10 Worst Trolls In History

10 Worst Internet Trolls 10 DARREN BURTON When someone dies, the respectful thing to do is to give the family and friends some time and space to grieve in peace

That would be the respectful thing, but we’re talking about the internet, so naturally trolls such as Darren Burton exist Under the name “Nimrod Seven”, Burton from Cardiff, Wales, would trawl Facebook for memorial pages to the recently deceased, including Amy Winehouse and Madeline McCann, as well as more personal pages, and leave offensive messages These would often end with the “inventive” term Rot in Piss Because it’s usually rest in peace Geddit? Funny right? Then why isn’t anyone laughing? His fiance Tracey Chapman was also accused of taunting bereaved families online under the alias Percy Aww-ffs, which she denies

When confronted by the BBC in 2012, Burton showed little shame, claiming he was merely exercising his right to free speech When asked if he thought anything for his victims, he had one reply “F*ck em’” 9 LEE RIMELL When being threatened online, most people would either ignore it or head to the police That’s what Nicola Brookes did when she came under attack from a gang of trolls in 2011

There was only one snag though One of the more prominent trolls was himself a policeman Brookes had committed the crime of expressing support for someone on reality TV talent show, The X-Factor For that, she was subjected to nearly a year of trolling including abusive comments, and threats of rape and death The trolls even went so far as to send sexual material to minors in Brookes name, and publish her home address

When Brookes took the matter to the authorities in 2012, Facebook was forced to disclose the identities of the offenders, including police officer Lee Rimell But it’s not just casual ass-holery that Rimell indulged in, as he was accused of hacking Brookes computer to read case sensitive files about him Despite this, no charges were ultimately brought against him 8 MICHAEL JOSEF BASL The internet is a dog eat dog world, and there’s no honour amongst trolls, so it’s not unusual to see two of them go at it against each other

Such was the case of Michael Josef Basl and William Moreno It began in 2010 on the forum Fairfax Underground, where Moreno, by the name of Mr Misery, posted provocative remarks about 9/11 and child molestation This caught the attention of Michael Josef Basl aka Eesh, who began to post that Moreno, aided by his mother, abused children and posted bomb threats in his name

It culminated in a forum message, allegedly from Moreno, that he had killed his family, prompting a terrifying visit from the local SWAT team After his arrest, evidence emerged that Basl Swatted Moreno in the hopes that he would make a wrong move and get killed Basl would go on to lose the case, and was ordered to pay $14 million to the Morenos for stalking, defamation and causing emotional distress 7

JOHN NIMMO In 2016, Brexit fragmented the British public Emotions ran so high that a serving MP, Jo Cox, was assassinated in the street; An event that hadn’t happened since 1990 and the IRA It was in this climate of anger that one troll, called John Nimmo, thought it was the perfect opportunity to start threatening other MPs Three weeks after the assassination, MP for Liverpool Wavertree Luciana Berger received a series of anti-Semitic messages from an anonymous source The source, who would turn out to be John Nimmo from Newcastle, stated that Berger would “get it like Jo Cox”, referring to Berger as “Jewish Scum” and signed off as “Your Friend, the Nazi”

It’s not just Luciana Berger who has suffered from Nimmo’s attention In separate campaigns, Nimmo threatened to blow up mosques and accused female social workers of being paedophiles He was later arrested and jailed for two year and three months, in part because of the severity of the threat in the wake of Jo Cox 6 SEAN DUFFY As we’ve seen, it’s unnaturally popular among trolls to harass the recently bereaved

And Sean Duffy from the UK, in this respect, was no different from his peers What sets him apart was his commitment, not just posting on Facebook, but to producing multimedia to accompany it For example 15 year old Natasha MacBryde was tragically killed when struck by a train in Worcestershire, England in 2011 Duffy, supposedly an adult who should know better, thought it was worth his time and effort to produce a Youtube video with her face superimposed on Thomas the Tank Engine He would take the scumbaggery further by producing a video of a young murder victim with eyes crossed out and slashes across the face

He would later be arrested, but his defence claimed it was his Aspergers, bullying and alcoholism that contributed to his obsession with mocking the dead Jailing Duffy for eighteen weeks, the bench said the offense was so severe that only a custodial sentence would suffice 5 JOHN RAYNE RIVELLO Social media is one of the most important developments in the exchange of ideas since the invention of the telephone In theory it allows for a frank exchange of opinions, enriching one’s perception of the world

In practice it’s another tool to browse cat pictures and cause serious harm Following a heated debate on Fox News in December 2016, Newsweek journalist Kurt Eichenwald defended himself on Twitter from Conservative critics The criticism ranged from simple disagreement to John Rayne Rivello, who Tweeted an image of flashing images and strobing colours, accompanied by a short sentence; “You deserve a seizure for your posts” Eichenwald, a known epileptic, promptly had a seizure Dallas Police Department requested information on the Tweet, which led to the door of Rivello, a former Marine suffering from PTSD Rivello would later be arrested and charged with aggravated assault, and according to a data search on Rivello’s Twitter device, he had even gone so far as to research epileptic triggers to maximise damage 4

REECE ELLIOTT Terrorism, foreign or domestic, is an unfortunate fact of life for many around the world as splintered societies turn on each other to push a message or agenda As with disasters, there’s a select group of, well, douches who exploit this fact for kicks In October 2012 Tennessee teenager Caitlin Tally lost her life in a car accident, and a memorial page was set up on Facebook to post tributes In February 2013 a man from the North of England called Reece Elliott posed as Christos Fixed Gianni, a pupil of Tally’s school, and threatened to kill at least 200 fellow students at Warren County High This occurred two months after the events of Sandy Hook, and 3,000 worried children were kept home until police traced the source of the threat to the UK

Elliott meanwhile saw the publicity the threat was receiving and chose to hand himself into the authorities The troll was convicted in 2013 on one count of threatening to kill, and eight counts of offensive messaging 3 “SCOTT PARKER” Rule number one on the internet is “Don’t Feed the Trolls”, because they thrive on the oxygen of attention However another reason is because the anonymity of the internet means you could be directing your righteous anger at the wrong person

Katie Rife, a news editor for The AV Club, received a series of nasty Facebook messages in January 2018 over an article about Oprah Winfrey’s speculated Presidential bid The sender was called Scott Parker, a bar owner in Arlington Rife published the messages on her Twitter, and within hours Parker received abusive phone calls and e-mails as well as dozens of negative reviews from complete strangers Problem was that the Scott Parker getting the abuse was not the Scott Parker who posted the message Rife’s Scott Parker was a troll who had created a fake Facebook page to send abuse to the real Parker, and when he was ignored, turned instead towards external targets

Rife would eventually apologise for her mistake, but as yet the real troll has not been found 2 WESTBORO BAPTISTS There’s a fine line between religious conviction and deliberately harassing people for attention, but the Westboro Baptists manage it; Blending fire and brimstone rhetoric with modern technology to create a truly toxic form of trolling Members of the church, including founder Fred Phelps wife Margie, have repeatedly praised tragedies as some sign of divine retribution This has included the deaths of Steve Jobs and Cory Monteith, the Oklahoma 2013 tornado, the shootings at Sandy Hook, Orlando and Charleston and 19 firefighters who died battling fires in Arizona

Any event provokes a response from senior church members, riding the coattails of trending hashtags to gain maximum attention They even suggested that the recent royal child should be named Ichabod, meaning the glory of God has departed It’s all very ironic considering they’re using a machine first invented by Alan Turing, a persecuted gay man JOSHUA GOLDBERG Where do you go after the Westboro Baptists? Meet Joshua Goldberg, who managed to progress from run of the mill trolling to the incitement of terrorist attacks on two continents Goldberg was a normal twenty year old Jewish man living in Florida who lived multiple lives online

Starting as a normal troll and using the handles European88 and Michael Slay, he posted racist and white supremacist material on Reddit and The Daily Stormer, and as far back as 2008 had been harassing people in the media Later he would also turn to feminism, when posing as Tanya Cohen, he published feminist articles calling for the abolition of freedom of speech Yet it was as Australi Witness, an Australian Jihadist, that he encouraged like minded Muslims to commit terror attacks in Australia and the US He was so highly regarded in Jihadist circles that when in May 2015 he encouraged followers to attack an anti-Islamic event in Texas, two men did After his arrest, Goldberg claimed he hoped to call the police at the last moment and be hailed a hero

In December 2017 Joshua Goldberg plead guilty to attempted malicious damage and destruction by an explosive

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