10 Weirdest Things On Wikipedia

10 The List of DAFT The list of DAFT is a special section of Wikipedia dedicated to ‘Deleted Articles with Freaky Titles’

These are articles which were deleted from the website, but which Wikipedia deemed ‘too wonderfully-named not to keep some sort of a record of’ 9 Wikipedia Policies If you want to contribute to Wikipedia, then there are some pretty weird policies that you’re expected to follow Take for instance its “no curses” policy, which requires that you ‘do not curse the community of a Wikimedia project, or target them with any malevolent hex, seal, spell, or enchantment’ Wikipedia also requests ‘No climbing the Reichstag dressed as Spider-Man’, which is a reminder to editors not to get arrogant when discussing the content of a Wikipedia article, or else you could get blocked from the site

8 Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo One of the weirdest Wikipedia articles that you can listen to is ‘Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo’ It may sound like a confusing jumble of the same word – but as the narrator of the article explains through his repetition of the word ‘Buffalo’ over and over again, this is in fact a grammatically correct sentence When you break it down, the sentence means: Buffalo from the city of Buffalo, that the buffalo from Buffalo bully, are bullying buffalo from the city of Buffalo 7

Scottish Wikipedia Walcome tae Wikipaedia! There are 288 language editions of Wikipedia, with articles written in everything from Catalan to Tongan and Māori But did you know there’s also a Scots Wikipedia – this is not to be confused with Gaelic Wikipedia It has over 31,000 articles, and the words are spelled so that you just cannae help but talk in a Scottish accent when you read them 6 The Religion of Wikipedia It’s the 6th most popular website in the world, receiving 500 million views every month, but for those who really love Wikipedia, there’s even a religion where you can worship it, through the ‘Really Reformed Church of Wikipedia’

The religion is loosely based on Christianity – ‘followers’ abide by the Ten Commandments, and believe in the ‘Holy Trinity’ of co-founders Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger, and super Wiki editor, Maveric149 There’s even a Wiki Lord’s prayer that you’re expected to recite in a declaration of faith to Wikipedia Amen 5 ‘Silly Things’ Wikipedia has over 4

8 million English articles, 73,000 active editors, and all article vandalism is reverted within 5 minutes, making the site as accurate as Encyclopedia Britannica But it does have a mischievous side Wikipedia’s ‘Silly Things’ page consists of all sorts of nonsense that has been kept for ‘humorous purposes’ This includes the website's theme song, ‘Hotel Wikipedia’ – as sung to the Eagles classic, ‘Hotel California’ – a section called ‘Bad Jokes and other Deleted Nonsense’, and the much-needed Wikipedia article about the Wikipedia article about George Bush 4

Wikipedia Hoaxes Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia than anyone can edit, so it's seen its fair share of hoaxes Still up there is ‘The Royal House of Hamsteria’, a sovereign state consisting of a nation of hamsters The site’s most elaborate hoax is the ‘Bicholim conflict’, a 4 and a half thousand-word article about a fictional war between Portugal and the Indian Maratha Empire The ‘Bicholim Conflict’ was taken down after 5 and a half years on the site – but not before it received the status of ‘Good Article’, which is an honor granted to less than 1% of all Wikipedia articles 3

Wikipedia Lists Sometimes Wikipedia’s lists get a bit out of hand There’s the ‘List of humorous units of measurement’, the ‘List of sexually active popes’ and even the headache-y ‘List of list of lists’ There’s also the ‘List of really, really, really stupid article ideas that you really, really, really should not create’, which advizes contributors to avoid writing articles about the ‘Weather in London’, ‘Exploding whales’, ‘the street you live on’ and ‘anything you saw on YouTube’ – all of which are genuine articles that exist on the site 2 List of Animals with Fraudulent Diplomas One of Wikipedia’s less useful articles is its ‘List of Animals with Fraudulent Diplomas’, which is a page designated to animals that have been submitted as applicants for academic diplomas, and successfully granted degrees

It turns out that lots of owners are submitting their pets for degrees, to demonstrate the sloppy standards of academic institutions When housecat Colby Nolan received a business administration degree in 2004 he managed to spark a fraud prosecution against the issuer, Dallas’ Trinity Southern University 1 Experiments in the Revival of Organisms Perhaps the most disturbing video on Wikipedia is ‘Experiments in the Revival of Organisms’, a Frankenstein horror show from 1940 Soviet Russia, which resurrects the organs of dead animals In this ‘educational’ film, Russian scientists dismember dogs and attach their body parts to machines that revive them

The highlight of the film is when a decapitated dog’s head is kept alive and conscious by an arterial pump

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