10 Terrifying Dystopias That Could Happen

10 The Matrix Dystopia: Humans are trapped in a computer simulation

Reality: We’ve already reproduced the Big Bang in our own simulation & we’ll be able to create humans inside it within 100 years 9 The Walking Dead Dystopia: A pathogen causes 99% of the population to become zombie walkers Reality: A slight mutation in the rabies virus could create a zombie epidemic, causing mania, salivation & rage when victims are bitten 8

The Road Dystopia: Humans resort to cannibalism after most life & vegetation are destroyed Reality: In the 1200s deforestation on Easter Island destroyed the environment & forced its inhabitants to become cannibals 7 Minority Report Dystopia: A special police squad predicts crimes before they happen Reality: The US Army's ‘Mind’s Eye’ uses cameras to predict criminal activity – it recognises faces, suspicious movements & is drone mounted

6 Blade Runner Dystopia: Violent artificial humans invade earth from corporate space colonies Reality: AI like IBM’s ‘Watson’ is so human-like that it can learn & understand language Watson even competed on Jeopardy against humans – and won 5

Children of Men Dystopia: No child has been born in 18 years & humanity is on the verge of extinction Reality: Sperm counts have halved in 60 years & global fertility decline means that by 2050 there’ll be twice as many old people as young 4 A Clockwork Orange Dystopia: Mind-altering treatment is used on the youths of ultraviolent Britain Reality: Russia's SSRM Tek Program uses subliminal images to read suspects' minds

The guilty react subconsciously to pictures of crimes they might commit 3 Brave New World Dystopia: Human beings are grown in jars & intelligence is decided before ‘birth’ Reality: Since 1978, 5 million test tube babies have been born Some clinics allow couples to choose their child’s gender & physical traits

2 The Hunger Games Dystopia: 24 children aged 12-18 compete in an annual televised fight to the death Reality: In Ancient Rome, child slaves were forced to train & compete in deadly fights with each other in front of royalty & citizens 1 Nineteen Eighty-Four Dystopia: Big Brother watches our every move on hidden cameras

Reality: The UK has 20% of the world’s CCTV cameras – someone in London will be caught on camera up to 70 times a day

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