Top 10 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be TRUE

10 Project MK-ULTRA In 1953 the CIA launched a deadly mind-control program

Masked as ‘intelligence research’, they secretly administered LSD to the public and manipulated their mental states The CIA’s ultimate goal was to create a brainwashed assassin programmed to kill Patients were also hypnotized and given electroshock therapy to try and create split personalities that could be used against the Russians in the Cold War But when investigative journalist Seymour Hersh reported illegal CIA surveillance in 1975, the American public were outraged Further government investigations discovered thousands of files on MK-ULTRA and some truly disturbing human experiments

9 Operation Paperclip After WW2 the USA recruited 1,600 Nazi scientists in order to prevent their knowledge falling into Soviet hands The US government claimed that any hired German found to be a former Nazi would be excluded from the program – but this was a sham Instead, hundreds of Nazi technicians were given fake records and offered sanctuary in the USA Some of these Nazis, like Arthur Rudolph and Otto Von Bolschwing helped Hitler to ‘purge Germany of the Jews’

8 CIA Drug Trafficking In 1996 investigative journalist Gary Webb exposed the CIA for facilitating the sale of cocaine to LA street gangs Webb alleged that in the 1980s the CIA targeted drugs to African-American communities – and millions of dollars worth of cocaine funded the CIA’s army in Nicaragua Newspapers influenced by American intelligence, like the LA Times, severely discredited his work With his career ruined, Webb killed himself

9 years later, the LA Times apologized for falsely attacking Webb, and admitted that his allegations had indeed been correct 7 Operation Northwoods In 1962 US military intelligence planned terrorist attacks on its own country US operatives intended to blame these attacks on the Cuban government to justify a war against Cuba The operation involved hijacking planes and bombing US cities, to gain public support against Cuba’s communist leader, Fidel Castro

Operation Northwoods was rejected by the Kennedy administration and forgotten for 40 years It was rediscovered in the early 90s during a surge of interest in JFK’s assassination and provoked outrage from the American public 6 The NSA Files In 2013 computer analyst Edward Snowden revealed that the NSA was accessing tens of millions of Americans’ online records and tracking phone calls – under the pretence of trying to uncover terrorist plots But before the scandal broke, the director of national intelligence James Clapper lied under oath to Congress, when he claimed that the NSA did not collect the data of millions of Americans

Whistle-blower Snowden has since been charged with theft of government property and is seeking asylum in Russia 5 COINTELPRO Peace activists suspected the FBI of infiltrating the anti-war movement – and they were right On March 8th 1971 they broke into an FBI office and stole hundreds of files, which revealed the bureau’s true motives The Counter Intelligence Program was an aggressive, covert operation by the bureau to destroy Communism and the New Left

For nearly 2 decades the FBI sought to intimidate, blackmail, and sometimes even assassinate individuals who threatened to disrupt political order They even targeted Martin Luther King Jr, wiretapping his hotel rooms and trying to persuade him to commit suicide 4 Operation Snow White In the 1970s the Church of Scientology performed one of the largest infiltrations of US government in history

5,000 undercover members raided 136 American agencies to steal documents critical of the church In 1977 former Scientology member Michael Meisner contacted the FBI, suspecting that the Scientology community was involved in criminal activities His suspicions were correct In 1978 the founder of Scientology’s wife, Mary Sue Hubbard, and 10 other conspirators, were found guilty of stealing classified records from the US government To this day, the Church of Scientology denies the existence of the operation

3 Guatemala Syphilis Study Between 1946 and 1948 the USA landed in Guatemala City and secretly infected 1,500 people with syphilis to test the effectiveness of penicillin At least 83 people died in these experiments, which had the approval of The Rockefeller Foundation and Johns Hopkins University America kept quiet for 6 decades until Professor Susan Reverby uncovered the experiment in 2005 Both Rockefeller and Hopkins have denied any connection

However, government officials have since reported that their researches used US taxpayers’ money to pay prostitutes with syphilis to infect unknowing subjects, and bribed others with cigarettes to be injected with the disease 2 Gulf of Tonkin The Vietnam War was started because of a lie On August 2nd 1964 America and North Vietnam engaged in military combat in the Gulf of Tonkin According to official reports, North Vietnam also initiated an attack on August 4th, prompting the USA to respond with military action

Only this second attack never happened In 2005 it was revealed that President Lyndon B Johnson falsely claimed that Vietnam had attacked the USA in order to go to war and declare that South Vietnam was jeopardized by 'communist aggression' 1 Operation Mockingbird In the 1950s the CIA launched a secret campaign to control the media, recruiting top journalists so they would have power over the New York Times, CBS, and Newsweek

By 1953 they influenced over 25 newspapers and radio stations and could promote big business, positive US government messages, and anti-communist agendas They even attempted to buy every copy of a book critical of the CIA, but decided against it when the publisher revealed that this would lead to a second edition being printed After a number of exposés, the US government officially revealed in 1976 that the CIA tried to control public opinion using covert propaganda

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