10 Shocking Facts About Charity

10 Volunteers Wealthy tourists on volunteering holidays take needed jobs away from locals

Less than 1/3 of income made by charities running orphanage placements is spent on childcare 09 HDR parcels Bombs & food parcels air dropped into Iraq in 2001 had indistinguishable yellow packaging 1 child was reportedly injured after confusing the two – the Pentagon have since changed aid packaging 08

Charities sue each other In 2010 Komen spent $1m of donor money suing charities with 'for the cure' in their name Livestrong also sued cancer charity Headstrong; their total legal fees came to over $450k for the year 07 Unethical investments Charities invested millions in shares of arms, tobacco & alcohol companies In 2009 anti-poverty charity Comic Relief was found to have invested $1000k+ in weapons firm BAE

06 Work with dictators Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity accepted millions from Haitian dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier She ignored requests to return funds to victims that Duvalier had stolen 05 Inappropriate Sponsorship The National Obesity Forum accepted a £82k donation from Coca-Cola

Fizzy drinks are the largest sugar source in young people 04 Stolen Hair Charity Locks of Love cannot account for $6m worth of donations In 15 years only 3% of donations were made into hairpieces for young cancer & alopecia patients 03

Animal killings In 2011 animal charity PETA killed 96% of animals handed in to them In 2009, 2,124 animals were put down – only 7 were found homes 02 Corruption 50 large charities assigned less than 4% of funds to charity-related activities Kids Wish Network raised $125m

$110m went to solicitors & $4m to charity founders 01 Terrorist Funding Set up in 1992, the Benevolence International Foundation paid for Al Qaeda's weapons Also equipping Chechen terrorists, director Enaam Arnaout was imprisoned for 11 years for fraud

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