10 Ways To Get Arrested For Using The Internet

10 Tweeting Lyrics A Teenager was arrested for tweeting lyrics to a Pink song en route to a concert

Security met him as he arrived at the venue after tweeting ""I'm ready with my bomb"" 09 Posting Photos A teenager who posted photos of the view from an in-construction apartment block was arrested The NYPD saw his Instagram account & charged him with trespassing & reckless endangerment 08

Photographing Graffiti A woman was arrested after posting photos of graffiti she found in the street on Instagram Depicting a cop being shot, she was arrested for intimidation, despite not being the artist 07 Criticizing your Apartment A US woman faced a $50k lawsuit after tweeting about her ""moody apartment"" The company who owned her building filed for libel

06 Inappropriate Language 2 tourists on vacation to LA were arrested for tweeting they were going to 'destroy' America They were held by armed cops & questioned for 5 hours, despite explaining that 'destroy' is UK slang for party 05 Self-Stalking Cheryl Nelson sent cruel messages to herself from a fake Facebook account she'd created

Supposedly from her ex's new partner, she was arrested after reporting the false posts to cops 04 Discussing the Monarchy 2 Thai residents were arrested in 2009 after questioning the King's health online Another resident was sentenced to 10 years in jail after posting videos mocking the royal family 03

Automated Invites A US man was arrested after an automated invite was sent from him to his ex-girlfriend inviting her to join Google+ The invite broke the terms of the restraining order she had against him 02 Illegal Skyping In 2012 Ethiopia criminalized the use of Voice Over Internet Protocol Using Skype within Ethiopia carries a 15 year jail sentence

01 Dancing Online 7 Iranians were arrested for uploading a video of them dancing to Pharrell Williams' 'Happy' They were sentenced to 6 months jail time & 91 lashes for posting a vulgar video

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