10 Things You Need To Know About Zombies

10) In 2012 Vladimir Putin admitted that Russia is working on a zombie gun that microwaves the brain It will cripple the central nervous system & disintegrate eyeballs

09) Movie director Lucio Fulci used homeless alcoholics as zombie extras, bribing them with cheap drink In Romero's ''Night of the Living Dead"" extras ate raw animal entrails to add authenticity 08) Haitian dictator François ­Duvalier spread rumors that his army were military-trained reanimated corpses Formed in 1959, Tonton Macoutes burned victims alive & stoned others to death 07) In 2005 scientists euthanized dogs before resurrecting them for 3 hours

Dogs were frozen with saline, before their blood was slowly re-warmed & their hearts shocked 06) A zombie chicken existed, surviving for 18 months after being beheaded in 1945 The axe missed the jugular vein & brain stem Its owner fed him via drops into the oesophagus 05) In the world of The Walking Dead walkers outnumber humans 5000 to 1

In series 1 a SWAT team arrived on set after 911 calls reported scenes featuring rooftop gunshots as real 04) In 2009 a mathematician created an equation to ascertain how long humanity could survive an outbreak If an infection broke in a city of 500,000 it would take 3 days for zombies to outnumber survivors 03) In 2013 scientists created 'zombie cells' which outperformed human flesh cells Silica coated replica cells could survive extreme heat & pressure that killed living cells

02) In 1980 Haitian man Clairvius Narcisse re-appeared after dying 18 years earlier Buried in 1962, he claimed he'd been reanimated 2 years after death & enslaved by a zombie master 01) In 2011 the US Government created a detailed zombie apocalypse defense plan In fact an emergency training exercise, it states that in an extreme situation the US may nuke citizens

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