female friend, stating that Buchanan was at risk of breast cancer The ‘doctor’ stated that Buchanan could be saved from cancer if she and the female friend had frequent sex, as this would increase her cancer preventing hormones Via email Buchanan as the fake doctor also managed to convince the friend to enter a same sex marriage with her The police only became involved when the victim contacted the doctor’s office, only to discover that they never existed Source: Lufkin Daily News 5) Bad Cop Police officer Bradley Schnickel found himself on the other side of the law when he was found guilty of using the internet to lure girls into sexual encounters

Posing as someone named Brady Schmidt, Schnickel would search for girls as young as 12 on Facebook and Skype, in order to tell them that they were ‘hot’, or ‘cute and sexy’ Police investigations revealed that Schnickel had at least 18 victims, including two girls aged 14 and 16, who he had sex with Source: Star Tribune 4) Romance Fraud A recently divorced woman handed over $23 million to her fake online lover, after she became victim to romance fraud The divorcée met a man on a dating website, who she believed was named Christian Anderson, and quickly started an online relationship

They met in person a few weeks later where he told her that he was an engineer working in the oil industry As their online relationship progressed, Anderson convinced the woman to hand over increasingly large sums of money When the victim finally realised that Anderson didn’t exist, she went to the police, who discovered that her relationship was an elaborate scam involving 2 fraudsters and an actor Source: Standard 3) Cyber Predator Celebrity obsessed Shelly Chartier was jailed after she catfished NBA star Chris 'Birdman' Andersen and got him falsely arrested on child porn charges Chartier set up a fake Facebook profile for Andersen and used that persona to talk to a 17-year- old girl

Chartier then set up a fake Facebook account, posing as the 17-year- old girl, and she used it to develop an online relationship with Andersen By catfishing both Andersen and the 17 year old, Chartier managed to set up a real life meeting between the pair, in which the couple had sex Still pretending to be Andersen online, Chartier publicly shared nude photos that the 17-year- old girl thought she had sent to Andersen Andersen was arrested and dropped from his basketball team, while he was investigated for child exploitation After more than a year, the investigation was traced to Chartier

Source: Daily Mail 2) Sex Predator 20-year- old David Harmes was jailed for 8 years after he catfished children online, posing as celebrities including YouTuber Zoella Over a period of 5 years, Harmes searched for victims over Skype and used false identities to talk to girls as young as 8 He would encourage the children to take off their clothes while on webcam and even coerced a 13 year old into performing sex acts on camera Harmes would then record these video conversations and distribute them as child pornography When his house was searched, police found almost 2,000 videos of child porn and 60,000 online chats

Source: Metro, Telegraph 1) Fatal Attraction 3 people were sentenced to life in prison when an un-friending on Facebook led to a double homicide Jenelle Potter claimed to be a victim of cyber bullying She would show her mum Barbara 100s of emails and Facebook messages from her ex friends Billy Payne and Billie Jean Hayworth, which threatened to hurt her Jenelle’s parents and boyfriend then began receiving thousands of emails and text messages from a mysterious CIA agent called Chris, who told them it was their job to protect Jenelle from her enemies On one fatal day, Jenelle’s dad decided to end the threats to his daughter by murdering the couple in front of their baby

However, the police investigation determined that not only had Janelle been the mysterious CIA agent, but also she had actually been the one writing the threatening emails to herself Source: Daily Mail, io9

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