10 Staggering Facts about World War One

10 Russian & German soldiers held a brief truce to fight off a pack of starving wolves

British & German troops held an Xmas day truce to play soccer – Germany won 3-2 9 250,000 underage boys served in the UK army – Sidney Lewis was just 12 He saw combat but was discharged when his mom sent the War Office his birth certificate 8

In 1955 a lightning strike in Belgium detonated an unexploded WW1 mine The only casualty was a cow 7 In 1918 a pigeon named Cher Ami delivered a message that saved 194 trapped US troops The bird had been shot, blinded in one eye & had a leg hanging off

6 US and British fighter pilots weren't given parachutes, as they were considered cowardly Pilots suffered constant diarrhea due to inhaling castor oil which fueled planes 5 Germany offered Mexico parts of the USA if they joined the German cause

The offer was intercepted by Britain & the US declared war on Germany a month after it was made public 4 British Intelligence used semen as invisible ink One agent had to be reminded to use fresh supplies, otherwise the smell could be detected 3

A fake Paris was built 15 miles from the real city to confuse German bombers It included wooden replicas of the Champs Elysees & Gare Du Nord 2 British man Henry Tandey had Hitler in sights during WW1 but refused to shoot him He thought it wrong to shoot a German soldier who was already injured

1 685,000 soldiers died during the Battle of the Somme The Allies won 5 miles of ground Essentially 137,000 lives were lost for each mile won

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