10 Shocking Sex Scandals

10 Worst Political Sex Scandals 10) The Segregationist’s Daughter American history was re-written when it was revealed that senator Strom Thurmond had an affair with his 16-year-old African American maid and fathered a child Thurmond was infamous for his segregationist beliefs

He spent nearly half a century as a senator, opposing civil rights including the desegregation of schools and giving African Americans the right to vote In 2003, 6 months after Thurmond’s death, mixed race Essie Mae Washington-Williams revealed that Thurmond was her father Despite his politics, Thurmond had maintained a secret relationship with his daughter throughout her life Source: New Yorker 9) The Iris Robinson Affair Iris Robinson was a politician in the Northern Irish government, whilst her husband Peter Robinson, was the leader of the country In 2010 it emerged that Iris Robinson was cheating on the country’s leader, with 19 year old Kirk McCambley

Using her position in government, Iris encouraged property investors to give her young lover $70,000 to allow him to build a cafe When the scandal broke, Peter Robinson temporarily stepped down from his government leader position but after being cleared by a police investigation, he later resumed his duties Source: BBC, The Guardian 8) President’s Love Child The French government was embroiled in a scandal when it was discovered that its longest serving president, François Mitterrand [mitt-err-on], had illegally used his presidential powers to keep his affair and illegitimate daughter a secret Between 1982 and 1986, Mitterrand organized for the phones of journalists and politicians to be wire tapped, to ensure that no information about his affair was shared Throughout Mitterrand’s presidency he maintained a double life, sneaking out of the presidential residence in order to live in an apartment with his second family

Source: NY Times, Telegraph 7) Gone Girl American politician Gary Adrian Condit became embroiled in a murder investigation when his mistress Chandra Levy [levee] went missing Despite him not being named as a suspect, Levy’s family suspected that Condit was involved in her disappearance Intense media focus toward the case also resulted in the public viewing him with suspicion, and Condit lost his next election Levy’s remains were found a year after her disappearance, and 8 years later, in 2009, serial attacker Ingmar Guandique [gwan-deek] was convicted of her murder Source: Washington Post 6) The Pro-Lifer Republican congressman Scott DesJarlais’ [de-jha-lays] political position was compromised when details of his personal life were made public during divorce proceedings with his wife

Court files revealed that, during DesJarlais’ previous profession as a doctor, the politician had affairs with at least 4 women, including his own patient Despite DesJarlais’ political position as an ardent anti-abortionist, it was also revealed that he had demanded that his wife terminate two of her pregnancies He had also pressured his mistress to have an abortion after he got her pregnant Source: CNN, Huffington Post 5) Lewinsky Scandal The White House was infamously plunged into a sex scandal when President Bill Clinton had an affair with government employee Monica Lewinsky During a sexual harassment case, Clinton denied having had ‘sexual relations’ with Lewinsky

However, Lewinsky provided a blue dress stained with Clinton’s semen as evidence of their affair Clinton admitted to the relationship and was charged for lying under oath Despite this evidence and Clinton’s admission, senators were unwilling to find him guilty and he was acquitted Source: New York Times 4) Bunga Bunga Parties Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi became infamous for numerous sex scandals while in office In 2010 damning details emerged when alleged teenage prostitute Karima El Mahroug [ma-roog] revealed that the 74-year-old Prime Minister had invited her to his “bunga bunga" sex parties

During these parties 20 young women would supposedly dance in the nude, for his entertainment The allegations turned into a criminal investigation and the prosecution estimated that Berlusconi had paid over $5 million in total for El Mahroug's services Eventually the prime minister was found guilty of sleeping with the underage prostitute But, controversially, Berlusconi appealed the sentence, and his conviction was quashed Source: The Guardian 3) Mark Foley Scandal Anti-gay rights Republican Congressman Mark Foley resigned from his post when it was revealed that he had been sending male interns sexually explicit emails and instant messages

Leaked messages between an intern and Foley revealed that, during the boys’ internships, Foley assessed their attraction and sexual orientation, then pursued them sexually, once they had left the program During his time as a congressman, Foley messaged numerous former interns, asking them for dick picks and oral sex At least two men revealed that they’d had sexual relationships with Foley once their internship ended Source: ABC 2) The Profumo Affair The 1963 Profumo affair was one of the most famous scandals in post-war British history British politician John Profumo’s career ended when it emerged that he’d had an affair with 19-year-old showgirl, Christine Keeler

Even more shocking was the discovery that Keeler was also sleeping with Captain Yevgeny [Eugene] Ivanov, a suspected spy who worked for the Soviet navy This meant that Profumo’s affair was considered a possible security risk The scandal almost brought down the British government, leading to the resignation of the country’s leader, Prime Minister Harold Macmillan Source: The Guardian 1) Rape Scandal A sex scandal rocked Israel when President Moshe [mo-shay] Katsav reported that he was being blackmailed by a female employee, who claimed that he had sexually attacked her During the police investigations ten women came forward to reveal that they’d also been sexually abused by the president

President Katsav maintained his innocence, claiming that the media were plotting his demise, as he wasn’t part of Israel’s European elite Eventually, however, he was found guilty of rape and sexual harassment and sentenced to 7 years in prison Source: BBC, The Guardian

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