The Businesses That Might Not Survive COVID-19

10 Businesses That Might Not Survive Covid-19 10 Private Investigators Okay, I admit that, when you think about businesses damaged by the Coronavirus crisis, your mind doesn’t go to PIs right away

However, according to some research, it looks like private investigators don’t seem to fare too well, right now Of course, worldwide lockdowns have affected many categories of workers, but, when your job is based on stalking people and following them around there’s not much of a job left Additionally, let’s say you still manage to get out in the streets, what’s even the point of that? With most people at home during the day, surveillance can be easily detected As a result, many professionals are seeing their business dropping drastically Private investigator Jerry Hardesty from Brighton, Michigan, is dealing with 90% less work than usual

As he pointed out, many specialists are retired law enforcement or federal agents who still have some financial cushion, during these hard times But what about those who can only rely on private investigations to survive? As always, the small businesses are the one suffering the most 9 Auto Mechanics Okay, this is definitely much more predictable than number 10 Of course, auto mechanics are struggling! Where should we ever go in the middle of a pandemic? And I know you’re gonna say that there’s plenty of people leaving their houses and travelling around their country – have you seen the beaches recently? – and you’re right

BUT, according to automotive services, the majority of us are still careful enough not to risk their health for the sake of the family beach day In a way, it’s comforting to know It’s probably not as comforting for the car industry For them, it means fewer cars on the road, that in turn means no auto repairs are required As reported by The Guardian in a paper from last June, the impact of the coronavirus crisis on manufacturing is expected to cut annual car production volumes by one-third

Meaning, basically, what small businesses are already facing For instance, Ray Fisher, president and executive director of the Automotive Service Association in North Richland Hills, Texas, reports 50% less collision business Good for preservation of human life, but bad for business 8 Airlines And if the car business is at risk, just imagine what damages Covid-19 is causing to worldwide airlines

The aviation industry was one of the first sectors that have been impacted by the Coronavirus from the very beginning, with bans and flights grounded On top of that, people started to postpone any vacations far from home or just avoided planning summer holidays involving air travel And who could blame them? Of course, having to spend your holidays in your small garden – if you’re lucky enough to have one – surrounded by mosquitos in the city summer heat, is nobody’s ideal holiday

On the other hand, taking the risk and enjoying your summer break somewhere else, may turn your trip into your LAST summer holiday ever The impact on airlines has been massive British regional airline Flybe collapsed in the first week of March Trans States Airlines, a Missouri-based regional airline, had already planned to shut down by the end of 2020 However, the coronavirus forced the company to cease all operations way sooner, in April

In the same month, Virgin Australia entered "voluntary administration," the Australian equivalent of bankruptcy 7 Gyms Indeed, these are hard times for fitness addicts too With the rapid spread of the virus, fitness studios around the world had to shut their doors and adjust to a new reality Some gyms reinvented themselves, using creativity and all the means they had

For example, Modo Yoga, with locations in the United States, Canada, Australia and France began offering classes on Instagram Live – Good press, sure, but no income Other studios, such as SoulCycle, temporarily closed all of its locations globally, hoping to reopen soon Of course, it's not easy, and small studios are those hit the hardest Especially since even big companies, like Flywheel, are facing financial collapse

Just think that at the beginning of June, US 24 Hour Fitness announced that it will permanently close more than 100 of its roughly 400 gyms The company cited the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic as the main cause for the crash of the fitness industry Not so hard to believe since, in many counties, like the UK, gyms remain closed On the bright side, you now have the perfect excuse to skip the gym 6

Performing Artists We’ve mentioned already, in another video, how coronavirus has impacted the entertainment industry However, it’s not fair to demote this issue, because, boohoo, poor celebrities, how do they dare to complain, right now? The entertainment industry is also formed by professionals who do their job, like anyone else, to simply pay their bills There are a few categories at risk, even among the performing arts Impersonators, for one thing, have been incredibly damaged by current events Look at the story of Shane Paterson, an Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas, who had seen his work drying up in just a few weeks, without the financial cushion of big-name performers

Like Paterson, many Vegas entertainers had just emerged from the Great Recession’s lingering hit, only to fall into unemployment once again Also, remember that theatres are still closed and, probably, no shows, gigs and concerts will be allowed for a long time And what about buskers? Do you know that, even if many professionals are now slowly coming back to their works, street performers are still not allowed to return to their activities? Some are trying to stage performances online or sell CDs – God, who buys CDs anymore – but, obviously, those aren’t very fruitful 5 Food Delivery Apps Oh, here’s a tricky one

you may think that due to the various lockdown, delivery apps, especially food delivery ones, must smash it Wellapparently they don’t Over the past months, delivery orders have fallen consistently It's a weird worldwe can't stand the idea of losing a sunny day at the beach but, suddenly, we become so overcautious that we can't order delivery food because that's how you get coronavirus Add to that, widespread restaurant closures and the departure of biggest brands, such as McDonald’s and Wagamama, from the apps and the damage is done UK based Deliveroo is axing more than 350 staff or around 15% of its global headcount, while Foodora ceased operations in Canada, in May They’re trying so hard to get back in the game American company Uber Eats, as well as the British Just Eat and Deliveroo have all unveiled incentive packages to restaurants, such as reduced commissions and faster payments However, if you've found yourself full of notifications from these apps , screaming special offers, you should already know that, so far, none of the initiatives has worked

4 Horticulture It’s the plants and flowers business that, probably, has been struck the most I mean, the horticulture sector already has really few seasons of productivity Now, here comes Covid-19 In normal times, garden centres would be flourishing with flowers and people, right now

But, since all non-essential shops closed down, plant growers are seeing their business falling apart Some may saywhy don’t move the activity online? The HTA – Horticultural Trades Association – believes resorting to online sales is not a feasible option

The limited delivery capacity hampers growers' ability to get stock to customers And even if so, planters would put all their efforts for whom? Most weddings are usually celebrated in Spring/Summertime, meaning lots of flower decorations True, however, the virus hit the wedding business too, which caused the cancellations of the majority of 2020’s weddings According to the HTA, if we don't do something quick, up to a third of producers could go bust Put it this way, it kinda makes sense thousands of producers are now demanding government financial assistance – up to £250m, in the UK – to help their industry

3 Steel Industry To be fair the Steel industry – particularly the European Steel industry – was already at risk before the outbreak of Covid-19 Already in mid-January, the European Steel Association stressed out the importance of a European Green Deal to reach the goal of the sustainable and resilient steel industry But, of course, the pandemic didn’t help With manufacturers and construction firms stalled, steel demand has slumped by 50% since March

The European Steel Industry had to lay-off 40% of its workforce, while countries such as China, India, Indonesia and Russia have never stopped So, the risk now is that the Europe market could be soon flooded with cheap steel offers, making the full recovery of the European Steel Industry impossible So, what can we do? According to UK Steel's head of policy and representation Richard Warren, we need a quick solution that delivers liquidity support as quickly as possible – Easy to saynot so much to realize 2 The Fashion Industry 2020 is definitely not a great year for the fashion industry, that is sinking deeper and deeper day by day The coronavirus pandemic had put millions of jobs at risk, with thousands of companies fighting to stay afloat

Normally, spring months are crucial for the fashion sector Many use this time to perfect their wardrobe to be ready for sunny weather and foreign holidays London, Milan, Paris and New York are typically even more crowded than usual, due to fashion shows season Unfortunately, for obvious reasons, fashion weeks have now been halted A few designers and luxury brands tried to broadcast fashion shows online

The very first online show was probably the annual Met Gala fashion event Billy Porter even encouraged people to recreate their favourite red carpet looks at home However, the whole online show turned out to be not as effective as they thought As if, all of this wasn't already enough, by forcing the industry to stop, the pandemic brought up again the need for a more sustainable fashion market For example, did you know that the fashion industry produces about 1

2 billion tonnes of carbon emissions per year? 1 Tattoo Artists With lockdown easing worldwide, many activities are slowly reopening, trying to get back to their normal lives – whatever normal means this year Surprisingly though, among the professions that are still not allowed to perform, there are tattoo shops Why is that surprising? After all, in order to tattoo someone, social distancing is impossible for tattoo artists True

However, it’s also true that tattoo parlours use measures to prevent cross-contamination already in a normal situation Disposable gloves and aprons are a must in the sector You can't open a tattoo shop otherwise This is why tattoo artists are so shocked As pointed out by Elisheba Israel Mrozik, owner of a tattoo shop in Nashville, Tennessee, many tattoo artists are at risk

If you don’t have enough business savvy, or understanding landlords – those mythological creatures – you can be in big trouble UK Tattoo artist Adam Grant, for example, is one of them As a self-employed tattoo artist, Adam received financial support from the government during the lockdown But, now that the lockdown seems over for almost anyone, he's stalled: he has no financial support but he can't work

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