10 Weirdest News Stories Of 2015

Top 10 Weirdest News Stories of 2015 10) Police arrest a parrot A parrot named Hariyal was detained by Indian police after persistently verbally abusing an 85 year old woman The owner, Suresh Sakharker had trained his parrot to curse at his stepmother during an on-going dispute over land and property

Officials called all three parties into the police station, but the parrot kept silent whilst in custody Despite keeping silent, the parrot was handed over to forestry officials, as there is no law to imprison parrots Source: Huffington Post 9) Tendons crushed by Candy Crush A 29-year-old man hit the news after he suffered an injury from playing too much Candy Crush The Californian ruptured the tendon in his left thumb after he had played the popular mobile-phone game all day, everyday for 6 weeks straight The injury is usually quite painful, however the man felt no pain, prompting a study investigating whether playing video games can be a painkiller, due to the endorphins released when we play them

Source: ABC News 8) Woman uses breasts as weapons An Australian woman hit the headlines this year by assaulting a police officer with a rather unusual weapon…her breastmilk The woman was arrested on a warrant and sent to the police station to be strip-searched Whilst she was naked on the top half, she grabbed her own breast and squirted milk onto the arms and face of the police officer patting her down She faces a maximum penalty of 18 months in jail or an $18,000 fine for the crime

Source: Huffington Post Source: Standard 7) Labrador guns down its owner Allie Carter, a 25-year old from Indiana, was hospitalised after her pet dog shot her with a gun Allie had been hunting waterfowl, and upon her return, left her 12-gauge shotgun on the ground without the safety on Her chocolate Labrador stepped on it, and released the trigger, shooting her in the foot and causing her toe injuries Perhaps the dog was just living up to his name…Trigger

Source: Huffington Post 6) Man VS Armadillo A man from Texas had his plans quite literally backfire after a bullet he shot at an armadillo ricocheted off the animal and back to his head The incident occurred at 3am in the morning after the armadillo walked onto the man’s property The man was airlifted to hospital and had his jaw wired shut after the incident but made a full recovery, however the welfare of the armadillo remains unknown The story gained larger attention online when British comedian Ricky Gervais started tweeting #Karmadillo Source: Huffington Post 5) Worst Car Thief Ever A failed car thief hit the news in November when CCTV footage of him failing to steal a Porsche went viral

The footage shows him cutting open the soft-top roof with a knife and jumping in when the coast was clear A couple of minutes later he jumps back out, realizing he doesn’t know how to drive off without a key and walks off Later in the day he lowered his expectations and stole a pair of sweatpants instead 4) Cyclist attacked by Aliens In August, a granddad blamed aliens for his bike crash The man was taking a nighttime bike ride in Veracruz, Mexico, and claimed that he was knocked off of his bike when an unidentifiable craft came too close to him

He stated that UFOs were trying to kidnap him, so he crashed into the bushes to avoid capture The man suffered from minor head injuries but states that he is now too scared to venture outside in fear of UFO return Source: Express 3) Woman shoots herselfie A Russian woman was left in critical condition after she accidentally shot herself in the head whilst taking a selfie A security guard had left his 9mm handgun on a desk in her office whilst on holiday The woman saw a photo opportunity, raised the gun to her temple, but accidentally pulled the trigger

The security guard faces 6 months in prison for negligent weapon possession The incident prompted Russia to release leaflets warning citizens of the dangers of taking selfies Source: Independent 2) Pain in the Ass A man in China got into a battle with his hemorrhoids, which left him with a sword up his butt The man was reportedly too embarrassed to seek medical care for his hemorrhoids and so used a 15cm toy sword to try to remove the hemorrhoids himself Unfortunately he slipped in the process, and the sword got stuck

The man was taken to hospital to get the sword removed, however, during examination, doctors informed him that he did not in fact have hemorrhoids, just a strong itch Source: Express 1) Man gets intimate with a camper van A man was caught trying to have sex with a camper van in a popular holiday town after a 15 year old girl heard his strange noises outside her window Initially thinking someone was trying to break into the house, the teenage girl alerted her grandma who spotted the naked man on her fully-lit street performing a sex act on the caravan

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