Top 10 Deadliest Street Drugs

10 Scopolamine AKA Devil’s Breath, Burundanga The streets of Columbia are rife with a zombifying drug called scopolamine

Scopolamine is a tasteless, odorless powder, which is blown into the victim’s face, immediately suppressing their free will, and blocking memories from forming The Nazis and CIA used scopolamine during World War 2 and the Cold War, in the hope that it would act as a truth serum during interrogations But the drug is so powerful that it can also cause hallucinations and respiratory failure Within minutes, victims are under complete control of their assailant People have robbed their own houses, been sexually assaulted, emptied their entire bank accounts, and been abducted on scopolamine

There are 50,000 such incidents each year In 2015 one victim handed over $112,000 in cash to his attackers after inhaling the drug 9 Purple Drank AKA Sizzurp, Lean This lethal cough syrup cocktail was popularized in southern hip-hop communities, and gives the user a euphoric, woozy feeling Purple drank is a mixture of soda, candy, and cold medicine, which contains the morphine derivative, codeine

These high levels of codeine suppress the central nervous system, causing respiratory arrest, heart failure, and seizures The drink is infamously known for killing members of the hip hop community, including producers Big Hawk and DJ Screw, and rapper Pimp C in 2007 8 Crystal Meth AKA Ice, glass, crystal Methamphetamine was first widely used in World War 2, when it was distributed to soldiers to help keep them awake on duty But today America is facing a meth epidemic

Mexican Drug cartels run a $20 billion industry on the habits of the 16 million Americans addicted to this drug When meth is smoked or snorted it gives the user a euphoric high But over time, it causes psychosis, brain damage, and rapid aging Meth is so corrosive that is destroys body tissue, killing 25,000 Americans every year

7 AH-7921 Until recently AH-7921 was legally available in Britain despite mimicking the effects of heroin and having 80% the potency of morphine Made in laboratories in China and India, the synthetic drug could be bought online for as little as $22 The drug is also used as an active ingredient in synthetic cannabis British toxicologist John Ramsey argues that the lack of human testing into the drug makes it particularly dangerous, as its toxicity on humans is unknown

It is known that users injecting AH-7921 into their veins risk gangrene, blood clots, and infections It is also easy to overdose when taking the drug orally, as mixing it with alcohol can lead to a coma or respiratory failure In 2013, AH-7921 killed 68 people, including Jason Nock, who accidentally overdosed on the drug after taking almost 5 times the fatal dose in an attempt to self-cure his insomnia 6 Flakka AKA $5 Insanity For as little as $5 users can snort this synthetic stimulant and experience an aggressive high

Flakka raises the body’s core temperature to 41°C In this hyperthermic state, users experience extreme delirium and paranoia, plunging them into a murderous rage for days at a time Fueled on adrenaline, it can take up to 5 police officers to restrain someone on flakka Individuals often believe that they are being chased, on fire, or are superhuman Abusers have made headlines by running through traffic naked, having sex with trees, impaling themselves on fences, and believing that they are satan

In 2015 alone flakka has killed at least 50 people, from hyperthermia and organ failure 5 Heroin AKA Smack, brown 135 million people worldwide inject, snort, or smoke this relaxing, yet highly addictive painkiller Heroin works by slowing down body functions

The effects of mixing heroin with alcohol are deadly because they suppress the same part of the brain that regulates the heart and lungs This can cause victims to choke on their own vomit, resulting in brain damage, comas – and for 8,000 Americans each year, death Intravenous heroin users are also 300 times more likely to die from heart infections, and at least 3 million users have contracted HIV from sharing needles In parts of Eastern Europe and Central Asia over 80 percent of all HIV infections are related to drug use 4

Crack cocaine AKA Rocks Crack is an extremely potent form of cocaine When it’s smoked, it causes intense feelings of euphoria, alertness, and aggressive behavior In the 1980s the CIA devastated neighborhoods across America by peddling this deadly inner-city drug to thousands living in black communities, to fund armies in Nicaragua Thirty years later and 12 million Americans are still hooked on this drug, which kills 6,000 people every year

This is due in part to violent turf wars in the CIA’s targeted communities Users also experience psychosis, heart attacks, kidney failure, and ‘crack lung’ – where the drug erodes the lining of the lungs, and causes respiratory arrest 3 Bath salts AKA Vanilla sky, Bubbles Bath salts are a synthetic stimulant that produces an energetic high But in large enough doses, they also cause people to become uncontrollable and cannibalistic

This is because the drug induces a powerful psychosis In May 2012 31-year-old Rudy Eugene ate a homeless man’s face under the influence of bath salts, before being fatally shot by Miami Police The drug’s arrival onto the party scene means that unsuspecting MDMA users have been mistaking bath salts for ecstasy, with devastating effects In 2013 alone this caused 23,000 hospitalizations, with users experiencing seizures, hallucinations, and even death 2

Whoonga AKA Nyaope Whoonga is a cheap, but highly toxic and addictive street drug, that has spread in popularity in South African townships Whoonga is a fine white powder, which is added to marijuana, and smoked for its relaxing and hallucinogenic properties The white powder is made up of washing detergent, rat poison, and the HIV medicine Stocrin, which is thought to increase the hallucinogenic effects of marijuana – although there is no scientific proof of this The popularity of whoonga has caused HIV patients to be targeted by gangs, who rob them of their life saving medicine A Vice documentary on the drug reported that whoonga users purposely become HIV positive, so that they gain free access to the anti-retroviral medicine

Smoking whoonga poses severe health risks, including internal bleeding, heart failure, and even death in some instances, with users throwing up their own intestines 1 Krokodil AKA Desomorphine 1 million Russians are hooked on Krokodil, a heroin opiate, which is a mixture of eye drops, codeine, and gasoline It gives the user a rush of euphoria for a third of the price of traditional opiates Once injected, the gasoline and eye drops eat your flesh, giving skin the appearance of crocodile scales

Eventually it causes gangrene, which rots you from the inside out The life expectancy of a Krokodil addict is just one year, as using the drug causes brain damage, organ failure, and HIV and tetanus from dirty needles Some cases result in limb amputations, and maggots crawling in wounds

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