10 Weirdest Things You Can Buy Online

10 Weirdest Things Ever Sold Online NUMBER 10: A SERIAL KILLER’S FINGERNAILS Disturbingly, many murderers attract a devoted following of fans These individuals obsess over famous killers, writing to them and idolizing them for their heinous crimes

Serial killer Roy Norris attracted such a following He is currently serving a life sentence in prison in California for the kidnap, rape and murder of five teenage girls in the 1970s, along with his criminal partner Lawrence Bittaker To benefit from his fan base, Norris began a business, selling his own fingernail clippings for $10 each on eBay Sources: Seattle Times, whattheheckcom, Murderpedia

NUMBER 9: HALF A KILOGRAM OF FAT With obesity affecting more than 35% of American adults, weight-loss tips and products are big sellers online A particularly gruesome weight-loss tool is now available on Amazon… in the form of a 500g replica of human body fat, costing $23 The fat is meant to be a motivation device, reminding owners of the dangers of maintaining an unhealthy lifestyle One reviewer stated that they placed it in the front of the fridge, by their plate at meals, and even took it with them to restaurants to motivate them to eat healthily Sources: National Institute of Health, Amazon, Oddee

NUMBER 8: AN IMAGINARY FRIEND In 2007 eBay user ‘thewildandcrazyoli’ launched an online auction selling a very bizarre commodity: his childhood imaginary friend The 27-year-old explained that he felt as though he had outgrown his imaginary friend, who he called Jon Malipieman The seller described Jon as ‘very friendly’ and offered to send a list of his likes and dislikes to the successful bidder, as well as a photo of him 31 bids later, Jon sold for a whopping $3,000 Sources: Metro, Digital Journal, Hub Pages

NUMBER 7: FACE SLIMMER Amazon offers many beauty products designed to make you feel younger and more glamorous Among the weirdest beauty products available is the Bigan Beauty Face Expander, which claims to slim a woman’s face when used for just 3 minutes a day Users place the rubber face-slimmer in their mouths and make various vowel sounds, exercising their facial muscles It claims to work on the cheeks, chin, and ‘other areas of the face that sag with age’ The product costs approximately $5 and is particularly popular in Asia

Sources: Amazon, Japan Trend Shop, Trend Hunter NUMBER 6: ANIMAL POO From evil ex-partners to noisy neighbors, the internet can supply you with revenge products to get back at all your enemies In recent years, sites have cropped up around the web, offering to anonymously mail animal poo to those who have wronged you, or friends who you want to prank Cow, elephant, and even gorilla dung are all available to be shipped to your victim’s door, via sites such as poopsenderscom or shitexpress

com Sources: Poopsenders, Shitexpress, Dangerous Minds NUMBER 5: A PART OF THE MOON Numerous websites, including lunaregistrycom, offer people the opportunity to purchase land on the moon For $32 you can buy 4,000 square meters of land on the moon

You’ll also receive a deed certificate, a satellite photograph of your land, and geographic information to help you locate it with a telescope However, legislation surrounding the moon – and who has the right to sell parts of it – is unclear It is likely that this product is more of a gimmick than it is a legally binding investment Sources: Bitter Empire, Luna Registry, Moon Estates NUMBER 4: POT FOR PETS Medical marijuana is now legal in 24 US states and, as a result, the online market for the drug is currently flourishing

And this isn’t just for human consumption – ‘Pot for Pets’ is becoming increasingly popular Sold in capsules and biscuits, you can buy a bag of 40 ‘treats’ for $22 online Each capsule contains 1 milligram of cannabis, which is the recommended dosage for a 9 kilogram animal The drugs are designed for elderly and ailing pets as pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medicines Sources: ABC News, The Guardian

NUMBER 3: THE RIGHTS TO NAME A WOMAN’S BABY When Melissa Heuschkel [Hew-shkull] gave birth to her fourth child in 2005, she saw an opportunity for an unusual business venture She sold the rights to name her daughter on eBay, raising a staggering $15,100 The rights were bought by online casino GoldenPalacecom, making her name ‘Golden Palace Benedetto’, or ‘Goldie’ for short The casino also paid a man $4,550 to have their website address tattooed onto his stomach

Sources: Mirror, Golden Palace Events, PR Newswire NUMBER 2: HUMAN SKULLS Website ‘SkullsUnlimitedcom’ claims to be the world’s leading supplier of osteological specimens The company boasts a spine-chilling array of animal bones, including – creepily – human body parts The bones are sold for a number of purposes, ranging from education and theatrical props to macabre personal collections

The average human skull on the website sells for around $1,500, with whole skeletons priced at approximately $4,800 All of the bones sold have been legally and ethically sourced Sources: Skulls Unlimitedcom, Medical Models Online NUMBER 1: URANIUM Uranium, the radioactive element used in nuclear reactors, is actually available to buy on Amazon for $3995

The product’s description states that it’s solely to be used for educational and scientific purposes, such as testing Geiger counters Still, it’s somewhat worrying that consumers do not need a license to buy it The sample is available on Amazon because it is only slightly radioactive and would therefore be safe to handle However, if it were crushed into a powder, it would be incredibly dangerous if inhaled Sources: Amazon

com, Royal Society of Chemistry, Federation of American Scientists

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