10 Shocking Reasons Teachers Were Fired

10 Shocking Reasons Teachers Were Fired 10 SEXUAL SNAPCHATS In 2016 Dionne Younce [‘ounce’ pronounced like the unit of weight] was fired from her PE teaching job after she allegedly sent naked Snapchats to multiple students and called them when she was drunk

At least three students came forward to give evidence against the teacher’s sexual misconduct The case against Younce is still ongoing She could potentially be charged with two second-degree felony charges for ‘lewd or lascivious acts upon a child’ and face up to 10 years in prison Sources: Metro, The Sun, The Daily Mail 9 SEXUAL ASSAULT Phoebe McVey, a teacher at a private Christian Science high school in St

Louis, was fired after she reported to police that her underage daughter had been sexually assaulted multiple times by a school employee, Zachary Retzlaff The school gave Retzlaff a verbal warning to ‘knock it off’ However, two months later he was arrested on a statutory rape charge for attacking Mcvey’s daughter The school was struck with a $1million lawsuit for failing to protect students from an employee Sources: Fox, The Daily Mail 8

DRUNK TEACHER Kindergarten teacher Klara Bowman was fired after she was found drunk in her classroom with a blood-alcohol level five times over the legal limit to drive An investigation into the case claimed Bowman was unsteady on her feet and that she had walked into a wall in front of her pupils Her classroom contained empty bottles of wine and rum, which she attempted to make another teacher put in the garbage for her She had a previous alcohol-related incident four years prior at a different school and was given a verbal warning However, following this second incident she will never return to the classroom

Sources: USA Today, Seattle Times, Daily Mail 7 MISTREATMENT A teacher, who worked in a school for disabled children, was fired after surveillance footage leaked online showing him abusing a vulnerable student 44-year-old David Bessette allegedly dragged a 13-year-old student with autism by his arm and legs, before dousing him with water, which caused the student to take his clothes off The board of education at the school reviewed the evidence of the incident and voted unanimously to terminate Bessette’s contract immediately He is now facing two felony charges: one count of Causing Mental Harm to a Child and one count of Child Abuse

Sources: NBC, FOX11News 6 DATING ADVICE Cassandre Fiering, a teacher at a school in New York City, was fired after asking her fourth graders for relationship advice about two of her boyfriends 45-year-old Fiering encouraged the ten-year-old students to role-play conversations with her about how she should talk to the men, who were both in their 30s The report from the city Department of Education recounted the bizarre counselling session and stated that she touched two of the pupils’ thighs during a re-enactment Sources: Daily Mail, Independent 5

SNACK QUEST Heather Cagle was fired from her teaching post after she packed 11 of her students into her small car, in order to drive them to Walmart for snacks Cagle put seven of the children into the backseat, two in front, and two 12-year-old girls were also locked in the trunk – all without parental or school permission An attorney for Catoosa Public Schools called the act “mental abuse”, while Cagle’s lawyer claimed that the teacher had merely violated a seatbelt law They also pointed out that she hadn’t forced any of the children into the car About 50 supporters showed up to support Cagle at the school hearing, but the board voted for her dismissal, citing student safety

Sources: Huffington Post, Fox 23, NY Daily News 4 TWERKING A 24-year-old primary school teacher was forced to quit her job after a video of her dancing at Spring Break went viral The teacher, named Miss Clarissa, was at a beach dance competition when she hopped on stage and started twerking for the crowd Despite scooping the prize of $260, Clarissa lost her job after some of her students’ parents spotted the footage online and complained Interestingly, other parents supported her and created an online petition threatening to boycott school fees if she wasn’t reinstated

Sources: Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail, Metro 3 RISQUE NOVEL Leonora Rustamova was sacked after writing a risqué novel inspired by her pupil’s sexual fantasies Rustamova said she wrote the novel to encourage her 15-year-old students to enjoy English lessons Shortly after she self-published the book titled ‘Stop! Don’t Read This’ online, she was fired from the school In 2011 she lost a two-year battle to claim for unfair dismissal

Sources: The Guardian, The Telegraph 2 HOT SAUCE ON CRAYONS Special needs teacher Lillian Gomez was fired in January 2012 following accusations that she force-fed students crayons soaked in hot sauce Gomez appealed against her termination in front of a Florida judge, claiming that her actions were merely a lapse in judgment, as she was attempting to teach the children a lesson about putting items in their mouths The school fought to keep Gomez from returning, spending more than $50,000 in legal fees fighting the case Finally, in 2013, Gomez was re-located to a different school, much to the outrage of the parents of her former pupils

Sources: The Huffington Post, NY Daily News 1 EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Benedict Garrett was fired from his teaching position when some students spotted him in a TV trailer for adult channel ‘Television X’ It was revealed that the 31-year-old teacher worked as a porn actor and stripper in his free time under the name ‘Johnny Anglais’ He also runs his own risqué website advertising his services, which include a naked butler service However, when Garrett’s school found out about his second career, he was fired for 'unacceptable professional conduct'

Sources: Metro, BBC, Huffington Post

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