10 Terrifying Cases of Stalking

10 Most Terrifying Cases Of Stalking 10 The Watcher Buying a new house? Must be exciting

Let me give you just one tip You may want to check there’s no stalker problem in the neighborhood In 2014, when Derek and Maria Broaddus bought their new home in Westfield, New Jersey, they’d never imagined they wouldn’t be able to live in it for long Just a few days after the family arrived they received three creepy letters, apparently penned by somebody named “The Watcher” To give you an idea of how unsettling these letters were, take the quote "It has been years and years since the young blood ruled the hallways of the house

", in reference to their three children Understandably, they were out of that spooky house in no time – Goodbye New Jersey! Then went straight to the authorities, who opened a case looking for The Watcher In 2015, the couple tried to sue the previous tenants, John and Andrea Woods, claiming they were responsible for the creepy letters However, the case was dismissed because a neighbor identified a man living next door to him as a possible suspect

Still, no suspect was ever identified 9 Björk’s Stalker Back in 1996, the manager of the Van Buren Plaza apartment building in Hollywood, saw blood coming out of the walls under one of the apartments He immediately called the police, who on their arrival discovered the body of 21-year-old Ricardo Lopez It immediately looked like a suicide case

– Shocking, of course, but what does this have to do with stalking Björk? Well, there were a few things on the crime scene that left the authorities perplexed To start, Lopez’s face was covered in green greasepaint – weird Add to that that he had stalked the singer for years The police also found some videotapes and his diary, in which he confessed he had constructed an acid bomb to be delivered at Björk’s house after his death Considering the fact the police had found the body 4 days after the suicide, they estimated it would take five days for a package mailed in Florida to reach Björk’s London apartment

That meant they had about 24 hours to intercept the bomb Luckily, Scotland Yard came to the rescue The package was spotted at a post office in south London and was safely intercepted before it could reach the pop star, leaving her stalker’s posthumous plans in ruins 8 Catfish Revenge I’m pretty sure, nowadays everyone knows what Catfishing is and how to avoid engaging with people who trick us into believing they’re someone else

Still, if you think about it, only 10 years ago those who met on the internet could be pretty naive It was around that time that Brian Curtis Hile, from San Diego, engaged in an online relationship with a woman he had never met It lasted for YEARS All he knew was that, according to her profile pictures, she was gorgeous and shared his same interests Brian fell in love with her and the couple exchanged romantic communications consistently

– Lovely Until Brian discovered his sweetheart was actually a man living in South Africa – Oops At that point, he decided he decided to investigate further to find the woman who stole his heart, the real woman in the pictures Can you guess what happened next? In August 2011, Hile was arrested in San Diego, within miles of the woman’s home According to the investigators, he was in possession of the victim’s address, phone numbers, email addresses, telephone contacts, and the names and addresses for schools she had previously attended

7 Text After Text Now, I’ll do my best to keep this insane story as simple as possible In February 2017, in Belton, Texas, a woman – whose identity is kept secret for privacy – in desperate need of prescription medications texted a certain man named Tony for help As the woman later revealed she did so on Jesus Botello Calvillo's advice, an acquaintance of hers In the next few months, she received tons of messages from a variety of numbers demanding intimate propositions

Between April and June, the woman was forced to change her phone number three times, until the texts stopped But it wasn’t all over, not even close In July, after her car was vandalized multiple times she received some messages from detectives Chapa and Cruz, from the Belton police They told her that Calvillo was arrested, but he was allowed one last night with her Oh, and they also instructed the woman to send some photos of the encounter

– yeah, sure No need to say there were no detectives Chapa or Cruz at the police department The REAL authorities determined the messages and accounts originated from Calvillo’s house area He was arrested in 2018 on a warrant charging stalking 6

The Hollywood Stalker The past few stories were quite frightening and unique on their own, but this is a true Hollywood gem Like, American Crime Story material 27-year-old actress Theresa Saldana was living a happy fabulous life in her West Hollywood residence When Arthur Richard Jackson walked into that wonderful life of hers he changed Saldana’s destiny forever Jackson was a huge fan of the actress

Well, he was more than that The 47-year-old man from Aberdeen, Scotland was obsessed with her Unfortunately, he also had the diabolic – and absolutely nonsensical – plan to kill the star and join her in the afterlife after he was executed for her murder Once he arrived in the United States, Jackson's first move was to hire a private investigator to obtain the phone number of Saldana’s mother He then pretended to be a representative of director Martin Scorsese, in need of Saldana’s contact

He must have been pretty convincing because he succeeded in getting the star’s address When Saldana exited her residence that day of 1982, Jackson assaulted her She only survived because a deliveryman rushed to her rescue and subdued the stalker 5 Hot For The Teacher Ming Sen Shiue seemed to fit any average teenager at first

Back in 1965, he had a huge crush on his ninth-grade algebra teacher A crush that soon turned out to be a sick obsession that lasted for over 15 years – Not exactly the classic teenage crush Throughout the years, Shiue fantasized about Mary Stauffer, until he decided it wasn’t enough and began relentlessly stalking her, attempting to track her down throughout most of the ’70s In 1980, he found her

She was working at the Bethel University campus at the time One day he followed her to a salon and kidnapped the woman and her daughter at gunpoint as they were leaving He kept them captive at his home for nearly TWO months But then, Mary took courage and, while Shiue was at work, she was able to escape and call for help He was arrested that same day and eventually received a 70 years sentence

4 Stalked By A Serial Killer In 1998, Collette Dwyer was living in St Francisville, Louisiana when she met Derrick Todd Lee, a customer who frequently hung around her office Lee soon developed an obsession with her, who firmly rebuffed his advances But Lee’s fixation didn’t stop there

In 1999, he forced his way into Dwyer’s apartment, claiming that he wanted to love and “take care” of her She declined his offer and then charged him with stalking For a while, that terrible experience seemed over But then, two years later, Lee was released from his probation status and went straight back to where he started Not long after the new stalking episodes, Dwyer heard about the murder of Charlotte Murray Pace and became convinced Lee was responsible for it

She reached out to the police, who didn’t take her seriously because they were convinced the perpetrator was white – And Lee was black A second murder happened and Dwyer spoke out once again, but it wasn’t until May 2003 that Lee was questioned by the authorities and finally had his DNA taken Oh, look! It turned out he was guilty of all the charges 3

The Pioneer Yes, there must be a pioneer for everything In 1999, Gary Dellapenta became the first person charged for cyberstalking – He had to spend 6 years in prison for that, but hey, at least he made history! It all started in California, in 1996 when Dellapenta met Randi Barber, a friend of a friend Gary was actually shy at first, so he opted for sending her gifts and trying to win her over He then joined Randi’s church

– Wow, quite devoted to his cause – That was probably the first sign that attraction surpassed obsession He stalked and followed Randi around for nearly three years, reaching the point of no return when he posted ads in chatrooms, including Randi’s home address, and created fake email addresses for contact with any men responding to his ads He even provided instructions on how to break into her home and how to disarm her security system Consequently, at least 6 men showed up to her home claiming to be there to fulfill her fantasy

After Randi called the police, it wasn’t long before Gary’s identity was confirmed through search warrants to Internet companies 2 The Patient Who Stalked The Therapist Sometimes, even a professional psychiatrist can’t do much against disturbing pathologies That’s when it would be wise to go straight to the police instead That’s what Dr

Jan Falkowski should have done as soon as he met Maria Marchese in 2001 The woman, living with her then partner in London, became infatuated with Dr Falkowski when he was actually treating her partner As soon as she got the psychiatrist’s contacts she began calling, stalking, and writing him long “LOVE” letters – how romantic, that’s everyman’s dream

Especially when you’re engaged and about to get married in months Which brings us to phase two of her plan Marchese became convinced that Debra Pemberton, the doctor’s fiancée, was trying to come between THEM and ruin THEIR happiness So, she began stalking her too, threatening her – and at times Falkowski too – with intimidating texts They even had to call their wedding off after she claimed to have hired a gunman for shooting the bride at the ceremony

Somehow Marchese succeeded The couple eventually split up However, every win comes with a prize In January of 2007, the woman was sentenced to 9 years in prison 1

The Stalker Obsession That Led To Mass Murder I’ve saved the story with the most dramatic outcome for last because it has the most terrifying epilogue of all, indeed We’re back to the ‘80s again – what’s with that decade? – precisely in 1984 35-year-old Richard Farley, an electrical engineer in Sunnyvale, California, became instantly obsessed with 22-year-old Laura Black when she was hired in his company in April of that year To him, it was love at first sight For her, his constant stalking and letters were a nightmare

Black repeatedly turned him down for 4 years, during which time she received about 200 letters from Farley The man became so insistent and dangerous she eventually went to Human Resources to file a complaint against him He was fired from the company in 1986, but his stalking continued until 1988 when Laura filed a temporary restraining order against him Little did she know that the day before the hearing was scheduled, Farley arrived at the company that morning armed with a gun, shooting several people and killing 7 Among the injured, there was Laura, who miraculously survived

As for Farley, he is currently on death row at San Quentin prison

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