Top 10 Facts That Could Save Your Life

10 Condoms Besides providing safe sex, condoms are multi-functional survival tools which are waterproof, flexible, and strong

In World War 2 condoms were first used to muffle firearms They can also expand to 30cm, with the capacity to hold 1 liter of water The condom’s plastic material protects valuables from the rain and ignites quickly to start a fire 9 Pregnancy tests They’re not just for women – men can find out if they have testicular cancer by taking a pregnancy test

Testicular cancer causes men to produce ‘human chorionic gonadotropin’, the same hormone that pregnant women produce in developing placenta After diagnosis, some patients might even have an ultrasound and an epidural as part of their cancer treatment 8 Nuclear shelter A 2013 study by the Global Catastrophic Risk Institute concluded that the odds of a nuclear attack between the USA and Russia are as high as 1 in 100 Since the Cold War public information films have told us that the best way to survive a nuclear attack is to shelter in place

But new research has shown that the ‘duck and cover’ approach could kill you After the blast, it’s safer to leave your current location if you can reach a concrete basement or a large brick building within 15 minutes Secure shelters absorb radiation more slowly and protect against flash burns and long-term radiation poisoning, which causes cancer, anaemia, and organ failure 7 Cell phone blindness The human brain can’t multitask if it’s performing 2 different cognitive activities at the same time, like texting and walking

This results in something called ‘inattentional blindness’ ‘Distracted walking’ is responsible for at least 10% of all pedestrian injuries and the number of people killed in this way has increased 35% in the last 4 years Half of all fatal car crashes are related to drivers talking on their phones and experiencing inattentional blindness, oblivious to stimuli right in front of them 6 Plane crash The odds of being in a plane crash are 1 in 9 million but every year there are nearly 100 aviation accidents, causing 1000 fatalities

To avoid being one of them, make sure you’re sat at the back of the plane New evidence suggests that aviation damage caused by increasing G force falls from a deadly 12G to 6G at the rear of the aircraft Survival rates for passengers in rear seats is 69% compared with 56% over the wing and 49% at the front – so you might want to rethink that first class ticket 5 Firestarter Fire is vital for shelter, boiling water, and cooking food – and you can make one with just a can of coke and a chocolate bar

Polishing the bottom of a soda can with chocolate and a cloth will make the surface shiny enough to reflect a beam of sunlight onto some tinder to ignite it, like a magnifying glass You can even use ice to make a fire, in the same way Carve a chunk of ice into a lens shape, and then reflect the sun’s rays through the ice, to generate heat 4 Alcohol antidote A bottle of vodka could save your life

Alcohol is a natural antidote to poisoning from ethylene glycol, a deadly chemical compound with a sweet taste found in antifreeze and sometimes unregulated liquor When people drink these liquids, ethylene glycol causes fatal seizures and kidney failure But ingesting strong spirits like whisky or vodka delays ethylene glycol’s toxic metabolic process In 2007 doctors saved a man’s life by attaching him to a vodka drip for 3 days, to cure his anti-freeze poisoning 3

Deadly snow Humans can only survive 3 days without water In cold climates, snow is an obvious source of water – but eating it before it’s melted can kill you Eating snow lowers your core temperature, which forces your body to increase its metabolic rate to stay warm, causing you to dehydrate and develop hypothermia 2 Static hair Static hair? You’re about to be struck by lightning

Before a thunderstorm, electrical charge builds up in the air, which lifts up your hair This is a warning sign that you’re about to be hit The odds of being struck by lightning in your lifetime are 1 in 6000, but your chances are much higher if your hair stands on end when you’re outside Without immediate shelter, 300 kilovolts of electricity will shoot through your body, potentially causing third degree burns, hemorrhages, brain damage, and cardiac arrest 1

Cancer-detecting camera Did you know that your camera can detect cancer? Only 300 children every year in the United States are diagnosed with retinoblastoma, a rare form of eye cancer But cameras hold the cure In flash photographs, the pupils of most people’s eyes appear red But in cases of retinoblastoma, the pupil reflects white light, like a cat’s eye

This is because a tumor has grown in the back of the eye, affecting the retina Thanks to photography and effective treatment, 98% of children with retinoblastoma are cured

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