10 Shocking Suicide Mysteries

10 Shocking Suicide Mysteries 10 DEMON SUICIDES In the last two decades, a small village in India with a population of around 2,500 people has reported more than 350 suicides

The villagers believe the high suicide rate is due to a “demonic presence” in the village However, psychiatrists believe the suicides are a direct result of depression and schizophrenic episodes among villagers, possibly due to excessive use of pesticides in farming, or from financial stress In a report published by the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice, it is estimated that more than a quarter of a million Indian farmers have committed suicide since the mid-1990s Sources: Times of India, Huffington Post, CHRGJ 9 ANNIE MCCANN 16-year-old Annie McCann ran away from her home in Virginia on October 31st 2008

Two days later her body was discovered behind a dumpster in a Baltimore housing complex The autopsy of her body suggested that she had ingested a large amount of the anesthetic drug lidocaine, so the police ruled her death a suicide However, pathologists have argued that the dosage would not have been enough to kill her Furthermore, in November 2015, the manager of the funeral home that received Annie’s body after the autopsy publicly stated that she believed Annie was raped and beaten prior to her death A website called ‘Justice for Annie’ has since been set up to find the truth about what happened to her

SOURCES: ABC NEWS, HEAVY, MEDIUM 8 MYSTERY MAN ON THE MOORS A mystery pensioner was found dead in December 2015 on Saddleworth Moor in England CCTV images of the elderly gentleman circulated all over the world in a bid to solve who he was and why he took a 320 km train trip to kill himself with strychnine [strik-nyne], an extremely unpleasant and very rare poison As he was found without any ID, wallet, keys, phone, watch, or driving license, some investigative journalists have speculated that the mystery pensioner was an international spy Following a post-mortem of the body, police found a clue to identify the man: a metal plate in his left leg that was fitted in Pakistan between 2001 and 2005

However, even with clues linking the man to Pakistan, his identity still remains unresolved SOURCES: BBC, TELEGRAPH 7 SANDRA BLAND On July 10th 2015 a 28-year-old black woman named Sandra Bland was arrested by police officer Brian Encinia [en-sin-eeya], following an escalating conflict over a minor traffic violation Three days later, she was found hanging in her jail cell in Waller County, Texas The initial arrest caused widespread outrage and many people felt it was racially motivated

Social media users further speculated that Bland’s subsequent suicide was actually a murder cover up; they claimed she was already dead when pictured in her mug shot In July 2016, a jailer admitted under oath that he falsified records in a jail log about checking on Bland an hour prior to her death Bland’s mother is currently pursuing a federal lawsuit against the county for deliberate negligence, resulting in her daughter’s death SOURCES: THE GUARDIAN, THE MIRROR 6 DAVID ROSSI In 2013 the body of David Rossi, a communications director of the Monte Dei Paschi di Siena bank, was found lifeless beneath the third-floor window of his office

His death was initially ruled as a suicide, since it came at a time when the bank was on the brink of collapse following numerous shady investments However, Rossi's family argued that his death was suspicious CCTV footage captured Rossi’s fall and showed two masked men coming out of a nearby alley to check that he was dead Three crumpled suicide notes were found in his office bin A handwriting expert later claimed that they were written by David under duress

In March 2016 Italian prosecutors reopened the case amid murder claims SOURCES: THE INDEPENDENT, NY POST 5 CHRISTINE CHUBBUCK On July 15th 1974 American journalist Christine Chubbuck committed suicide during a live television broadcast During her segment covering the local news, a film reel of a restaurant shooting jammed and would not play Chubbuck then said on camera, "In keeping with Channel 40's policy of bringing you the latest in 'blood and guts', you are going to see another first—attempted suicide

" Chubbuck then pulled out a gun from behind her desk and shot herself in the head She was rushed to Sarasota Memorial Hospital, but was pronounced dead 14 hours later Motives behind Chubbuck’s on-air suicide remain a mystery, however several films were released in 2016 to try and uncover the truth about why she chose to kill herself in such a public way SOURCES: INDEPENDENT, VULTURE 4 BRIDGEND SUICIDE CULT From January 2007 to February 2009, 25 teenagers killed themselves in Bridgend, Wales

Even though police found no evidence to link the cases together, reports speculated that they were part of a local “suicide cult” Of the 25 teenagers who committed suicide, all but one died from hanging The parents of the teenagers who died struggled to provide any explanation as to why their children killed themselves However, some claim the internet was to blame Often the victims’ friends would put up a memorial page on the then-popular social networking site, Bebo

In two cases, those who wrote loving eulogies were found hanging a few weeks later SOURCES: TELEGRAPH, VANITY FAIR 3 CHERYL DEBOER On February 14th 2016, 58-year-old Cheryl DeBoer was found dead in a ditch in Mountlake Terrace, with a plastic bag over her head Her body had been found 6 days after she was reported missing, three kilometers away from her parked car Her death was initially investigated by police as a homicide, as blood was found in the passenger seat of her car

But a medical examiner concluded that she died from asphyxia from the plastic bag, as well as from freshwater drowning, and ruled it to be a suicide In March 2016 Cheryl’s mother, Lenore Peterson, posted on Facebook saying she firmly believed her daughter was murdered However, following the ruling of suicide, the case was closed, and it still remains a mystery as to what happened in DeBoer’s last moments SOURCES: SEATTLE TIMES, CITY OF MLT, Q13 FOX 2 CLAIRE MARTIN In March 2012, Claire Martin died in front of her family in Southern Italy from 10 stab wounds to the throat

Minutes before her death, she struggled up the stairs of her home, clutching her bloody throat, and gasped “a man” Police launched a full-scale murder investigation, however, 15 months later after no leads, the case was closed as a suicide Martin’s parents were outraged and strongly believe their daughter was brutally murdered They are now facing an ongoing battle to get the case reopened in Italy to find out what happened to Claire SOURCES: THE GUARDIAN 1

LENNON LACY In August 2014 the body of black teenager, Lennon Lacy, was found hanging from a swing set in the middle of a trailer park He was discovered with scratches and bruises on his face, wearing different trainers to usual – two sizes too small compared to ones he had bought himself three days earlier Police ruled his death as a suicide, however Lacy’s family strongly believed his death was a racially motivated hate killing, as there is a long history of KKK activity in the area In September 2015 the FBI agreed to investigate the case to find out whether local police had made a mistake in categorizing the death as a suicide They ultimately ruled that there was “no evidence to pursue federal criminal civil rights charges”


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