10 Worst Teachers Of All Time

10 Evil Teachers 10) ’Jews are evil’ A high school teacher was placed on leave after asking her students to pretend to be Nazis and write an essay on how ’Jews are evil’ The New York teacher set the assignment to teach her class the art of persuasive writing, by asking pupils to research Nazi propaganda and explain how ‘Jews were the source of all of Germany’s problems’

Some of the students refused to write the essay, accusing the teacher of encouraging anti-Semitism Source: Metro 9) Farting fresh Teacher Elizabeth Davies was banned from teaching for 2 years after she repeatedly sprayed her Asian students with air freshener, telling them they stank of curry Davies, who taught at a Welsh elementary school, in which half of the students were from a Bangladeshi background, was also accused of calling the children "black bastards” Children in Davies’ class as young as three would also be sprayed with air freshener for farting and were forced to wash their hands with pine disinfectant Source: The Guardian 8) Semen cookies A twisted elementary school teacher was jailed after it was revealed that he repeatedly blindfolded his students and made them eat cookies laced with his semen

Mark Berndt, who had taught at the school for more than 30 years, played sick ‘tasting games’ with his young pupils, taking photos of them as he fed them spoons filled with a milky, white liquid One student alleged that Berndt fed her semen-laced cookies on a daily basis, masking the white frosting with sprinkles Source: Mail Online 7) Party Poppers A teacher, who worked in a school for disabled children, got banned from teaching after being found guilty of bullying the vulnerable students In one incident, teacher Tanya Olsen let off a party popper in the face of an autistic child, who had a known fear of loud noises The frightened schoolboy attempted to escape his teacher, but a laughing Olsen ran after him to explode a second popper

Olsen pleaded guilty to causing the boy emotional distress Source: Mail Online 6) Ms Mob Teacher Dru Dehart was arrested for ordering six students to beat up their classmate The attack took place after an argument between Dehart and her student Radravious Williams In an incident that was caught on CCTV, Dehart is seen instructing six teenagers to ’teach him a lesson’ During the attack, Williams was kicked and punched, before being picked up by the neck and forced to apologize to his teacher

Dehart accepted the apology, stating ‘I’ve got my eighth-grade boys on you; you're not so tough now’ Source: West Palm Beach TV 5) Obsessed Elementary school teacher Diane Brimble was banned from teaching after she became obsessed with her 10-year-old pupil Brimble wrote the student love poems, tattooed his name on her chest, and wore a photo of him in her locket On one occasion, Brimble lured the boy to her home in an attempt to seduce him, offering him vodka and showing him sex toys The ordeal left the student so traumatised that he took to self-harming and had to be medicated

Source: Mail Online 4) Baby fight club Day care teacher Kierra Spriggs was convicted of child cruelty after a co-worker alerted child protection services that she was running a baby fight club Teachers at the day care center were accused of systematically mistreating toddlers, including encouraging twin sisters to fight for their entertainment In the trial against Spriggs, she was accused of purposely making the children cry by stepping on their toes and tripping them up if they ran At the trial, parents expressed their frustration at never being able to know the extent of the abuse, as the children were too young to talk Source: Mail Online 3) Spanking Retired Catholic school principal David Standen pleaded guilty to 18 child sex charges after being arrested for abusing male students, while teaching in a private school in Australia

As a teacher in the boarding school, Standen would summon 12-year-old boys to his bedroom under the guise of providing extra tuition Standen would bend the boys over his knee while asking them math problems, smacking and rubbing their bare bottoms if they got the answer wrong Source: The Sydney Morning Herald 2) Teaching tragedy Boarding school teacher Nazia Hussain was arrested for killing her 12-year-old student, when his lifeless body was discovered outside her accommodation Police allege that the boy, Vinay Mahto, was lured to Hussain’s house Hussain was angry that he had a crush on her daughter, who was also taught in the same class

While he was in his teacher’s accommodation, Mahto was brutally assaulted, before being tossed off a balcony His body was found soon after by another teacher, but he quickly succumbed to his injuries in a local hospital Source: Huffington Post, Times of India 1) Spiked Oreos Teacher William Vahey committed suicide when it was discovered that he’d been drugging students with sleeping pills in order to sexually abuse them Vahey, who taught in private international schools across the world, had been abusing male high school students over his 40-year career Taking students on exotic school trips, Vahey would feed his pupils Oreo cookies and soft drinks laced with sedatives, before taking photos of himself sexually abusing them, while they were unconscious

Vahey’s prolific crimes only came to light when his maid handed in his USB drive to police, revealing abuse photos of hundreds of his pupils Source: NY Post, The Guardian

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