10 Weirdest Jobs You Never Knew Existed

10 Weirdest Jobs You Never Knew Existed 10) Snake Milker Although this may seem like a pretty easy job to get, considering who on earth wants to milk a snake?! It really isn’t A snake milker is actually a type of herpetologist or an aspect of Zoology to you and me

People who work in this specialised field can make around $60,000 dollars a year milking the snakes However, in order to get the job, you have to go through the lengthy process of getting a degree in Zoology and a masters in Herpetology Once those requirements are met, the work consists of extracting the venom from snakes and other reptiles which is so venomous it can cause death The venom is used for research, where they look for specific genetic markers and attributes to test for medical application It can often be used to treat blood pressure and clots and in some cases reduce heart attack risk

So I guess, if we put 2 and 2 together if you cuddled a snake your risk of a heart attack would be nearly none? Or am I being too literal here 9) Groom of the Stool This role consisted of helping the Head of The Monarchy to the toilet Yes seriously, aside from being probably one of the stinkier jobs on the planet it was actually seen as one of the most prestigious jobs to have

Those who undertook the workload were known for keeping Royal secrets, having power within court as well as being given some of the Monarch’s hand me downs The role was first created during Henry VIII’s era and incredibly carried on until 1901 until King Edward VII decided to abolish it The word ‘stool’ actually coined in reference to the ‘commode’ or portapotty in modern linguistics It was required to be carried around at all times along with water, towels and washbowl To ensure maximum efficiency, the Groom would have to monitor the King’s diet on top of their mealtimes

However, the cleansing of the Royal posterior has not been historically recorded as a specific part of the role Although they almost definitely helped the King’s undressing prior to each occasion 8) Human Scarecrow What do you expect to do after you leave school? Try Uni? Go travelling? Get a job in a big city? Actually pay off your student loa… actually scratch that last one, it’s never happening Well, one Brit called Jamie Fox, no not that one, followed a rather unusual career path following his higher education The Bangor University graduate decided to earn his money working as a living scarecrow

Yep, Jamie is an all-weather, living breathing scarecrow based in Norfolk in the United Kingdom He has been employed to scare partridges from a 10-acre field of rapeseed And to do so he wears a bright orange coat an accordion and a cowbell to scare the birds away Jamie earns around $300 a week sitting in a deck chair, reading a good book and occasionally is required to get up and scare any of the birds away Apparently, he’s good at the job

The farmer employing Jamie told the BBC that in the years prior, he had lost 30 acres and thousands of pounds worth of crops to the birds who strip the plant down to it’s vine Now, all he has to do is explain to strangers why there’s a man shouting at birds in his field 7) Professional Kidnapper Imagine the scene: you’re just chilling out at a cool party, maybe thinking of getting another drink or finally asking out Janet from accounts Then suddenly someone grabs you and stuffs a black bog over your head You’ve just fallen victim to a “professional kidnapper” Despite the intense-sounding title, these Professional Kidnappers aren’t doing anything illegal

You see, these are actually just people who recreate the sensation of being kidnapped for parties and stag or hen dos Because being kidnapped is… fun? If you feel like your event could do with more excitement, you can hire these professionals to turn up and “abduct” you and your guests without warming I say “without warning” But actually, all the companies that offer this service are extremely careful to ensure everyone knows exactly what’s going on Most will ask every kidnap-ee to be to detail in advance exactly what they’re okay with

Which is good obviously, but… doesn’t it entirely defeat the point? Would you book your own kidnapping out of I don’t knowboredom? Let us know in the comments below 6) Professional Cuddler There really isn’t much to explain on this one, the hint is in right there in the name You can cuddle people for money Although, call me old fashioned but I prefer to hug people for the usual reason: I’m deathly afraid of being alone Perhaps the biggest hub for professional huggers is ‘Cuddlist

com’ Here you can have your snuggle tailored to your exact needs, and each cuddler has a profile which you can visit prior to hiring them for that all-important embrace It’s decent money too It turns out some people will pay roughly $60 an hour for such privileges Which, is better money than YouTube

Hmm, actually that gives me an idea… Mate? 5) Bicycle Fisher Amsterdam is the bike capital of the world It’s also, the canal capital of the world And those things, plus the fact that weed is legal and Dutch beer is like 8% strong means that a fair few bikes end up in the water That’s when the professional Bicycle Fisherman comes in handy The Fishermen, if you can call them that, are employed by the state to pull all the old, discarded bikes out of the canal to stop it becoming clogged up with junk

They use a big metal crane on a boat and pluck the rusty cycles from the bottom of the canal They use the claw, almost like a claw game in an arcade, except you can't see anythingand it’s massive

In some cases, they do find cars or car parts as around 35-50 cars end up in the canals each year They work hard too Each year, the city pulls out 14,000 rusty bikes from their 165 canals 4) Duck Master Ever wanted to be a master of the Ducks? A duck King or Queen? Well, now you can live out your very, very niche dreams The Peabody Hotel in Arkansas has a full-time duck master on site

The role began in 1940 when a drunken former manager of the hotel had one too many Tennessee whiskeys and decided to release a flock of ducks into the hotel’s lobby fountain in order to prank fellow coworkers The event made news and shortly afterwards, a former circus trainer offered to help teach the local ducks to march to the fountain each day in the now-famous “duck march” Ever since then, the duck master has been a revered job at the hotel The role has become so popular that a Peabody Duckmaster’s blog has been set up in order to keep fans of the beloved ducks in the loop 3) Professional Mourner Nobody likes a funeral

That is unless you’re taking that funeral to the bank… Professional Mourners or Moirologists are actors hired by family members to grieve at funerals and wakes The job is covert, with the mourners playing the part of someone who genuinely knew the deceased It’s basically an acting gig, with mourners being required to cry on demand, mingle with other people at funerals or wakes and show support for the dead This sad, but real job is usually done when the family of the deceased fear not many people would show up otherwise This work is old in places like China, where concepts like honour are so important it could be considered losing face if not enough people showed up your funeral

But it’s also becoming increasingly popular in the West In fact, actress Diane Kruger, known for her roles in Inglorious Basterds and Troy was actually a professional mourner from the age of 12, to which she says sparked her interest in an acting career 2) Underwater Pizza Delivery Person This niche job started with a man in down in Florida Meet Andy Ball, scuba instructor and the closest thing pizza delivery guys have to a superhero Well, I guess except Frankie Muniz in that terrible terrible movie

Andy delivers pizzas, via an airtight plastic box, 28 feet under the sea and drops them off to the Jules Undersea Lodge via an air duct The novelty restaurant then serves up his subnautical slices to hungry customers On his journey, Andy has to use a 40-pound weight in order to counteract the buoyancy of the airtight box He also has to keep the box level otherwise your pizza will end up with a pizza that’s half pepperoni, half seafood: and not in a good way Actually, I’m not sure there is a good way to have seafood pizza

There have been occasions where the water has gotten into the box, but Andy says that this is a rarity The hotel costs around $400 per night, so you might need to save up if you want a pizza to go with it Plus when he’s travelling that, far you really should tip Andy 1) Legal Bank Robber Since 1992, Jim Stickley has robbed over 1,000 banks Everyone knows this, yet he’s never faced even a minute of jail

That’s because he’s not a master criminal, but a freelance security tester whose full-time profession is breaking into banks and report their security issues back to them Although Jim arranges these break-ins with the higher-ups in advance, regular bank employee’s have no idea he’s not a legitimate customer His usual tactic is to dress up as a workman and con employees into taking him into a vault Although, he’s also been known to dress up as a fireman and a pest control employee to break in Once inside, Jim uses keyloggers to hack into the localised computer system and steal credit card numbers

Impressively, in the 27 years, he’s been breaking into banks, Jim’s never been caught He now runs his own organisation called ‘Stickley on Security’ that attempts to reduce the amount of financial fraud and robberies in everyday life, all based on his experiences as a bank robber

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