Top 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Body

Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About Your Own Body 10  Taller by night Ever wished you were a little taller? Well you’re in luck, because every morning when you get out of bed you are around half an inch, or 1

27cm taller than you will be in the evening This is due to excess fluid that builds up between your spinal discs When you stand up all day the fluid is squeezed as stress is placed on your spine and when you sleep this fluid can expand again, making you a taller person by morning and a shorter one by night 9 Hidden Strengths A full head of hair can support an outstanding amount of weight; around 12 tonnes, so you could hold a double decker bus with your hair

but maybe not your neck And if you think hair is strong, then you should know that pound for pound our bone is five times stronger than steelThat means one cubic inch of it can take a little more than 8,618 kilograms of weight (19,000 lbs)

That’s about 17 grand pianos 8 Seeing Clearly Your eyes can actually see UV light, it is just that the lens filters it out People who have undergone eye surgery to have the lens removed can see ultraviolet lights We distinguish different shades of green the best, which is why night vision cameras use green to display their images

The human eye can distinguish around 10 million different colors and when unobstructed see a single candle 30 miles away If our eye were a camera, it would be rated as 576 megapixels, about 72x better than the latest iPhone’s 7 Internal Medicine So can organs repair themselves? Well, did you know that your liver is the only organ in your body that can regenerate? If you have only 25% of your liver left, then it can start to repair itself and grow back to its full size Not only that, but during regeneration the liver’s functions are only partially affected, so it’s still working

Something that is maybe more impressive is that when a pregnant woman suffers organ damage, say through a heart attack, then her fetus will send stem cells to the damaged organ to help repair it! 6 Shaved Monkeys We actually have the same amount of hair on our bodies as a chimpanzee, it's just that ours are fine, and largely useless However, this explains what goosebumps are doing When we are cold they are trying to warm us up by lifting the hair; which unfortunately, thanks to evolution, is a lot less helpful these days And when we are frightened goosebumps are trying to puff out our non-existent fur to make us look bigger and more threatening

These set of reflexes are called piloerection, but goosebumps can also appear as an emotional response by the limbic system to something beautiful or touching, like a piece of music And being an extra hairy person? Well it may actually be linked to being more intelligent, in a study that showed hairier people have a tendency to be cleverer [I promise I just wax] 5 Causing a stink Worried about your BO? Well it’s not your sweat that smells You produce two types of sweat, one from your eccrine glands all around your body and the other from your apocrine glands under your arms and between your legs

So the bad smell? Well it’s actually the smell of bacteria feeding off the sweat from your apocrine glands Don’t worry, more disgusting is the fact there are 10 times the amount of bacteria cells than human cells on your body And ‘old people smell’ actually exists, it is caused by the chemical 2-nonenal, which the elderly secrete through their skin much faster than young people 4 Heart Throbs We’ve all seen a horror film where someone’s heart is pulled from their chest and it’s still beating

Well this can actually happen; your heart can carry on beating separate from the body, because it has its own electrical impulse It is lucky the heart is so dependable as a pump, as we need it to push 2,000 gallons of blood through 60,000 miles of blood vessels in 100,000 beats a day In your lifetime it will pump one million barrels of blood, or two oil super tankers By the way, your heart isn’t on the left side of your bodyit’s in the middle There’s just more muscle mass over to the left 3 Sensitive Humans So, humans have five senses, right? Sight, sound, touch, smell and taste

Well, actually we have more than five For instance when you hold your hand above a fire, or open a freezer are you touching it to feel that it is hot or cold? You’re not, you are using heat sensors in your skin to detect the temperature Another sense is proprioception, which is classed as a meta-sense This is the sense of your body knowing the location of other body parts without having to see them, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to do the head, shoulders, knees and toes movements with our eyes closed Other senses include balance, vibration, pain, time, starvation and thirst

2 Brain Power Your brain might only run on the same power as a dim light bulb at 20 watts, but don’t let this fool you into doubting its capacity for thought The brain has the storage potential of around 25 million gigabytes of data, which is somewhere in the region of 300 years worth of video, or enough space to watch the entire Alltime10’s library 4,500 times And while the brain doesn’t take up much power, it is incredibly fast

To put it in perspective Japan’s K computer, one of the most powerful in the world, is capable of 106 billion operations a second and it took 40 minutes to simulate one second of brain activity 1 Human Space Ever wondered what your body is made up of? Well you are essentially lots and lots of nothing Atoms have lots of empty space between their nucleus and their electrons, so if you lost all this emptiness? Then you’d be scrunched up into the size of 1/500th of a centimetre

This is even more amazing when you think about the number of atoms that make up your body: 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (7 octillion) atoms are buzzing around in you now And to completely blow your minds? Every one of those atoms is billions of years old All the Hydrogen in your body was made in the Big Bang, over 13 billion years ago And the heavier elements? Well they were made in stars that then have exploded around 11 billion years ago Everything that you are constructed from is stardust that saw some of the first moments of the Universe

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