10 Terrifying Facts About The Boogeyman

10 Terrifying Facts About The Boogeyman 10 Origins The Boogeyman is an imaginary monster used by adults to scare children into behaving themselves and is said to date back to the 16th century

The boogeyman’s appearance varies across the globe; most commonly though, it’s a monster who lurks under the bed or in the closet, often carrying a sack with which to kidnap naughty children More unusual forms of the bogeyman include Hungary’s Rézfaszú bagoly [res-fa-zoo bag-oley]: a giant owl with a penis made out of copper, and the Philippine’s Pugot [poo-got], a shape shifter that has cut off its own head, has blood bubbling from the neck stump, and likes to steal women’s underwear 09 The Real Life Boogeyman Albert Fish was a convicted serial killer suspected of involvement in the deaths of between three to nine children He is said to have captured, raped, murdered and even eaten innocent kids

Fish was only captured after he sent a letter detailing how he mutilated and ate a 10-year-old girl to the victim’s mother Later executed for his crimes, Fish earned his nickname when a young witness was interviewed following the kidnapping of Billy Gaffney When asked what happened on the night of the kidnapping, the boy’s young friend replied “the boogeyman took him” 08 The Child Eater ‘Cuco’ is the Hispanic and Portuguese boogeyman who features in a number of children’s lullabies as a flesh-eating monster

A latino version of “Rock-a-Bye-Baby” can be translated as ""sleep little child, sleep now, or the Cuco will come and eat you” Frequently compared with the devil, ‘Cuco’ is said to sit on children’s rooftops, hiding in the shadows and waiting for them to misbehave, so it can eat them El Cuco often has glowing red eyes and has been depicted as a cloaked man, a fierce female crocodile, a hairy goblin, or even an abused child who has come back from the dead 07 The Boogeyman of Westfield On 9th November 1971, John List murdered his mother, wife, and three young children in their New Jersey mansion before disappearing in true Boogeyman fashion for nearly 18 years

10 months after the murders, the house mysteriously burned down – removing all evidence He went on to marry again in Virginia and managed to escape his crime for almost 2 decades before a neighbor recognized him from an episode of America’s Most Wanted John List was nicknamed ‘The Boogeyman of Westfield’ by the press 06 Pop Culture Bogey Children’s films are based on similar Boogeyman themes, such as Disney’s Monster’s Inc

in which monsters with a variety of appearances scare children by entering through their wardrobe at night However, the mythical bogeyman has more often inspired horror films Most notably Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare on Elm Street, who terrorizes and murders teens in their dreams, causing them to go mad with fear and paranoia During ‘Halloween’, Mike Myers is called the boogeyman as he commits his murderous rampage, and the 1980 film ‘The Boogeyman’ was even banned in the UK for being too violent 05

The Mother Of Christmas In Iceland, the boogeyman comes in the form of Gryla, a female troll who snatches naughty children on Christmas Eve Her favorite meal is said to be a stew made from guilty kids who are boiled alive This boogeywoman has 13 sons named the Yule Lads, who punish or reward children in the run up to Christmas and are effectively Iceland’s equivalent of Santa Claus Gryla has been married three times, and apparently ate her first two husbands because they were too boring 04

Slenderman The long-limbed, no-faced Slenderman has been dubbed the internet’s boogeyman, who stalks, abducts and traumatizes his victims Created as part of a Photoshop competition in which users had to edit old photographs to make them scary, Slenderman has since been featured in countless creepypastas and video games In 2014 two 10-year-old girls from Wisconsin attempted to murder their classmate by stabbing her 19 times When convicted, the girls argued that they had to murder the girl to impress Slenderman or else he would come after them and their families 03

An Army Of Boogeymen In 1959 a special operations unit called the Tonton Macoute [ton-ton ma-koo-tay] was formed by Haitian dictator François Duvalier The name was inspired by the Haitian version of the bogeyman who punishes children by kidnapping them in a sack and later consuming them for breakfast The militia lived up to their boogeyman origins too, as they would kidnap people who would never be seen again They are estimated to have killed 60,000 people Victims were even burned alive and put on display as a warning to potential political opponents; their mutilated bodies often left hanging from trees

02 The Filth-Licker Arguably more productive and useful than terrifying, Akaname is a Japanese boogeyman, thought to have been born out of a parent’s impatience with their children’s messy habits Filth-licker is his literal translation and he does exactly that, licks the filth from dirty bathrooms The idea being that a child should want to clean up before the evil Akaname gets to their filth first The Akaname is said to have poisonous spit that helps clean the bathroom effectively

01 Cropsey Throughout the 70s and 80s, children of Staten Island grew up with a local version of the boogeyman story This legend featured a man named ‘Cropsey’, an escaped mental patient who kidnapped and killed children However, the legend turned out to be true Every child who reported seeing Cropsey had a different story

Some said he wielded a bloody axe, while others described him as having a hooked hand Either way, several children actually went missing and were never found again The man responsible was Andre Rand who lived in an abandoned mental institute in the middle of nearby woods He is now serving life in prison and won’t be eligible for parole until 2037

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