10 Weirdest Celebrity Demands

10 Weirdest Celebrity Contracts 10) George Clooney Nobody wants to be the person who said ‘no’ to George Clooney myself included So I guess that’s probably why he got HIS excessive wishes granted during the making of 2013's space-based thriller ‘Gravity’ OK so Clooney was only in the film for about 30 minutes, give or take – he was by no means the leading role, yet he sure had one PARTICULAR demand that would make you think he was For the privilege of having him star in the film, Clooney requested a luxury complex to relax in during the time he’s not filming

According to The Sun, he supposedly requested that a custom-made beach hut, hot tub and private basketball court be built next to his trailer at the movie’s filming location in England And what George Clooney wants, George Clooney gets, naturally The tub and hut were built in his private landscaped garden and decking area by the film’s scene builders, and were said to be better than most people’s HOUSES It’s believed to have cost over $120,000 to build the complex – that’s on top of what we can only imagine was a hefty fee to secure him for the role in the first place 9) Steve McQueen If you look at the original poster for The Towering ­Inferno, did you ever notice that Paul Newman’s name is above that of Steve McQueen

Or that McQueen’s picture is to the left of Paul Newman’s? Well, this is all very deliberate In THE major film the two biggest stars of the 70s starred in together, this was the ONLY way that EQUAL billing could be assured After starring in the likes of The Great Escape, Bullitt and Papillon, Steve McQueen became the highest-paid actor in America Yet he was still said to be envious of Paul Newman’s career So when the pair ended up being cast together in The Towering Inferno, McQueen INSISTED the two men have the EXACT same salary, the EXACT same number of lines, that McQueen’s fire chief character doesn’t appear until more than 40 minutes into the film and that his character be the HERO

With such triviality at play, when it came to the billing on the film poster, the studio were forced to come up with a compromise, opting for a ‘diagonal’ solution McQueen's name is FIRST, but Newman's name, although second, is slightly HIGHER to equal it out What pettiness 8) Lindsay Lohan Back in 2016 Lindsay Lohan was approached by a popular Russian talk show ‘Let Them Talk’ about popping by for a chat For the privilege though, her team sent the show’s producers a list of demands which were dubbed by the Hollywood Reporter as being ‘unreasonable

’ And well, they kind of were Liferu, a local online tabloid, published a copy of the contract allegedly sent by Lohan's team to Channel One, Russia's largest television network and producers of Let Them Talk It reportedly demanded a ‘one-off $860,000 fee’ for the star’s appearance – a hefty price, sure, but THAT wasn’t even the craziest demand on the list LiLo also requested a security detail during her time there, a private jet to transport her to and from Russia, a Ritz-Carlton penthouse suite and a ONE year Russian visa with extension

According to The Hollywood Reporter, while there was no mentioning of it in the contract, Lohan ALSO allegedly requested a meeting with President Vladimir Putin as one of the conditions for appearing on the show We’re not sure if Lindsay’s demands were adhered to buuut we’re going to guess at probably not 7) Van Halen Standard music tour riders USUALLY include sound and lighting requirements, instructions for the set up of the backstage area and nutritional requests for the band and crew But 1970s hair metal band Van Halen had a very odd request indeed Buried amongst the MANY points in the band’s rider was a stipulation that there were to be no brown M&M's in the backstage area

If any brown M&M’s WERE found backstage, the band had the right to cancel the ENTIRE concert at the full expense of the promoter Seriously But this wasn’t actually a case of the band being all diva-ish Rather the REAL reason behind the bizarre clause was divulged by lead singer David Lee Roth as one which was COMPLETELY different from self-indulgence It was to ensure the promoter had read every single word in the contract

If they HADN’T, the band would know as there WOULD be brown M&Ms in their dressing room The clause, therefore, acted as an indicator that the promoter may have not paid attention to other more IMPORTANT parts of the contract meaning there could be bigger problems at hand Very clever, guys, very clever indeed 6) Justin Bieber Back in 2017, Justin Bieber’s rider for his Mumbai stop on his ‘Purpose’ tour in India supposedly got leaked and were shared on Twitter by an Indian journalist And as crazy as the demands are, I guess we’re not ALL that surprised to learn that Biebs OFFICIALLY IS one big diva

OK so just what IS on this rider? Well for transport the star supposedly demands a convoy of 10 luxury sedans, 2 buses and a private jet and helicopter on CONSTANT stand-by In order to relax while not performing, Biebs requires a jacuzzi for his ‘personal use to unwind before he takes to the stage’ as well as a masseuse For accommodation he wants THREE floors of hotel rooms for himself and his 120-strong entourage AND a private elevator So far so spoilt pop sensation, but here’s where the real weirdness kicks in For meal times, the rider demanded, and I quote: ‘Top culinary experts will supervise the gourmet food being served to Bieber over the four days with five dishes per day being renamed after his popular songs

’ I guess Biebs really IS his own biggest fan Do you think Bieber’s demands are the most ridiculous on our list so far? Let us know in the comments below 5) Christina Aguilera What a girl wants, what a girl needs, right? Well not in the case of Christina Aguilera – her tour rider has no ‘need’ about it Back in 2010 it was said that in her 4-page-long list of demands, the pop star asked for two 8ft tables with cloths, plants, flowers and carpets She wanted water but NOT Evian, erm, Flintstones chewable vitamins, soy cheese and Nesquik

So far so weirdly specific, but reasonable But there was one particular demand which was very UNreasonable In the rider the pop star demanded that she under NO circumstances is to encounter ANY traffic as she refuses to waste her time sitting in jams Now before you go thinking that the problem of traffic is pretty much inevitable, well it is to us mere mortals, anyway To get around this problem, Aguilera reportedly insisted on having a POLICE escort to be on hand with full authority to route her and her entourage through jams And perhaps even more unbelievably, it was a request that was adhered to 4) Tom Cruise Tom Cruise has long been one of Hollywood’s most famous stars

He has lived a highly controversial life in particular due to his belief in Scientology, and you know, that time he jumped up and down on Oprah’s couch And what added to this controversy was the revelation of what he allegedly requested throughout filming for the Mission Impossible movies Back in 2013, a source close to Cruise revealed to a British newspaper that the Mission Impossible star demanded in his rider that he be provided with as many as FIFTY THONGS made from stretchy, soft material Why oh why I hear you ask, well there actually aren’t many movies where you DON’T see him doing some pretty dangerous moves as, for the most part, Cruise does his own stunts for his roles in movies So he had the wardrobe department rustle up a set of comfy thongs for him to wear which would allow him to be totally unrestricted when performing the demanding stunts that we see in the movie franchise

3) Queen Latifah Out of the THIRTY plus feature films Queen Latifah has to her name, there was one in particular that had such an impact on her that she actually decided to make a major change in her contract going forward It was the 1996 crime action movie Set It Off In the film Latifah’s character, Leo, meets a tragic end in a scene in which the actress said she ‘died her ass off’ What we THINK she was trying to say is that she’s er, really good at ‘dying’ in films But the actress soon realised that this ‘talent’ at convincingly being killed off was actually a double-edged sword

So straight after the movie’s release, the Oscar nominee put a DEATH clause in her contract Not as sinister as it sounds, it actually meant that in whatever role Latifah will play, her character literally cannot die I mean it was a pretty savvy business decision, really Latifah herself explained that if she dies, she can’t be in the sequel, obviously So contractually keeping her character alive can see her return to our screens again and again

2) Rick Mirer What if the world ended? Back in 1993, this predicament was very much at the forefront of the minds of quarterback Rick Mirer and his agent Don Yee when they negotiated a contract with the Seattle Seahawks Yep, seriously – Mirer and Yee wanted to know EXACTLY just what would happen if the world were to end Would Mirer still be paid in light of such a catastrophe? Who would make the payment? And with what currency? As utterly paradoxical as these questions may seem, they were indeed the questions the two posed when negotiating a potential contract with the team Both sides finally agreed on a 5-year, $15 million deal, with one particular defining clause embedded within it which was INSISTED upon by Yee: that Mirer would be paid under all conditions ‘up to and including the end of the world’ How that would actually be carried out? Who knows, but luckily for the Seahawks and, er, the rest of the world, Mirer’s time in Seattle ended long before the world did

Four seasons after the end-of-the-world clause was struck, the player was traded to Chicago 1) Iggy Pop When you reach a certain level of famous, you can ask for pretty much whatever you want, as evidenced by Iggy Pop’s tour rider Written by roadie Jos Grain, the 18-page rider outlines not only the requisite artist demands but also some pretty unusual requests As far as technical requirements go, the band requests ‘a monitor man who speaks good English and is not afraid of death’ If that’s not weird enough, get a load of the band's catering requests

They ask for French wine, specifying ‘something we've heard of, but still can't pronounce’ Vegetables, however, seem to be a no no as the rider states ‘cauliflower and broccoli, cut into individual florets’ should be ‘thrown immediately into the garbage’ Other requirements for the singer's dressing room include ‘somebody dressed as Bob Hope doing fantastic Bob Hope impersonations and telling all those hilarious Bob Hope jokes,’ or, if that isn't possible, ‘seven dwarves, dressed up as those dwarves out of that marvelous Walt Disney film’ and failing even that, he’ll settle for a belly dancer We really did save the best til last

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