10 Shocking Events That Happened On Halloween

10 Terrifying Trick or Treat Stories 10 THRILL KILLER When seventeen-year-old Maria Ciallella set out for a fun night of trick or treating, she was expecting to find a whole host of ghosts and ghouls

But instead, she encountered a real-life monster Shortly after midnight on Halloween in 1981, Maria was spotted by a patrolman as she was making her way home along the side of a road Around 10 minutes later, he had turned around to offer her a ride, but she had vanished A year and a half later, police discovered her body chopped into three pieces buried in the yard of a rundown house on Staten Island She was not alone

The shallow grave held the remains of another girl, 17-year-old Deborah Osborne, who had disappeared the previous April The house belonged to Sally Biegenwald, the mother of Richard Biegenwald, who was the key suspect in the killings of the two girls, as well as three other murders in New Jersey Richard was arrested in January 1983 and subsequently sentenced to life in prison He died in 2008, aged 67, of respiratory and kidney failure Sources: NY Times, USA Today 9

POISONED CANDY They say don’t take candy from strangers But what about your own father? In 1974, 8-year-old Timothy O'Bryan died after being ‘tricked’ on Halloween Days after his death, an insurance agent alerted police to report that, unknown to his wife, O'Bryan’s father had taken out policies on his child shortly before Halloween Consequently, the father, Ronald O’Bryan, was arrested on suspicion of murder It was suspected that he had fed his son Halloween candy laced with cyanide, as part of a $40,000 life insurance scam

O'Bryan was eventually convicted of the crime and sentenced to death Dubbed the "Candy Man" by fellow prisoners, Ronald O’Bryan was executed by lethal injection in 1984 Sources: Statesman, Chron 8 TONY BAGLEY 7-year-old Tony Bagley’s life was tragically cut short on Halloween in 1994 when he was killed by a masked gunman Dressed as a skeleton, Bagley was out trick or treating with his family when he was shot in the head

Although he was rushed to hospital, he later died from his injuries Bagley’s 10-year-old sister Shanell Bagley, his mother LaShelle Cooper, and an aunt were also sprayed with the gunfire Shanell had surgery to remove part of her liver, while the aunt, who was shot in the leg, and mother, who was struck in the chest, were treated and released Tony’s killer was never found, but police speculated that the incident was gang related, as his estranged father was involved in gang activities Sources: NBC News, Forbes 7

PRANK GONE WRONG Heartbreak struck the Morlan family in 2013, when 16-year-old Jordan tried to pull a Halloween trick on his sister, with tragic consequences Jordan was pretending to hang himself in a tree on the family’s front lawn when he slipped and hung himself to death Sadly, the family didn’t initially believe that Jordan was in trouble and brushed it off as another one of his Halloween pranks By the time they realized he was in serious trouble, it was too late Paramedics soon arrived on the scene, but they were unable to revive him

He spent 12 hours on life support, but ultimately died as his organs failed Investigators later declared the death to be an accident Sources: NYDailyNews, The Daily Telegraph 6 LESLIE MAZZARA AND ADRIANE INSOGNA Following an evening of handing out candy to trick or treaters in 2004, roommates Leslie Mazzara, Adriane Insogna and Lauren Meanza went to bed At around 1am, Meanza woke to the sounds of her housemates screaming upstairs

Fearing for her life, she sprinted out of the house to hide in the backyard and watched as an unidentified assailant climbed out of a window As soon as the figure was gone, she went upstairs to find that her housemates had been viciously stabbed to death Police were alerted immediately, but it took nearly a year to find the killer, Eric Copple, who was actually the fiancé of one of Insogna’s friends After being questioned, Copple revealed that he had murdered Insogna and her roommate as he was paranoid about their friendship with his fiancée Sources: LA Times, ABC News 5

HAND UP SKUNK Halloween is a great time for children to dress up in costumes and go trick or treating with family members But for a nine-year-old girl in Pennsylvania in 2012, her disguise provoked a shocking mishap The child, who was dressed in a black costume and black hat with white tassels, was mistaken as a skunk in the garden by her relative and shot She was hit in the shoulder by the bullet and immediately rushed to hospital, but thankfully she was alert and talking in the ambulance News of the bizarre incident provoked outcry from readers of the Beaver County Times on both gun laws and animal rights

Sources: The Independent, LA Times, Beaver County Times 4 LESBIAN MURDER SCANDAL On October 31st 1957, Peter Fabiano opened the door to someone in full disguise But before he could unmask the mystery figure, he was shot in the heart Peter’s wife Betty called the police and they asked whether her family had any enemies Betty immediately pointed out family acquaintance, Joan Rabel

Police interviewed Rabel, but found no evidence linking her to the gruesome murder However, two weeks later, the murder weapon was located in a department store locker that belonged to Goldyne Pizer, who investigators later found out was dating Rabel Pizer confessed to the murder, claiming that Rabel had coerced her into shooting Peter, as he was a cruel man who abused his wife But, unbeknown to Pizer, it turned out that Rabel had actually organized Peter’s murder because she was having an affair with his wife Betty Both Pizer and Rabel were charged with first-degree murder, but they only served five years each in prison

Sources: Broadly, LA Times 3 PASADENA [passa-deena] MURDERS Decades of gang violence culminated on one fateful Halloween evening in 1993 when five Bloods, from the notorious street gang founded in Los Angeles, opened fire on a group of teenagers, killing three of them and wounding three others The victims were out trick or treating when five assailants jumped out of the bushes and opened fire on them Police believed that the killings were revenge for the death of 22-year-old Fernando Hodges, who had been shot earlier that night by rival gang members The Bloods had mistaken the kids for their enemies, and brutally taken their lives

Outrage at the killings influenced more than 80 Pasadena activists to create the Coalition for a Non-Violent Pasadena The group is dedicated to improving educational and recreational opportunities for youths and to lobbying for gun-control legislation Sources: LA Times, Pasadena Star News 2 THE EAST COAST RAPIST The search for serial rapist Aaron Thomas began on Halloween night in 2009 when he ambushed and sexually assaulted three teenagers The girls were out trick or treating in Virginia when the predator forced them at gunpoint to follow him into a wooded area

Thomas then ordered them to line up and lie down One girl managed to text her mother during the ordeal saying: “Man raping my friend in the woods behind CVS call 911” Then she dialled 911 herself Police turned up minutes later, but Thomas ran away into the woods and wasn’t found In 2011 he was finally arrested as his DNA matched a cigarette butt found at the scene and it linked him to 13 other unsolved rape cases, which had occurred between 1997 and 2009

In 2013 Thomas was sentenced to three life sentences plus 80 years Sources: Washington Post, Reuters 1 GREYSTEEL MASSACRE As revellers in the Northern Ireland village of Greysteel geared up for Halloween in 1993, little did they know that the date would be remembered for one of the worst atrocities in Northern Ireland’s modern history At around 9pm, a group of anti-Catholic Ulster Defence Association gunmen walked into a bar where IRA members were drinking They yelled "trick or treat” before shooting eight people dead and wounding another thirteen

Following the attack, the right-wing Ulster group claimed responsibility and said that it was revenge for the Shankill Road bombing The IRA had carried out that attack a week earlier, and ten people had died In 1995 five men were convicted for their involvement in the attack However, they were released after just five years under the terms of the Good Friday agreement, a contractual movement toward a peace process between the British and Irish governments Sources: BBC, Belfast Telegraph

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