10 Shocking Deathbed Murder Confessions

10 Shocking Deathbed Murder Confessions What happens to people's minds when they know they’re going to die? Well, in some cases deathbed confessions can turn the tables and solve the most unanswered cold cases Here are 10 Shocking Deathbed Murder Confessions

Before we go though, remember to subscribe to AllTime 10s! Got it? Let's go! 10 Sharon Diane Crawford Smith An awful, cold-blooded murder happened in Richmond, Virginia in 1967 The two sisters-in-law Smootz Hevener, 19, and Carolyn Hevener Perry, 20 were shot to death at the High’s Ice Cream local store, they both worked at The killer was never found, until 2009 That’s when 60-year-old Sharron Diane Crawford Smith, suffering from a terminal illness, confessed she murdered the two girls

Smith told the police, she went to the store to ask for a day off Then, quoting smith, “one thing led to another" Smith also told the police that the two sisters kept teasing her for being lesbian and that she couldn’t bear it anymore

Crawford Smith provided a motive and pretty accurate details that only the murderer could have known But then, what did she do with the murder weapon? She explained she gave the gun to friend and police detective David Bocock Unfortunately, the authorities could never find out if Bocock knew about the murder or if he was just trying to save some trouble to his friend Smith died soon after her last interview, and Bocock had already died in 2006 9

James Brewer You know how Karma works, don’t you? When you do something bad then something bad will come back at you, and when you do something good, good things will happen to you Now that you know that, here’s the example that confirms the rule In 2009, following a stroke, 58-year-old James Brewer believed he was going to die soon So, he confessed that in 1977 he killed his neighbour, Jimmy Carroll because he believed Carroll tried to seduce his wife At the time, Brewer was arrested in Tennessee on suspicion of shooting the man dead

Yet, he jumped bail and fled to Oklahoma, where he and his wife began a new life under assumed names and lived happily for 32 YEARS! But, when it became clear death was soon approaching, he felt the urge to clean his conscience, which is kind of a good thing BUT here’s the twistUnexpectedly, Brewer recovered and had to surrender to Tennessee's authorities

So while this was indeed a deathbed confession, it wasn’t quite as final as he might have thought 8 Harvey Richardson We usually think of old librarians as very mild, dare-I-say boring people but, let’s dispel the myths, they aren’t; which is not necessarily a good thing In 2008, Harvey Richardson, a retired librarian, aged 77, died from colon cancer at a hospice in Liverpool Following his death, the decorators who were cleaning out his house found a bag containing Richardson’s, detailed, handwritten, nine-page confession to the 1970 unsolved murder of 19-year-old Lorraine Jacob Richardson was never a suspect to police; he had no previous convictions, and there was only one report of him being drunk as a young man Yet, when detectives went through the confession, it contained information that no one could ever have known The letter revealed that a drunken Richardson met Miss Jacob after 11pm, on the night of the murder

They walked together for a while, then, an argument broke out In a fit of rage, Richardson strangled Miss Jacob Even if, for obvious reasons, Richardson could not get to trial, the police decided there was sufficient evidence to consider Richardson responsible for Jacob’s murder Beware of librarians, folks! 7 Roy Heath Who says carpets have only an ornamental function? They can have many uses

They can cover a damaged floor, for example, orthey can be quite useful if you need to get rid of a dead body… I hear In February 2010, following a tip-off, London police discovered the body of 53-year-old Mohammed Taki at a flat in Fulham, West London Taki’s body had been bound with tape and wrapped in a carpet before being buried under the concrete patio Consequently, the authorities tried to reach out to the flat owner, 52-year-old Roy Heath, who was a terminally ill patient at the Trinity Hospice in Clapham, South London Still, the police managed to interview him a few times

On the fourth occasion, he admitted he had in fact strangled Mr Taki during an argument, and then hid him under his patio for 12 years Unfortunately, Mr Heath died before he could give further information to the police, but, at least, Taki’s family, all living in Syria, could finally know what happened to their ex-pat relative and get on with their lives 6 Frank Thorogood Every time a celebrity dies it’s hard for their fans to let it go and accept their departure For inexplicable reasons, we find the idea of them being assassinated more comforting than suicide or a fatal accident

So, when ex-Rolling Stones Brian Jones’s 1969 drowning was ruled an accident linked to drug and alcohol binge, friends and fans believed Jones had been murdered instead A theory that was supported by the 1994 book “Brian Jones: Who Killed Christopher Robin?” by Terry Rawlings The book claimed that, on his deathbed, construction worker Frank Thorogood confessed to his friend and Rolling Stones driver Tom Keylock he murdered Jones This highly scrutinized claim and other new evidence prompted Sussex police to review the case in 2009, but they ultimately kept it closed However, in 2019, Netflix released the documentary “No Expectation The Murder Of Brian Jones”, that seems to support the murder claim, reopening the debate 50 years later

5 Geraldine Kelley Geraldine and John Kelley’s marriage had been cold for years Actually, it was more than just a cold marriage Geraldine had been suffering from her husband's domestic violence for years but felt she couldn’t leave the father of her two children Then, in 1991, John’s abuse became so unbearable for Geraldine that she turned him into a literally cold husband

She shot him and hid his body in the freezer for 6 years! How did she manage to keep it a secret for so long? She told her children their father died in a car crash, and they believed her No body, no ashes, no funeral, yet they believed her! I guess kids do believe everything their parents tell them By the way

6 years later, when she began losing her battle with breast cancer, she confessed her crime to her daughter When Geraldine passed away, her daughter called the police, who checked the freezer and found the man’s remains Despite the six years of extreme decomposition, thanks to his tattoos, the authorities could identify the body as John’s

So, the family freezer story finally found an end 4 Henry Alexander Unfortunately, American History – well, History in general – has been marked by countless hate crimes Some have not been recorded by history, and many have been unjustly dismissed as accident or suicide That’s the case of 26-year-old African American Willie Edwards, who, in 1957, died from a fall from a bridge along the Alabama River

Officials found his body only three months later, at which point, according to them, the decomposition of the body made it impossible to determine the cause of his death In 1976, four members of the KKK were arrested However, Alabama Judge Frank Embry dismissed all the charges because no cause of death was ever established In 1992, an unexpected confession gave a glimmer of hope to the Edwards family Just before dying from cancer, Henry Alexander admitted to his wife he and three other members of the KKK forced Willie to jump down the bridge

The investigation was reopened and, in 1999, the District Attorney presented the new case before a Montgomery County Grand Jury, which subsequently affirmed that Edwards's death was indeed caused by the KKK, but declined to indict anyone specifically of the crime 3 Christiaan Bonkoffsky Would you ever confess to being a member of a group of killers that terrorize an entire country for years? Well, in 2017, Belgian Christiaan Bonkoffsky did so Just before he died, he confessed to his brother to be “The Giant”, one of the three men of the gang, dubbed the Brabant Killers, responsible for a series of 28 murders, in the Belgian province of Brabant between 1982 and 1985 Bonkoffsky’s brother reported that Christiaan was a former member of an elite police commando unit, the Diana Group

In 1981, following the accidental discharge of his gun, he remained out of work, at which point he became bitter about this abrupt end to his career and began drinking heavily In that very same year, the gang began their robbery attacks However, Bonkoffsky had already been scrutinised as a potential suspect in 2000 A saliva sample and fingerprints had been taken from Bonkofsky but that comparisons with those contained in the Brabant gang’s police file came up negative A further DNA analysis was also performed in 2017, following the claim of Bonkofsky’s brother but, again, it produced no results

2 Shaun Till what point is a doctor legally bonded to professional confidentiality? During the 1960s, a New Zealand man who’s only been identified as ‘Shaun’ had fallen into the wrong crowd and was taking work as a contract killer He confessed his crimes to members of his palliative care team in Auckland City Hospital only in 2018, just days before he died of cancer He claimed he didn’t know his victims' names and made the doctors promise they would have kept his secret They agreed but urged him to write a confession letter to give to the authorities after his passing

However, Shaun died leaving no letter for the doctors, leaving them in a very tricky moral position They sought legal advice on how to use the information and even published a paper on the moral and legal implications of their choice Doctors agreed not to share the man’s secrets as long as he was alive, because they didn’t deem him a threat to others However, after the man passed away, they shared Shaun’s story with the police but kept the patient’s identity secret to the press 1

Michael Lee Wilson A man sentenced to death who exonerates two other convicts, just before his death It seems quite unbelievable, yet it’s exactly what happened in 2014 Two days from his execution, Michael Lee Wilson confessed he was responsible for the 1994 murder of Karen Summers Wilson claimed the two men, Malcolm Scott and De’Marchoe [de-mar-koe] Carpenter, who had already served more than 20 years in prison for the crime, were completely innocent According to Wilson, on the night of the murder, the police found him with what turned out to be the murder weapon and the car acknowledged being the killer’s car

He agreed to testify against Carpenter and Scott in exchange for pleading to a reduced charge of accessory to murder Other witnesses came forward in the years following, claiming Wilson was the actual triggerman, yet Scott and Carpenter kept serving the time for a crime they didn’t commit But thanks to Wilson’s admission of guilt, the two men were finally freed in 2016

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