10 Terrifying Hitchhiking Horror Stories

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What was once the nation’s past time is now nowhere near as popular as it used to be and, as you’re about to find out, for good reason So stick that thumb back in your pocket and just keep on truckin’ as we look at some truly gruesome tales 10 Identity Theft At six hundred miles over the Canadian border, Alaskan Philip Fraser was a long way from home when he stopped off at a cafe to pick up a hitchhiker It was June of 1988 and Fraser was traveling from Anchorage to enrol in medicine at Evergreen College, Washington, with his new friend on board

When the car broke down 300 kilometers further on, the Olson family came to the rescue, but there was just one person in the car when they arrived He anxiously told them that he was traveling alone on his way to Washington to study medicine Kindly, the Olsons let him stay overnight and get his car fixed, although they noticed that he had two wallets, oddly The next day they waved goodbye to him, and less than 12 hours later the car was found engulfed in flames in a car wash 500 kilometers away One month later Philip Fraser’s body was discovered in a gravel pit

Police said he had been shot with a pistol The man the Olsons helped was not Philip Fraser, and he was never seen again Spokane Chronicle, 'Unsolved Mysteries' (NBC) 9 RV from Hell In the 1980s French servicemen on leave from their barracks in Marne kept going AWOL Over the years, eight young men disappeared in the zone rather accurately known as the ‘Triangle of Death’

Only one body was ever found, that of a young Irish hitchhiker in the woods He was naked, beaten, and strangled with a cord Then in 1988 a police patrol came across a suspicious RV parked in a dead-end road They burst into the vehicle to find a Hungarian hitchhiker tied up and being assaulted by a towering French commando, who was filming the whole thing Pierre Chanal was a member of the elite French Dragoons and he was imprisoned for sexually assaulting and torturing the hitchhiker

However, a search of the RV also revealed a pair of underwear belonging to the dead Irish hitch hiker In the end, Chanal sat trial for all 8 of the men who had disappeared But on the eve of his trial, he somehow killed himself while under armed surveillance, by slicing an artery in his leg with a razor Irish Times, The Telegraph, RTE, The Irish Independent 8 Eric or Albert? July 14th, 1973

Runaway teenagers Mark Matson and Mary Jones were hitchhiking together and waiting on the side of the road when finally a huge white panel truck pulled over A man calling himself ‘Eric’ offered them a lift to Miami He also said he had a couple of housekeeping jobs going if they were up for it Poor Mark and Mary graciously accepted and ‘Eric’ drove them home However, Eric’s real name was in fact Albert Brust and he had a different definition of ‘housekeeping jobs’ than most people

When they arrived, Mark and Mary were immediately marched into a makeshift torture room and forced to engage in sexual acts while Brust took photos Eventually Mark lunged for a gun, but Brust got the better of him and shot him dead For 34 hours Brust proceeded to sexually assault Mary After he finally freed her, she ran to the police to tell her story, but her own mother managed to persuade them that she was a ‘pathological liar’ and so the case was dropped Five days later, Albert Brust was seen sunning himself on his front lawn in the middle of a storm

But that was actually because he was dead, having concocted a cyanide-laced milkshake to kill himself Mark’s body was found dismembered in Brust’s shower stall under a meter of cement 'The Serial Killers' (CWilson & DSeaman), Chicago Tribune 7

The Co-Ed Headhunter Edmund Kemper started young At 15 years old he shot his grandmother in the head just to see what it would feel like, and he killed his grandfather shortly after that because he thought he would be mad Edmund was deemed criminally insane and sentenced to years of solitary confinement Eventually, however, he convinced them that he was cured Then in May 1972 he began his reign of terror

Kemper brought a bright yellow Ford Galaxy to cruise up and down the West Coast, and he began to pick up hitchhikers There were plenty of female college students doing it, Kemper himself estimates that he picked up around 150 in total, aided by an official university sticker that he had on his car He began to prepare his car with plastic bags, knives, and handcuffs, and when his murderous urges happened to surface, he would act on them Over the course of 10 months, Kemper drove 6 of the unlucky 150 out into a rural area where he would kill them, have sex the corpses, and then dismember them He kept the decapitated heads in his house, which he saved for further sexual acts

Kemper’s spree culminated with the murder of his own mother and her friend, after which he reported himself to the police He requested the death penalty but was denied it, so he’s still behind bars to this day Psychology Today, Crime Library, KSBW 6 Kai the Hitchhiker Drifter Caleb McGillvary found internet fame in 2013 as Kai the "homeless hatchet-wielding hitchhiking hero" after a cable news interview with him went viral Kai relayed the story of how he had been picked up by some insane guy who thought he was Jesus Christ, and to prove it he ploughed his pickup truck into a bystander and pinned them down

When two women came to the man’s aid, the crazy driver stormed over and grabbed one of them Kai bravely hopped out, grabbed an axe, and ‘smash, smash, smashed’ the driver in the back of the head, saving the day Sure, it seems slightly over the top, but you never know how you’ll act in a high pressure situation Besides, Kai seems like a nice guy That is, until you hear that he was arrested three months later for bludgeoning an elderly man to death in his house

So yes, he’s a murderer as well Gawker, LA Times 5 Santa Rosa Killings In Santa Rosa California, 1973, the bodies of two 12-year-old girls were discovered at the bottom of a steep embankment The cause of death could not be established from the remains, and it emerged that the girls were last seen hitchhiking home from an ice rink 9 months earlier These were just the first of seven similar bodies discovered over the next ten years in the Santa Rosa area

Art student Kim Wendy Allen disappeared while hitchhiking to school; she was found dead in an embankment a day later having been sexually assaulted Lori Lee Kursa, aged 13, was a runaway known to hitchhike – she turned up frozen in a ravine that the killer had thrown her body into Carolyn Davis was discovered in the same spot as the 12 year olds, having been killed by painful strychnine poisoning The list goes on and what’s more, speculation has pointed to both the Zodiac Killer and Ted Bundy However, to this day the killer has never been caught

Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders 4 Patience is a Virtue Jesus [hay-zoo-ss] Deniz Mendoza, of Worland in Wyoming, was stuck on a roadside in Montana last July when the Shane family pulled over for him In the car were husband and wife Jason and Tana, along with their 26-year-old daughter Jorah, who had spotted Jesus in trouble However, before they knew it, Jesus had pulled out a 22 caliber rifle and pointed it at them; he was barking at them to get out of the car and start walking

He said he had been tired of waiting around on the roadside and that Jorah had laughed at him The family followed his orders, but it did them no good As they were walking away, Jesus gunned them down – only Jorah survived He then got into the family’s car and drove off Jesus had been released from jail on burglary and drugs charges just two weeks earlier

He was quickly captured and is now facing life in prison Fox News, K2 Radio 3 Bridal Trip In 2007 two friends, Pippa Bacca and Silvia Moro, had an idea to spread a message of peace and trust through the world Both performance artists, they resolved to wear their wedding dresses and hitchhike from Italy to the Middle East in a project called ‘Brides on Tour’ In March 2008 they set off, journeying through the Balkans and into Turkey, the gateway of Asia

Only two weeks into the journey in Istanbul, Pippa separated from her fellow traveler with the plan to meet up in Beirut Then on March 31st, Ms Bacca was offered a ride near the village of Gebze, just 60 kilometers southeast of Istanbul Twelve days later her naked body was found in some bushes; she had been strangled The Turkish police managed to track the killer down via his cell phone, a man named Murat Karatas, who eventually received a life sentence

All that remains of Pippa now are the words on her website: which state: “Hitchhiking is choosing to have faith in other human beings” BBC, New York Times 2 The Freeway Killer(s) In 1979 a 17-year-old German student called Marcus Grabs was backpacking across California On the 6th August his body was found naked and bound beside a road, he had been sexually assaulted and stabbed 77 times Over the next year, more and more bodies turned up, all brutalized boys and young men

The press named the perpetrator the ‘Freeway Killer’ The newer bodies had been beaten in many different ways: one with testicles and throat slashed, one with their head bashed in with a tire iron, a neck crushed with a jack handle, another stabbed through the ear with an ice pick and another with chemical burns from ingesting a toxin The Freeway killer was unmasked after police followed a suspect to a Hollywood car park William Bonin was in the back of his van sexually assaulting a 15 year old he had picked up Incredibly, he had been aided by accomplices for many of the murders

Bonin was finally executed in 1996 for the murders of 14 people Unbelievably, at the same time, there were two other serial killers operating independently who coincidentally chose similar victims and locations Bonin even got to know one on Death Row California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation 1 The Pendergast Family In 1958, 16-year-old Carl Eder was homeless and hitchhiking through San Diego, California

One morning, Aircraft Worker Tom Prendergast spotted him from his car and gave him a lift He took pity on the boy and decided to let him stay at the family home while he went off to work When Tom arrived home from work, Carl Eder was already waiting outside the front of the house and asked for ride, so Tom dropped Eder off at a service station out of town Little did he know that when he returned home, a scene of horror would be there to greet him: his wife shot in the head, and his four children, aged 2 to 9, stabbed to death – and he had just helped the killer escape Eder was captured by the police and said he had been annoyed by the 4-year-old making a lot of noise

First he threw her across the room, then he shot the mother when she tried to help her child Eder escaped from jail in 1974, leaving a note which read “I’ve done enough time and I’m leaving” He hasn’t been seen since The Evening Independent, StHelena Star

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