10 Tricks Serial Killers Used To Lure Their Victims

10 Ways Serial Killers Tricked Their Victims 10 Persuasion How could a man, 6 foot 9 inches tall and weighing in at over 250 pounds, kill a total of 10 people instilling trust in his potential victims? As Ed Kemper, the perpetrator of these murders has taught us, persuasion is the key

Since his arrest in 1973, Kemper has been incredibly collaborative with the authorities, paving the way to Serial Killers’ studies So, for example, today knowing that most serial killers have IQ above average is a well-established fact But back then, discovering Kemper’s IQ was 145 was quite a shock Well, you must be a diabolical genius to convince, at 21, psychiatrists you’re not a threat after you killed your grandparents at the age of 15, resulting in incarceration at Atascadero State Hospital I mean, this man was able to convince Aiko Koo – one of the victims – to let him inside the car after she managed to lock him out

And what about the other girls? Kemper took his time – about one year – to study the subject before putting his thoughts into action He began to pick up small, pretty female hitchhikers and how they reacted to him He treated each girl as a sort of training, waiting for his moment 9 Hide Behind The Law Enforcement Charles Davis is not as infamous as Kemper, so, you might have not heard of him before Still, his criminal mind behind isn't less chilling

Davis was active in the 1970s in Maryland and, most important, he was an ambulance driver – Great, so not only the police, but we must also beware ofbasically anyone entitled to protect people

Which reminds meDavis’ father was a police lieutenant, giving him more than an advantage over the victims Davis' killing routine involved stalking his victims until they parked outside a building

Then, using his father’s police contacts, he ran the license plate and messaged the pager number they had left the car lights on The victim would come back to the car andthat’s when Davis would abduct the target

To add insult to injury, he felt so protected by his father’s connection and by the professional role that he dumped the bodies on open roads on his ambulance route After all, who would ever suspect an ambulance is carrying the remains of a murder victim? 8 The Good Samaritan Here’s another good example of how the people we should trust the most could actually be the most dangerous John Christie must have known that people – especially those in need – blindly trust doctors Let’s start from the beginning

Christie was born in Yorkshire, England, in 1898 He was a quiet kid who suffered from hysterical muteness, which worsened after he was injured as an infantryman during WWI Since the war hit him so hard, the army discharged him, so that he could go back home – sorta, he moved to London And what could the city offer to a former soldier during two World Wars? Crime, such as theft and assault However, from petty crimes, Christie discovered a fascination for murders

Between 1943 and 1953 he killed at least 8 women, including his own wife How? Christie chose most of his victims among women who needed operations but either didn’t have the money or couldn't do it legally So, even if he had no medical experience, Christie offered his service – mostly illegal abortions – to those in need By trusting him, they voluntarily fall unconscious before the “surgery” to never wake up again, ‘cause Christie killed them right away He was hanged in 1950

7 The Proud Father When we talk about criminal minds we must include Gary Ridgway, America’s deadliest convicted serial killer He claimed to have killed as many as 80 women, although he pleaded guilty to “only” 48 murders Ridgway acted during the 1980s and ‘90s and was dubbed the Green River Killer because he dumped his victims' bodies in the Green River of Seattle, Washington His targets were women in adult industries because he thought they might not be reported missing

Well, he thought wrong It was soon clear to the authorities they were dealing with a serial killer Still, it took two decades to finally arrest him Ridgway was a very skilled manipulator You would think that, given the nature of who he stalked, getting them into your truck would be the easy part

Yet, some of them were quite reluctant so Ridgway came up with a trick: he showed them a photograph of his son, he kept in the wallet Then, once they got at home, he pointed out his son's bunk bed and toys to put them at ease 6 Please Tutor Me This is the story of Issei Sagawa, who technically is not a serial killer, as he killed only one person in 1981 And he’s still free now

But how did he attract his victim? In 1981, Sagawa was pursuing a PhD in comparative literature at the Sorbonne, Paris He became insanely attracted to one of his classmates, Renée Hartevelt, and invited her to his apartment, asking her to tutor him to learn German Little did Renée know that Sagawa had planned to kill her As he was cleaning her body he realised she was so beautiful he wanted to eat her He then put the remains into two suitcases and brought them to a large park outside Paris

He was spotted in the middle of the day trying to dump them in a lake – Not so clever He was arrested and shipped back to Japan for the trial that never happened – it’s unclear why – so, Sagawa turned his fame to adult films in which he would bite his co-stars, and he even got a job as a ­sushi critic 5 Magic Trick Now, if you are not a fan of clowns, especially if you’re terrified by them, discovering that one of them was a serial killer won’t come as a surprise

Another good reason to hate clowns The clown of this story is John Wayne Gacy, who killed 33 people in Cook County, Illinois, during the 1970s He was well known in his community as Pogo The Clown, the entertainer for children’s birthday parties and charity events Entertaining was indeed his special skill He typically lured his victims back to his home to show them a "magic trick"

He would first place some handcuffs on himself and perform the trick, taking them off The victim would then be impressed and ask how the trick was done Wayne would offer to show them how to do it by putting the handcuffs on them And if you were that eager to know the trick, you were screwed There was no escape from those handcuffs

Gacy came under suspicion of the authorities in December 1978 when disappeared Robert Piest was last seen with Gacy Investigators recovered 29 corpses buried on his property 4 Vacation Trip We’re still between the 1970s and 1980s – prolific decades for serial killers – but we’re moving to Anchorage, Alaska, where Robert Hansen abducted and murdered at least 17 women Hansen targets were women in sexualized industries

Hansen chose his victims randomly and didn't even bother too much in trying to gain their trust Mostly he forced them to act out his private fantasies, torturing them for days, after which he let them free to run for their lives in the wilderness However, once he noticed he had got away with the murders, he began running ads in a local singles newspaper, seeking women to share some times together at his remote wood cabin in Matanuska-Susitna Valley, about 35 miles north of Anchorage But it wouldn’t be a serial killer story if it ended there, wouldn’t it? Hansen's sadistic game didn’t stop there He HUNTED down the exhausted victims in the woods, he tracked them and finally shot them dead

He was eventually caught only because the bodies started to pile up in the area For how absurd it might have seemed to the police the only suspect was the quiet, local businessman Hansen 3 The Murder Castle We've got murders and we have a Dr Holmes, but we’re not in London – in fact, we’re in Chicago – and the Holmes in question instead of solving crimes he performs them Dr H

H Holmes is widely considered America’s first serial killer A master of trickery, he even lied about his name Born around 1861, his real name was actually Herman Mudgett Anyway, over the years it was said by the press at the time he had built the house that would become known as the “Murder Castle”

The building was apparently equipped with secret passages, trapdoors, soundproof rooms, doors that could be locked from the outside, gas jets to asphyxiate victims, and a kiln to cremate the bodies The skeletal remains of his victims were sold to medical schools for a lower price How could someone voluntarily get in there? Well, Holmes tricked his victims by posing as a successful businessman, with grand property to his name, often getting them involved in his lucrative business schemes 2 A Dangerous Marriage Meet the Birnies, Catherine and David, a couple from Perth, Australia, who in 1986 stalked and murdered 4 women – and almost killed a fifth one

Things usually went this way, the couple patrolled the suburbs looking for women alone, hopefully in need of a ride Once located the target, the couple invited the girl in their car, knowing Catherine’s presence – a woman – would reassure them it was a safe place Unfortunately, it wasn’t that safe after all As stated in the police reports, once in the car, the couple would take the victims back at their house, chain them to a bed, torture them, and ultimately murder them It was also recounted by the only survivor Kate Moir that Catherine would cheer on David – the arm of the couple – photographing or recording him performing the tortures

As a matter of fact, it was all thanks to Moir if the sadistic couple was finally brought to justice After the first night in the murders house, she was able to make a brave escape the following morning, calling for help at the nearby neighbor’s house 1 The Master Of Disguise We saved the master of disguise for last When we talk about serial killers who eluded the police for years, and tricked their victim with a wide range of disguises, what better fit than Ted Bundy? Bundy killed about 30 women in Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Utah, and Florida between 1974 and 1978

That's horrifying, especially when you know some life could have been spared if the police hadn't missed him when he escaped from custody in 1977 Bundy’s favourite targets were attractive college women Among his several tricks, he often wore his arm in a sling or his leg in a fake cast and walked on crutches His aim was to put the focus on disability and empathy so that, together with his charm, he convinced the victims to unload objects from his car In other cases he impersonated authority figures, such as police officers and firefighters, to gain their trust

Once they got to his 1968 tan Volkswagen Beetle, he would immobilize them with handcuffs and force them into the vehicle Bundy had strategically removed the passenger seat, leaving a space on the floor for his victim to lie out of sight

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