10 Weirdest States in the US

10 Weirdest States in the USA 10) Texas Everything’s bigger in Texas But is it weirder too? Well, judging by some of the laws on the books there: it could well be

For starters, It's completely legal to shoot and kill BigFoot if you see him in Texas But it’s illegal to own a copy of the Encyclopedia Britannica, presumably because it promotes book-learnin’ Or fart on an elevator Actually, I’m totally for that last one No wonder Texas has weird laws though, look at who they’re sending into government

This is also the state that elected the Zodiac Killer, Rick “Brain Fart” Perry, and the guy who thinks wind turbines are bad because, if the turbines use it all up, we might run out of wind If you want a level for how weird things get in Texas, just realise that there are more pet tigers in Texas than there are wild tigers in the world That’s a LOT of people being allowed to adopt stripy murder cats 9) South Carolina There’s a lot of weird things about the lower of the Carolinas But one consistently strange thing is just how protectionist some of the laws in this “freedom-loving” southern state are

For instance, it’s illegal for tattoo artists to give anyone a face or neck tattoo In fact, tattoos in general are thought of as uncouth Which is a shame, because I’ve got a sick tramp stamp of the AllTime10s team on my lower back In other weirdly controlling laws, it’s illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to play pinball unsupervised Yep, South Carolina doesn’t want kids playing what is essentially a kids game

Presumably, they’re scared pinball is a gateway parlour game, and eventually, the youth will move onto harder stuff like bagatelle and skeeball What ARE people allowed to do in South Carolina? Well, they can go to the annual World Grits Festival and roll around in a pool of wet, gruelly corn Or they can do a dance hilariously called “the shag” Yep, don’t bring your tats or pinball into SC, but wanna shag in the streets and that’s totally cool Yep, don’t bring your tats or pinball into SC, but wanna shag in the streets and that’s totally cool

8) Alaska Though technically a US state, Alaska is actually a snowy hellscape populated exclusively by oil barons and moose murderers It’s like Canada, if you took away every single nice thing about Canada and replaced it with more snow And being stuck out on their own in the tundra, it’s not surprising these guys have developed some weird traditions Since the 1800s, the town of Nenana in Alaska has had a tradition of gambling on when the local river will melt And if slowly watching ice melt isn’t fun enough for you, you can always go ice sledding or visit the Aurora Ice Museum

These guys just really love ice, don’t they? It’s not just the traditions that are strange in Alaska Some of the laws are just daft Like the one that reminds Flamingo owners that they’re forbidden from bringing their bird into barbershops If you think you can keep a flamingo alive in Alaska, good luck Still, it’s not all bad for the animals

You can shoot moose all you want, but it’s a crime to push one out of a plane 7) Louisiana Once a French territory, Louisiana has always had its own culture, unique from the rest of the US states But these crazy Cajans might be even stranger than you realised Mardi Gras has given New Orleans the reputation of being a party town Although no-one threw me any beads

And I flashed my nipples All three of them Regardless, the state has to have a load of laws limiting just how crazy revellers can get Snakes are not allowed within 200 yards of the Mardi Gras parade route Taxi drivers are forbidden from making love in the front seat of their cab while on duty

Although the law doesn’t say anything about doing it in the back seat, or when off-duty And it’s illegal to tie an alligator to a fire hydrant Which, that’s not so much a bad law as a law that shouldn’t need to exist Ever But even such a wild state respects sleep

Apparently, it's illegal to snore in Louisiana unless all the bedroom windows are closed and securely locked 6) Utah There is one weird law that traditionally always separated Utah from the rest of the United States: the legalisation of polygamy But that law has been repealed, as has the practice of turning a blind eye towards Morman families having masses of sister-wives Still, there’s plenty of weird things still going on in this corner state Just recently, a man was arrested for playing the trumpet while driving

And a loose typo caused a county government in Utah to accidentally value a local house at $1 billion The house should have been worth $300,000, but apparently, a clerk dropped his phone on the keyboard while filing the information Now taxes across the entire state may have to go up to offset the costs of the mistake I bet those homeowners wish they’d sold their house before the mistake was spotted In more local government weirdness, in 2000 the city of Virgin in Utah passed an ordinance mandating that every citizen own a gun

5) California If California were its own country, its economy would be the 5th largest in the entire world, ahead of our one here in Britain Nearly 40 million people live in California, and with that many people in one place: you’re gonna get a few weirdos Like the man who stole an ambulance and fled the police in it, but still made the time to stop for cigarettes Or the woman who got in a fight with a McDonald's employee because they didn’t give her enough ketchup Or Gwyneth Paltrow

With so much weirdness going on, maybe it's not surprising this state elected an Austrian bodybuilding action hero to try and sort things out Amazingly, that didn’t work Partly because Schwartzy was too busy knocking up the help Still, Arnold’s tenure as Governor didn’t make things much weirder There were already plenty of weird laws on the books in the state, like it being illegal for a woman to drive a car while wearing a housecoat

Or it being illegal to wear cowboy boots unless you won two or more cows 4) Arizona Like Florida, Arizona has a reputation of being the place people go when they want to retire And don’t worry, we’ll talk about Florida soon enough But either Arizona’s retirees have made a bad choice of location to settle down or they’re getting up to some weird stuff Because Arizona is one of the strangest states in the entire United States

Here are just a few of the news stories we dug up from Arizona: “Phoenix squatter demands to speak with Floyd Mayweather after arrest”, “Cop finds thief stealing from arcade machine with his arm still inside”, and “Burglar Arrested wearing clothes he stole from two-year-old” On top of all that, the state is apparently always being visited by aliens UFO sightings are weirdly commonplace in Arizona, from the famous Phoenix Lights incident to recent extraterrestrial footage released by the Pentagon Maybe the aliens also just want somewhere warm to retire 3) Tennessee When you’re home to Memphis AND Nashville, you’re gonna have a pretty great musical pedigree That’s presumably part of the reason why Tennessee has not one, not two, not three, not four…

Okay, I could do this for a while: it has 7 official state songs And entire musical genres aren’t the only thing this wacky state has gifted the world It’s also the place that invented the most important hobby on Earth: mini-golf Tennessee’s commitment to the arts is so serious that it’s actually illegal to share your Netflix password with anyone else because the state wants you to support artists Although they might change their mind if they watched Sextuplets

Not every creative decision made in Tennessee is so positive though In 2014, a 25-year-old man named Zachery Logsdon made national headlines when he decided to fake his own kidnapping He created a fake ransom note from his “captives” and sent it to his mother asking for a ransom However, tragically, his own mother refused to pay up and scheme failed The saddest part? He’d only asked for $200

2) Florida Do I even need to explain this one? Florida is like a science experiment to see what happens when you force bitter Cuban exiles, rednecks, meth heads, swamp people, and retirees all to live together And the results of that experiment? A never-ending stream of crazy, “Florida Man” news stories Who can forget the time Florida man broke INTO jail so he could hang out with his buddies? Or the time a Florida man was arrested trying to run to Bermuda in an inflatable bubble The best part of that news story… it was the second time police had to stop him trying the feat It’s not just Florida man either

A woman in the state burned down one of the oldest trees in the world because she was cooking meth inside And where else in the world would the local sheriff’s office have to issue a statement warning people not to fire bullets into Hurricane Irma, because residents thought they could “shoot down” the hurricane Perhaps nothing sums up Florida better than this fact: it’s the only state where they had to pass a law reminding people it’s illegal to have relations with a porcupine 1) Ohio Yes, everyone knows Florida is nuttier than a squirrel’s wet dreams But Ohioans should be grateful that America’s swamp takes all that heat for being weird

Because it distracts people from just how full-on mental their state is Just in 2018, Ohio brought us news stories in which a woman stabbed her boyfriend because he ate all the salsa, someone called the police on a kid mowing the lawn, and one man broke into a stranger's flat to eat their Easter candy Luckily not all the state’s oddballs are so dangerous Some of them just like to dress up like medieval knights and hang around the town square Or steal 500 of their neighbourhood’s yard signs

Wacky laws on the books here include a full ban on electric fences and it being illegal to hunt for whales in the state’s rivers But, only on Sunday Not that you would be able to fish for whales or much of anything in Ohio Their most river, Cuyahoga in Cleveland, made headlines in 1969 for being so polluted it actually caught fire Yep, between the Cuyahoga River and Browns, there are two trash fires in Cleveland

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