10 Strangest Medical Conditions

10 Rare Medical Conditions With Weird Effects 10) Basolateral Amygdala Lesions These lesions grow inside and shut down the trust centers in the brain  Sufferers are overly generous even when they can't afford it, and are more susceptible to cons

9) Persistant Genital Arousal Disorder An irregular nervous system may cause the genitals to be constantly aroused Orgasms only provide temporarily relief – so far there's no known cure 8) Urbach-Wiethe Disease This disease shrivels up the part of the brain that controls emotions, particularly fear Consequently sufferers are unable to experience fear, even when being mugged 7) Ross' Syndrome A neurological condition where eyes react to light more slowly than usual

It also prevents sweating Sufferers overheat & wear wet clothes to stay cool during exercise 6) The Cotard Delusion People believe they are actually dead and hang around graveyards to be with their kind Electroconvulsive therapy may be an effective treatment for it 5) Muscle Hypertrophy This condition stops the body producing myostatin, which inhibits muscle growth

Toddlers with this condition have six packs and can lift two 5lb weights 4) Gastroschisis Babies' bellies don't fully form in the womb, leaving a small hole They're born with their intestines outside their bodies – luckily 90% survive 3) Analgesia These people feel no pain at all One person walked on a broken ankle all day before noticing

It could be caused by there being too many endorphins in the brain 2) Hyperekplexia Sufferers have too much muscle tone and are easily startled by loud noises A surprising bang or clap makes their body freeze and they fall over, like a fainting goat 1) Auto-Brewery Syndrome An infection of Baker's Yeast turned a Texas man's intestines into a brewery  The yeast converted his food into alcohol and got him drunk every day

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