10 Strange Causes People Are Fighting For

10 Strange Causes People Are Fighting For 10) A Little Shellfish While the myth that lobsters scream when they’re placed in boiling water has been debunked numerous times, it’s done nothing to deter the actions of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or PETA THEY’ve taken it upon themselves to be the voice of the voiceless lobsters

It seems to be something they’re actually pretty serious about, as evidenced back in 2008 when the organization strived to create the world’s very first lobster empathy center Yep A center… for the empathy… of lobsters They submitted a proposal to lease to a vacant jail in Maine in which to house the Center In the letter the organization states that the prison is the PERFECT setting to demonstrate how lobsters suffer when they are caught in traps or confined to cramped tanks

To achieve this they proposed that visitors’ hands would be wrapped in rubber bands, be served faux-lobster treats and would give children toy lobsters labeled ‘lobsters are friends, not food’ Unfortunately, or not depending on which way you look at it, they didn’t win the bid So I guess we’ll have to wait a little bit longer before we can fully empathize with lobsters 9) Bytes For Robots The American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man, also known as the Bogota [bog-oh-tar] Declaration, was the world's first international human rights instrument and was signed in 1948 How about Rights for Robots? Well, THAT declaration could just be around the corner

That’s if Transhumanists were to have their way, anyway Transhumanists are activists who want to ensure that robots are given the SAME RIGHTS as humans In fact, they’re so serious about this that they have EVEN drawn up a Transhuman Bill Of Rights which was delivered to the US Capitol in 2015 Zoltan Istvan is one such Transhumanist who believes that ‘history will harshly judge humans who fail to look after their inventions’ In recent years, he’s been on an around-the-world mission, speaking to the World Bank, US Navy and top politicians from a number of countries to spread the word

Speaking to British newspaper Metro, he said that ‘as soon as robots and machine intelligence even near human capacity we should begin granting them the majority of human rights’ Well, I for one hope our robot overlords never see this video 8) Flat Out Wrong According to a YouGov poll, JUST two-thirds of millennials believe the scientific truth that the earth is round Yet rapper BoB certainly isn’t one of them That’s because back in 2016 he made headlines when he joined the group of people who think the earth is flat, asking his 2

1 million followers: ‘where is the curve?’ But then just a year later in 2017, he took his belief to a whole new level when he started a crowdfunding page, raising funds to ascertain whether the earth is flat once and for all His GoFundMe page simply titled ‘show BoB the curve’ is designed to help raise $1 MILLION for the launch of multiple satellites into space for experimental exploration The rapper initially donated $1,000 of his own money to the cause to get it going and, after being shared almost 6 THOUSAND times on Facebook, the total now stands at a rather quite unbelievable, $7,000 It’s fair to say that the rapper is still quite a fair bit off his goal, yet the page IS still active so you know, if you want to help BoB realize he’s wrong, why not go and donate 7) Clowning Around OK, so we’ve got increasing diesel prices, global conflicts and worsening effects of climate change

Yet in 2017, a Canadian professional clown club painted frowns on their faces and protested against the horror movie ‘IT’ out of belief that it’s the main character, a child-eating interdimensional monster that sometimes takes the appearance of a clown, negatively stereotypes them In fact, even The World Clown Association got on board following the release of the film and issued a statement accusing the movie of: ‘taking something innocent and wholesome and perverting it’ Yet the writer Stephen King responded that he had no sympathy with claims his character had changed the way children and their parents see clowns Ouch But it wasn’t JUST this incident that clowns believed their reputation had been tarnished by

Following the wave of ‘creepy clown’ sightings across America in 2016, the activists launched a ‘Clown Lives Matter’ march which invited clowns and clown-lovers to attend a peace walk in their clown costumes to show that ‘clowns are not psycho killers’, according to the event’s flyer Oh, but that WAS before, the event got canceled event because of death threats and harassment of the clowns Come on now guys, turn those frowns upside down 6) King Kylie In March 2019, Kylie Jenner overtook Mark Zuckerberg to be crowned the youngest self-made billionaire EVER at the age of just 21 And some fans of the reality star and cosmetics Queen can say they tried to contribute to that title

In 2018 Forbes reported that Kylie’s wealth totaled a staggering $900million and that she was ‘just’ $100million off becoming the world’s youngest self-made billionaire The reality star’s fans took to Twitter to JOKE that they intended to help RAISE the extra money themselves to win her the title But it then all became somewhat of a reality when social media influencer, Josh Ostrovsky, [Os-trove-ski] aka ‘The Fat Jew’ set up the crowdfunding page for REAL The page received over $2000 in funding from 171 devout fans and while it was nowhere near the $100 million mark the campaign needed, it still wasn’t pretty bad fundraising for an already multi-millionaire Of course, many were NOT happy with the campaign and even set up their OWN crowdfunding pages trying to BEAT Kylie Jenner to the billion mark

Needless to say, they didn’t succeed and the crown was handed to King Kylie just a few months later 5) Gotta Free ‘Em All Yep, as well as fighting for lobster empathy good old PETA are ALSO campaigning for fictional animal rights – in this case, the rights of Pokemon The organization wrote that ‘the amount of time that Pokémon spend stuffed in pokeballs is akin to how elephants are chained up in train carts, waiting to be let out to ‘perform’ in circuses’ Just a reminder, those FICTIONAL Pokemon And it’s dead serious about this campaign too

In fact, so much so that in 2012 following the announcement of Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, the organization created the game ‘Pokemon Black and Blue’ with the tagline ‘gotta free ‘em all’ It’s a parody game of the original version which changes the dynamic of battling whereby Pikachu fights humans to free other Pokemon Of course, the game has been met with ample criticism, with users taking to Twitter to vent their frustrations [tweets] Rather unsurprisingly, actually, this WASN’T PETA's first venture into activist gaming In December 2010 it released Super Tofu Boy, a parody of Super Meat Boy

Again, why? Again, who knows 4) Spellbound American essayist Henry David Thoreau [thor-oh] once said: ‘When I read some of the rules for speaking and writing the English language correctly, I think any fool can make a rule, and every fool will MIND it’ Little did he know how right he’d be when the English spelling society was founded in 1908 – a society who really do MIND the spelling of words in the English language

They say that spelling has changed a considerable amount since the Roman alphabet was first used to write Old English during the 17th century, and that it no longer matches the way we speak The aim of the English Spelling Society is to repair the ‘broken’ spelling of the language, irregularities such as comb, tomb, and bomb, through reform How they’re going to simplify the WHOLE English language, we aren’t entirely sure Usual campaigning includes raising awareness of the problems caused by the irregularities of English spelling in leaflets and newsletters But in 2010 a handful of people representing the American Literacy Council and the English Spelling Society tried to create more of a buzz when they protested outside the location of the Scripps National Spelling Bee… some even dressed in full-length black and yellow bee costumes

3) Out Of This World 2013 marked the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who and to celebrate a special project was launched – a fundraiser to send a TARDIS into space OK so it’s not a full-size one – the cost of doing THAT would be a staggering $382,000 So instead THIS one is a foot high which reduces the cost to, ahem, only $33,000 Buuut THIS campaign not only reached this $33,000 target – it more than doubled it with some 3,000 supporters donating an astronomical $88,000 So the REAL question is why would anyone fund this project? Well, the project sells itself on the fact that those who donate can have information about themselves floating around in space

That’s because inside the TARDIS is a drive which will be filled with information about sponsors – the more people spent, the more data they could send up Buuut, here’s the weird thing 6 years AFTER the 50th anniversary, the TARDIS STILL hasn’t gone up The iOS Neptune vehicle in which the spaceship is supposed to launch has been delayed multiple times, and there’s still no definite word of it having been launched on the fundraiser website, understandably leading to A LOT of backlash from donors 2) MegaKota If 16-year-old Dillan Stewart has his way, there could only be 49 states

That’s because he is the person behind the petition launched in January 2019 urging the US government to merge North and South Dakota into one superstate known as… MegaKota The teen wrote on his changeorg petition that it would be ‘pretty cool to have a state called MegaKota’ Although he admitted to having initially started it as a joke, it would seem that thousands think his joke is actually a pretty good idea In fact, the 18,000 people who have signed the petition think its a pretty good idea

One supporter claimed ‘A united Megakota is a strong Megakota’ While another user asserted that ‘the unification between these states would be a great sight to see in these politically polarized times’ Will MegaKota ever transpire? Well, a Changeorg spokeswoman says the success of the petition will depend on getting enough signatures to draw Donald Trump’s attention and encourage him to take action – a figure which is estimated at around 500,000 Almost there guys… I guess Quite why to bother though is another question

1) Student Wrongs If you bought a phone that didn't work, you’d get your money back, right? How about if the degree you paid for didn’t open up any opportunities for you? Not so much? Well, some people think you should be entitled to a refund for THAT too In fact so much so that a MoveOn petition is currently campaigning for college refunds The petition compares NOT being allowed a refund to stealing from eager students and that ‘lemon law’ should be extended to the college sector Lemon laws, by the way, provide compensatory options typically for people who have bought cars that don’t meet quality and performance standards OK so this particular one only has 120 signatures on it, but there are in fact many more just like it

In a slightly more humorous campaign, a user started a petition to Boston University concerning the New York Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez The petition requests that the University refund the economics degree she received in 2011 The petition outlines that she was ‘robbed by her educators’ since a piece of legislation she proposed in early 2019 ‘shows no signs of basic economic foundation’ THIS one, however, fared slightly better, being signed by over 2 THOUSAND people Somehow, AOC seems to be doing just fine

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