10 Worst Business Decisions Of All Time

10 ‘New Coke’ In 1985 Coca-Cola rebranded to ‘Coke’ and changed its 99-year-old recipe

Coca-Cola got 400,000 complaints & after their market share fell to 14% they changed back within 87 days 9 Fox Sells Star Wars In 1977 20th Century Fox signed over all its Star Wars merchandising rights to George Lucas for just $20,000 Today two-thirds of Star Wars’ $30 billion value is from merch sales

8 Blockbuster Rejects Netflix In 2000 Blockbuster declined a struggling Netflix’s offer to buy them out for $50 million 14 years later Blockbuster shuts all 9,000 of its stores & Netflix is now worth $900 million 7 Mars Rejects E

T In 1981 Mars Company declined the offer to feature M&M's in ‘ET’ in return for promoting the film on the wrapper Instead, rivals Reese’s Pieces featured & Reese’s sales shot up 65% 6

The Telephone Patent In 1876 communications company Western Union turned down a $100,000 offer for the telephone patent They said that the telephone was an ‘electrical toy’ with ‘no commercial possibilities’ 5 George Lucas Sells Pixar In 1986 Steve Jobs bought Pixar from Lucasfilm for $5 million 20 years later Disney bought Pixar for almost 1500 times more: $7

4 billion 4 Kodak's Digital Camera Kodak created the first digital camera in 1975 but kept quiet as they feared it would hurt their control of the film market When sales plummeted, they declared bankruptcy in 2012 3

Apple Co-founder Sells Shares Apple co-founder Ron Wayne sold his shares for the company in 1976 for just $800 By 1977 sales were already at $27 million & today his shares would be worth $35 billion 2 Decca Turns Down The Beatles In 1962 the Beatles gave a 2-hour audition for Decca Records

Weeks later Decca finally got in touch & rejected them because, apparently, ‘four-piece groups with guitars are finished’ 1 Yahoo Rejects Google Yahoo has rejected Google – twice The first time was in 1997 for $1 million & then again in 2002 for $5 billion Today Google is worth ten times more Yahoo, at $350 billion

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