10 Shocking Facts About Disney World

10 Visitors have chosen to scatter the ashes of loved ones in the rides, particularly inside the Haunted Mansion

Employees have stated that they will simply vacuum up any human remains left in the park 09 In 2011 a costumed actor playing Donald Duck was accused of groping a female visitor to the park A Tigger actor also appeared in court after being accused of fondling a 13-year-old but was declared innocent 08

Original Pirates of the Caribbean ride props included real skeletons, as fakes were too unrealistic Borrowed from a medical center, the bodies were eventually returned, except 1 skull which can still be seen 07 In 2001 a 6-year-old lost a finger when it became caught in the trigger of a toy rifle on Tom Sawyer Island 2 years later a 5-year-old lost half his foot after it became stuck between the curb & train tracks in the park

06 In 2013 Disneyland was sued after a character dressed as the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland was racist He was seen posing only with white children, physically turning his back on black visitors to the park 05 Costumes for actors used to include communal underwear which was of often stained or smelly

Staff reported outbreaks of pubic lice & scabies before finally being given permission to wear their own 4 A quadriplegic with a life threatening spinal injury was abandoned in the It's A Small World ride for 40 mins Forced to listen to the song on repeat during an evacuation, he was awarded $80k after suing for negligence 03

A 4-year-old suffered brain damage after getting trapped beneath a 45lb Roger Rabbit 'taxicab' for 10 minutesUnable to talk or walk, he died 8 years after falling from the ride when staff failed to fully lower the lap bar 02 In 1967 Disney was granted city status, earning the right to govern its own land As a result, they're entitled to build nuclear power plants on the site & create a separate criminal justice system

01 A Disneyland Paris chef hung himself, leaving a note reading ""I don't want to work for Mickey anymore"" Another employee poured petrol on himself He was stopped from setting himself alight by a colleague

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