10 Terrifying Cases of Demonic Possession

10) Clara Germana Cele Ever heard of ‘making a deal with the devil’? Well teen Clara Germana Cele from South Africa took that expression a little TOO literally Back in 1906 she allegedly made a pact with SATAN

Why? Well, your guess is as good as mine, but the consequence of having made such a deal proved to be very sinister indeed After signing her name on the dotted line, or, however a deal with the devil is done, Clara started exhibiting paranormal behaviour She was said to have become somewhat of a clairvoyant – able to reveal the secrets of people she’d never even met She would speak languages that she’d never learned before, would levitate off the ground and would slither on the floor like a snake Supposedly

Very strange stuff indeed Strange enough to warrant an exorcism, in fact So that’s exactly what was arranged During the TWO DAY ritual that was witnessed by over 170, Clara allegedly levitated in the air, BIT one of the sisters and even tried to STRANGLE a priest Following her ordeal, though, she was apparently freed from Satan and finally able to live her life again

9) Michael Taylor Back in 1974, Michael Taylor, a member of the Christian Fellowship Group, was publicly accused by his wife of being unfaithful He went CRAZY at the accusation, screaming and becoming extremely violent – Actions that HE said he was not in control of, but rather controlled by the demonic evil inside him Scary stuff, right? Well that’s also what the Christian Group thought too, agreeing that Michael was possessed and needed to be exorcised In a ritual that lasted for 7 HOURS, priests allegedly cast out at LEAST FORTY demons from Michael’s body, including those of beastiality, blasphemy, and lewdness In the end, exhausted, the priests allowed Taylor to go home, opting to finish it off another time to expel the final THREE demons

They were said to be those of insanity, murder and violence So you know, potentially the worst ones – yeah sure, why not leave them til last? Upon reaching home, though, the three final demons seemed to take their toll and Michael barbarically murdered his wife and their dog He was later found not guilty by reason of insanity and spent the next several years in a psychiatric hospital before being released 8) Columbian Mass Possession According to RCN radio network in Columbia, back in 2015 7 girls had to be treated for ‘odd behaviour’ after playing the game ‘Charlie Charlie’ It’s a game similar to a Magic 8 ball in which pencils are balanced on one another to produce answers to questions which are asked

[graphic] Superstitious that the girls to have been demonically POSSESSED after playing the game, officials publicly warned against playing it The following year, however, it seemed the effects of took their toll again The Daily Mail reported that TWENTY TWO schoolgirls had 'suffered mass demonic possession' after playing ‘Charlie Charlie’ again in Colombia The girls were reportedly having seizures on the floor, screaming, writhing and hallucinating with some even foaming at the mouth The girls were all rushed to a medical centre – all suffering from the same symptoms Doctors conducted several medical tests but couldn’t find ANY explanations for the possession-like behaviour Eventually the girls’ vital signs returned to normal and they were discharged from hospital

Great news, of course, but still very creepy Maybe don’t give Charlie Charlie a go 7) David Berkowitz Back in 1976, simply uttering the name David Berkowitz would have sent serious shivers down the spines of those living in New York In the summer of that year, Berkowitz went on a 13-month impulse spree in the city, murdering 6 and wounding 7 Throughout his murderous rampage, Berkowitz taunted the police in a series of handwritten letters that he left at the scene of his crimes, referring to himself as the ‘Son of Sam’

He also stated that he was killing to get blood for ‘Father Sam’ The NYPD formed a TWO HUNDRED person task force in a bid to track down the serial killer, making it one of the largest manhunts in US history After he was caught in August 1977, Berkowitz [bercow-vitz] claimed in his confession that he was obeying orders to kill from a DEMON A demon which had manifested itself in the form of a DOG called ‘Harvey’ Harvey belonged to Berkowitz’s neighbor ‘Sam’, shedding a little light on the killer’s ‘Son of Sam’ sign-off

Despite this, in his 1979 trial Berkowitz ultimately pleaded guilty and was incarcerated with six life sentences 6) Annelise Michel The story of Annelise Michel is by far one of the most infamous possession stories Buuut that’s mainly because it’s probably one of the WORST, having even served as inspiration to the 2005 HORROR movie ‘The Exorcism of Emily Rose’ Born to a devout Catholic family in Germany in 1952, Annelise Michel had a history of mental illness At the age of just 16 she started experiencing hallucinations and began to hear voices which told her that she was DAMNED

Yet her behaviour became more and more bizarre She ate dead flies, spiders, coal and she even bit off the head of a dead bird She would scream for hours on end and, in one instance, she crawled under a table and barked like a dog for TWO days An exorcist concluded that she was indeed demonically possessed Anneliese went on to endure 67 rites of exorcism [pics] over 10 months – some lasting as long as FOUR hours

After battling with demons on a daily basis for 8 years, Annelise died after starving herself in a bid to expel Satan from her body So what do you think – Do you believe in demonic possession, or were there other, more rational sources at play here? Let us know in the poll above 5) The Demon House After moving to Indiana with her 3 children back in 2011, Latoya Ammons certainly didn’t expect to be sharing her new abode with strangers Yet immediately after moving into ‘The Demon House’, as it came to be known, the family allegedly began to encounter paranormal activity At first it was the spotting of dark figures around the house and hearing footsteps in the basement late at night

Creepy as anything, sure, but creepier yet was when the children started to be directly affected by ‘demons’ Latoya allegedly witnessed her kids walking up walls and levitating She even claimed that her son was thrown around by a ‘malevolent spirit’ and her daughter required STITCHES to her head after an attack Latoya drew crosses on every door in the house and bathed her children in olive oil in a bid to exorcise her house She also recruited 2 clairvoyants who claimed the house was possessed by more than TWO HUNDRED demonic spirits

Latoya and her family eventually moved out The story of The Demon House, however, became such a phenomenon that Zak Bagans , from TV Ghost Adventures, purchased it to film a documentary before demolishing it in 2016 Good riddance 4) Messages From The Other Side Keeping up to date with the latest technologies sure isn’t easy, but it’s something that even DEMONS have managed to do Well, that’s according to Father Marian Rajchel from Poland anyway

In 2014 the Austrian Times reported that Rajchel received abusive text messages after he tried to exorcise a girl who was allegedly possessed The apparent author of these awful texts? Satan himself After the girl’s exorcism failed, Father Rajchel claims the diabolic spirit that he had tried to cast out sent him a string of messages In one of the texts the devil apparently told Father Rajchel that he was wasting his time trying to save the teenager It said “She will not come out of this hell

She’s mine Anyone who prays for her will die” Ever so polite, Father Rajchel actually text BACK to the devil saying that he WOULD pray for her To which the demon supposedly replied: “Shut up, preacher You cannot save yourself Idiot

You pathetic old preacher” Whoever knew demons could be so rude? 3) Columbian Exorcisms Perhaps nowhere in the world are there more cases of demonic possession than in Columbia Over there, Brother Hermes, as he is known, has made a name for himself by providing his particular service of exorcism to the people of the country for the past 25 years In fact the exorcist has stated that he has performed over 35,000 exorcisms which works out as roughly 10 exorcisms a week During the ‘service’ those who are deemed to be possessed lie in the shape of a crucifix, covered in mud and surrounded by FIRE, lime, and eggs Why? Seriously, who knows

Hermes then chants over them waving plants and BURNING torches to chase away the evil spirits from their souls And many ‘possessed’ people claim to be totally healed after the ritual With so many possessed people in one place, business is pretty good for Brother Hermes Especially considering he charges for his services His rates range anywhere between $45 and $140

Though, er, I’m not QUITE sure how he decides how to price an exorcism 2) Possessed Pooch How would you picture Satan? Maybe a scary red beast with horns and a tail, right? So definitely NOT like this then? Of course not Yet this was exactly how Olga Horvat would have described the devil back in 2006 when poodle ‘Princess’ became her family’s latest addition Olga alleged that Princess was possessed by DEMONS, something which caused the lives of her family to be turned upside-down from the moment she got her Her book, aptly titled ‘Paranormal Pooch’ documents their misfortunes

Immediately after Princess’ arrival, the family’s home was hit by a massive $7,000 bedbug infestation The family were then evicted And her husband was involved in a serious car accident, fell to a sudden and rare illness and passed away Then just 4 months with her new, Princess suffered a mysterious fall and died A series of unfortunate events indeed

Fortunately for the rest of us, Olga has made sure that OUR pets won’t become victim to demonic possession That’s because on the back of her ordeal she created a pendant that can save you from your possessed pet The price of being demon-free? A hellish $197 Possibly the most terrifying thing about this entry 1

The Aix-en-Provence Possessions In 1609 a young Madeleine de Demandolx began to suffer from depression and was sent to reside under the guidance of Father Gaufridi Their relationship, however, roused suspicion and Madeleine was sent away to a convent in Aix in France Soon after, however, she began exhibiting symptoms of hysteria, deemed to be the result of demonic possession She endured convulsive fits, claimed visions of devils and in a fit of rage even DESTROYED a crucifix After an unsuccessful exorcism, her symptoms spread to other nuns at the convent at which point Madeleine [mad-ell-en] pointed the finger at Gaufridi

She accused him obscene bewitchment and denounced him as a devil worshipper In 1611 the Parliament at Aix held a trial 3 devil's marks were said to have been found on Gaufridi’s body and a pact with the Devil was produced in court which was allegedly signed in Gaufridi's own blood After torture he confessed to sorcery but later retracted his statement Nevertheless, he was sentenced to be burned alive

Eerily, immediately following Gaufridi's execution, Madeleine allegedly appeared to become free of all possession Hmm "

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