10 Unluckiest People of All Time

10 Costis Mitsotakis In 2011 Costis Mitsotakis was the only resident of a Spanish village to miss out on a portion of a $950m lottery prize

Living half a mile outside the village, lottery organisers forgot to visit his home when selling tickets 09 Erik Norrie Erik has been bitten by a shark, a snake, and 2 monkeys on separate occasions His bad luck started young when he was hit by lightning at 10 years old 08

Melanie Martinez Over 40 years, Melanie lost 4 homes in 4 separate hurricanes Her 5th home was given a $20k TV makeover, before floods destroyed it a few months later 07 John Lyne A UK man suffered 16 major accidents, including a rock fall while in a mine & falling into a manhole While returning from hospital after having an arm cast removed, his bus crashed & he broke the same arm again

06 Violet Jessop An ocean liner stewardess who was aboard the Titanic also worked on 2 other doomed ships 1 collided with another ship, in 1914 the Titanic hit an iceberg, & 2 years later a third boat hit a mine & sunk 05 Joe Green Joe missed out on a place on the board of his roommate's startup – the roommate was Mark Zuckerberg

Joe’s father warned him against getting involved – meaning he turned down a 5% stake in Facebook which would be worth about $7bn today 04 Joel Ifergan Joel missed out on a $27m lottery win when his winning ticket printed 7 seconds after the 9pm deadline A rejected court appeal to claim the money cost him $789k in legal fees 03

Henry Ziegland While using dynamite to remove a tree, Henry was killed by a bullet lodged in the bark for 20 years The bullet had been fired at him 2 decades earlier by the brother of his ex who had killed herself 02 Roy Sullivan A US

man has been struck by lightning 7 times, the odds of which happening is 22septillion to one The final time immediately after being hit while fishing, he was attacked by a bear who tried to steal his fish 01 Tsutomu Yamaguchi Yamaguchi was present at both the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb blasts Surviving both, he spent 12 years in bandages, was left deaf in 1 year & his wife & son suffered radiation poisoning

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