10 Strangest Subreddits

10 Strangest Subreddits 10 Fifth World Problems Now, I’m sure you’ve heard of 1st world problems

Y’know, like how your fourth car won’t fit in your garage extension or how you can’t write notes because your smart pen’s updating But if you thought those problems were insignificant next to the third world, just wait ‘til you see the fifth This totally bonkers community takes the idea of first world problems and posts them as though they’re coming from an alternate dimension It’s all filled with geometric paradoxes, existential humour and praise for this guy Zalthor It only gets weirder when you look at the related subreddits

Fifth world pics takes the same stuff and visualises it in straight up disturbing ways I mean, just look at this [show post on screen] Then you’ve got sixth, seventh, 45th, even infinite world problems And all of them are completely incomprehensible in their own bizarre ways 9

Enlightenedbirdmen Reddit has a bit of a thing for tribalism There’s a whole community for subreddit drama, and then there’s the Orangered versus Periwinkle April Fools joke in 2013, that basically caused redditors to colour code themselves But this is probably the silliest out of all of them Back in 2013 a bunch of people on Reddit decided to dedicate pages to a made-up conflict between birds and humans, for no real reason as far as I can tell There isn’t even a narrative, they’re just shouting about war

The birds call themselves the enlightened birdmen and constantly post about defeating the so-called mud men, which mostly just means posting pictures of birds attacking people and spamming “SCREE” and “SCRAW” in capital letters As strange as this is, I’m just impressed that reddit has managed to keep the joke going for half a decade Maybe it’s because I’m just a mudman 8 Glitch In The Matrix I’m sure you’ve had one of those matrix-style moments where something just doesn’t seem right

For example, when you see the same person in two different places or when your memory doesn’t match up with reality Well, it’s not just you In fact, there’s a massive online community called r/Glitch_In_The_Matrix that’s dedicated to sharing physics defying experiences The subreddit was made after this askreddit thread [show on screen] all the way back in 2012, and since then people have been sharing seemingly unexplainable stories There’s the redditor whose friend died in a dream and then died in real life, or the person who experienced a car crash, but what they thought was evidence on Snapchat was actually just pictures of a tree

You could probably explain a lot of it as carbon monoxide leaks, hallucinations, or just straight up lies It is the internet after all But that doesn’t mean it’s not damn creepy 7 IMGXXXX This one sounds like it’s gonna be dirty, but it’s actually just a bit of a head-scratcher

You’ve probably found yourself on the weird part of youtube before, where the videos just don’t make sense or relate to anything at all Well, IMGXXXX is probably as close as you’re going to get to a weird youtube database Technically it’s a subreddit dedicated to finding videos on Youtube that have been uploaded from phones and digital cameras, but not named, which is why they all have titles beginning with IMG followed by random numbers But in reality, what you get is a list of really curious videos like this one, where a guy makes fresh cream eclairs with a drill, or this eastern european military group playing with a squirrel It can be a bit annoying to browse through though, since a lot of the videos get taken down after a while and it’s just post after post of static

6 SCP You might know about this one already if you’re into creepypastas, but if not, you might wanna set some time aside So SCP stands for Secure Contain Protect

It’s basically a very strange creative writing project between thousands of people online, that first started in 2008 They’ve created a fictitious facility that houses the weirdest, creepiest objects and creatures in the world, like the toaster that makes you talk about it in the first person or… this thing It’s really fascinating to read through on its own, but the subreddit just makes it that more of a rabbit hole You can spend hours and hours reading theories, jokes and discussions on top of the original creepy entries and blood curdling stories The subreddit isn't that weird in of itself, it’s actually a really friendly place, but the content it’s based on speaks for itself

5 One True God To most of us, Nicholas Cage is just an eccentric hasbeen actor who’ll take literally any role you give him But to some circles in the Reddit community, he’s a lot more than that He’s the messiah Yep, this classic subreddit takes the guy who’s ruined more movies than most people star in, and treats him as not just a god of unintentional comedy, but an actual god

I mean I know it’s tough to steal the declaration of Independence, but that’s a bit of a stretch That’s not even close to the end of the joke There’s an entire backstory in the sidebar about the prophets Stephen King and M Night Shyamalan Oh, and the moderators have even made themselves priests and cardinals

It’s a pretty fascinating place, but I’m not sure I’m converting any time soon 4 Subreddit Simulator If there’s one thing Reddit loves making fun of, it’s Reddit But why do it yourself when you can get a computer to do it for you? That’s where the subreddit simulator comes in Unlike other subreddits, this one’s designed to be watched rather than interacted with

In fact, any posts by actual humans get instantly deleted Instead, you get to sit back and watch a load of bots pretend to post like they’re on actual subreddits They use algorithms called markov chains to learn the language of most major subreddits and try to match that style as closely as possible, which works pretty well until you start actually reading posts like these So they’re nonsense, but they’re pretty hilarious Still though, points for trying eh? 3

Birds With Arms I don’t really know what it is about Birds with Arms There’s something off about them and they look really goofy, but at the same time it just kind of makes sense And that probably explains why they keep popping up online By the way, this is all the subreddit is – just photoshopped images of birds with arms Reddit seems to love birds

But there’s actually a long history of Birds getting their guns out on the internet The first photoshopped pictures probably showed up on the relapse music forum in 2008, but the whole thread was full of pictures of Nazi birds and every other kind of offensive edit And while obscure forum threads like that popped up every now and then, the meme didn’t find its feet until 2012 when the Birds With Arms subreddit got popular Now we get to see birds like this, and this, all over the place It would take so long to see all the images on the site, you’d probably be there until birds actually evolve arms

2 Surreal Memes Memes are everywhere nowadays Whether it’s ads trying to be ‘down with the kids’ or your nan posting on Facebook, they’re pretty much as mainstream as you can get But don’t worry, there are still plenty of places for people who don’t like their social media filled with minions The Surreal Memes subreddit makes a point of posting things that have no bearing on, well, anything

They’re designed to make absolutely no sense whatsoever In fact, the closest you’ll get to continuity is this guy showing up all the time [show on screen] Now, you might think this is just trying to be weird or ironic for the sake of it, and that’s pretty reasonable if I’m honest But according to an interview with VICE, the subreddit’s moderator says it’s all about rejecting those normalised memes I was talking about earlier It’s like they’re saying “the internet is supposed to be weird, so y’know what, let’s just go all out

” 1Chip-chan Now this one isn’t the craziest place on reddit but it’s up there with the most confusing For anyone unaware, Chip-chan is a South Korean woman discovered on 4chan after a user found her live stream It turns out she’s been live streaming her entire recent life and almost never leaves the house But here’s where it gets really strange

Chip-chan claims that she was fitted with a mind control device by a corrupt Seoul Police Officer She says it monitors her mental state and causes her to sleep for upwards of 20 hours a day, and not do much else That probably didn’t happen, but still, no one really knows what’s going on And that’s where the subreddit comes in This small but dedicated group of redditors tracks Chipchan’s online presence for updates whenever the stream’s running

Not in a mocking way, just out of morbid curiosity Some think it’s schizophrenia, some think it’s performance art Personally, I have no idea That was the 10 strangest subreddits Have you seen any weirder ones? Let us know in the comments and make sure to like and subscribe

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