10 Ways Facebook Can Get You Arrested

10 Six 12-13 year olds were arrested in 2011 for creating the 'Attack a Teacher Day' event

Released to their parent's custody, the US students had posted violent threats against staff 09 A US teen was charged with disorderly conduct for creating a list ranking female classmates

The 2011 list featured racial slurs & details of the girls' supposed promiscuity 08 In 2011 Ruth Ramirez status boasted about a Chicago bar fight where she'd glassed a woman The victim's friend saw the post & shared the profile with the injured woman & the police 07

Several people were arrested for inciting disorder on Facebook during the 2011 UK riots Jamie Counsel, 25, was jailed for 4 years after creating the page 'Bring the Riots to Swansea' 06 In 2012 Paula Asher was jailed after commenting LOL on posts about her previous DUI charge Ordered to delete the account, the U

S woman refused & was charged with contempt of court 05 In 2013 police arrested Cameron D'Ambrosio for posting a violent rap about the Boston bombings The U

S teen was charged with communicating a terror threat – he walked free 1 month later 04 Muhammad Khandaker was arrested for posting that he wished the Prime Minister would die Threatened with the death penalty, the Bangladeshi lecturer took up residence in Australia

03 Angela Voelkert had her ex arrested after using a fake profile to record him threatening her life Charges were dropped when he told police he'd seen through the hoax & the threat was false 02 In 2010 medical technician Mark Musarella took & uploaded photos of a strangled woman

He was ordered to complete 200 hours community service after pleading guilty to gross misconduct 01 In 2011 London Eley used a Facebook post to find a hit man to kill her child's father The target alerted police who arrested Eley & the man who'd accepted the $1000 offer

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