10 Worst CGI Movie Scenes

10 Worst CGI In Movies 10 Star Wars Special Edition Okay, look

We all know that Star Wars lost its way in the nineties and noughties Whether it was the bloated plot, midichlorians, Jar Jar, Anakin, Jar Jar or pretty much everything about Episode 2 Also Jar Jar But one of the worst crimes against the franchise came from the 1997 special edition remaster George Lucas made quite a few mistakes in his pursuit to update the story with the magic of cgi, but the most egregious has to be THIS scene featuring a new introduction for Jabba The Hutt

And by new, I mean that it was deleted from the original cut If you thought Jabba looks awkwardly pasted into the scene, you’d be right That’s because the original scene predated the idea of slug Jabba and featured Declan Mulholland as the intergalactic crime boss Because of that, it’s pretty obvious how the CGI has been composed to work around the bodily differences between humans and Hutts, including this shoddy moment where Han steps on his tail So whether you’re a fan of the new films or not, just be glad they’re better than this

9 Air Force One The mid-1990s was the heyday for Hollywood blockbusters There’s Independence Day, Jurassic Park, Point Break, Speed the list could go on forever Political thriller Air Force One sits firmly in that canon, and to this day it still stands up as a pretty highly regarded film Certified fresh you might even say US President Donald Trump even considers one of his favourite films because Harrison Ford “stood up for America” The film follows Ford as President of the United States, who takes on terrorists after they hijack his official plane – hence the title

But despite all the stuff it has going for it, there’s one major flaw that’s pretty hard to overlook: this scene According to Richard Edlund, the film’s visual effects supervisor, unrealistic demands on other parts of the film meant that they had nowhere near enough time to make the set-piece scene what it needed to be As a result, we’re left with a blockbuster climax that looks like it’s straight out of a PS2 cutscene 8 Spawn Nowadays the film landscape is awash with superheroes, and they’re almost always chock-full with state of the art special effects

But long before Endgame, long before the Dark Knight and a little bit before Spider-Man, there was Spawn This relic of 1997 saw a murdered black ops soldier sell his soul to the devil so he could see his family again, in exchange for leading the armies of hell… which he doesn’t do Obviously, he’s the hero of the story That’s all well and good, except for the fact pretty much nothing in the film is anywhere near well and good In fact, pretty much every element, from the plot to the screenplay, is a bit rubbish

But by far the worst aspect is the CGI, with this hell-centric scene in particular As you can see, the background looks like it was rendered on an N64 and the devil looks like a diseased punk-rock Chihuahua According to Panels on Pages, legend has it that the VFX team ran out of money and got the job done using a model from American Werewolf in Paris Well, werewolf or not, it scared me right off 7

I am Legend 2006’s I Am Legend is a pretty tragic film And no, I’m not talking about the scene with the dog I… I’m still not ready to talk about that after 13 years I’m talking about the tragedy of starting so well and ending so poorly For the first act of the film, we see Will Smith finding his way in a tense, foreboding world that makes your skin shudder at the thought of what could be hiding in the dark… and then you see them

Translucent looking CGI models stretched over motion capture suits That’s not to mention the abysmal final act where Smith looks like he’s under siege by angry crash test dummies But that almost wasn’t the case According to director Francis Lawrence, the plan was to use practical makeup effects and have their superhuman abilities portrayed by dancers and parkour runners Unfortunately, that didn’t quite achieve what they wanted, since y’know, humans don’t have superhuman abilities, so they had to go back to the drawing board at the 11th hour

Lawrence says that shift meant they had barely any time to get the desired result It shows, sadly 6 Black Panther I’m not going to stand here and tell you that a 2018 blockbuster with a 200 million dollar budget looks like absolute garbage Just partial garbage

For all of Ryan Coogler and Marvel’s accomplishments with this movie, from the casting to the social impact, there are some parts of the story of Wakanda that just look AWFUL For one thing, the rhinos look like they’ve been pasted in I mean, would anyone call that lick convincing? [show scene of Rhino licking Okoye] But worst of all, the underground fight between T’Challa and Killmonger really does just look like two proof-of-concept models duking it out The reason such shoddy work comes from such an expensive project is that even 200 million dollars can’t cover the sheer amount of VFX that goes into modern films According to Upcoming VFX Movies, the number of VFX shots in modern movies has more-than-doubled to between 1,000 and 2,000 since the start of the century

That means that, even with a DOZEN companies working on Black Panther’s CGI, the whole process was squeezed and left VFX artists submitting unfinished work to meet deadlines 5 The Lawnmower Man Pretty much as soon as Stephen King writes something, the film industry falls over itself to make an on-screen adaptation, master of horror that he is Now, there are a lot of ways that can go, but no adaptation has ever been handled quite like 1992’s The Lawnmower Man Originally a pretty sparse lawn mower-related horror short, which is weird enough itself, New Line Cinema’s adaptation was an almost completely unrelated story about Virtual Reality with a few passing references and King’s name attached, which he decided to sue over

Even so, the CGI imagery involved in creating the VR landscape was pretty revolutionary for the time, but boy oh boy do they look crummy now I mean, just what is going on here? [Show this clip] But I can’t knock the film too hard It went on to set the scene for discussions about virtual reality to this day Not to mention that the VFX team went onto become video game studio Rockstar San Diego, so they clearly knew their stuff That said, the end result speaks for itself

4 Deep Blue Sea Shark movies are a particularly tough genre to get your teeth into as a filmmaker Of course, there’s Jaws, but the pickings are pretty slim after that So much so that 1999’s Deep Blue Sea is one of the most successful movies in the genre All in all, it’s a pretty conventional B-movie style flick

You know the story – scientists mess with animal DNA to cure diseases, they go haywire and threaten to let themselves loose on the wider world This time it just happens to be sharks Even so, you would think an $82 million budget would lead to some high-quality shark scenes, and that’s largely the case with the real an animatronic animals used But in one particular scene, Samuel L Jackson meets a grisly fate at the hands of a CGI monstrosity

In seconds, we see the actor turn from a fully realized person to a crude digital mannequin in the mouth of a shiny grey blob of computerized rubber It’s the height of unnecessary effects, just have him say m***** f***** and pull him into the water Job done 3 The Amazing Bulk Everyone knows the Incredible Hulk, and some of you might remember the pretty rubbish effects in the 2003 standalone movie

Well, if you thought that was a visual effects failure, just wait until you see the Amazing BULK According to director Lewis Schoenbrun, it was designed to be a real-life movie in a comic book setting He achieved that effect, if you could use the word “achieve”, by filming the entire movie in front of a green screen and using stock CGI throughout This cinematic not-quite-marvel, astonishingly made in 2012, is supposedly a parody However, it’s not so clear that’s actually the case when you watch it, since it’s SO poorly made that you’re left struggling what classifies as parody, besides the kind of similar plot

But worst of all is the Bulk itself The titular monster spends a good deal of its screen time running in the same absurd way, almost like he’s a little bit shy, whether it's knocking over cars in the city or evading helicopters in the desert But hey, with such notoriety on a $14,000 budget, I bet it still made a tidy profit Cha-ching 2

Birdemic When discussions come up about “the worst film of all time”, there are two flicks that are BOUND to make the list The first is The Room, obviously The other is Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds Wait, that can’t be right, let me check my notes The other is James Nguyen’s Birdemic: Shock and Terror

Made exclusively at weekends by a software salesman, Nguyen couldn’t get his work shown at the Sundance film festival, so he drove around outside in a car covered in fake blood, signs and a plastic eagle to promote it Apparently, it worked! This movie has a lot of problems, whether it’s the script, the production quality or the absolutely nonsensical plot But the number one flaw has to be the visual effects Throughout the feature, we see a flurry of flying fiends torment the cast, but they don’t look like real birds They don’t look like a bad attempt at real birds either

They just look like low-quality gifs But hey, with a ten thousand dollar budget and such a great story behind it, I’ll give it a pass 1 The Mummy Returns If you were going to guess the contents of this video, I’d bet quite a bit of money that The Mummy Returns was on your list It’s not because of scenes like the chase through London or Imhotep’s face in the water, though they’re pretty bad too

No, it’s the singular fault of this CGI rendering of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as The Scorpion King As soon as he appears to the audience, it’s plainly obvious how badly he sticks out of the frame with his smooth, rubber-like skin He looks like he belongs in a cheap Pixar knockoff, not a live-action feature It’s so off-putting But in all fairness to this monstrosity, the reason it looks so awful is that it was trying to create a photorealistic human before the process of “subsurface scattering” existed

That’s basically how animators make multi-layered surfaces like skin look real At least they realized not to animate the Scorpion King in the five, yes, FIVE solo movies Probably because they knew no-one would be watching anyway

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