Top 10 Knockout Facts About Muhammad Ali

10 knockout facts about Muhammad Ali number ten born Cassius Clay Muhammad Ali was given his name by the nation of islam leader elijah muhammad polly was initially denied membership to the nation of islam because they considered boxing to be a filthy profession but what's ali won the World Heavyweight Championship from Sonny Liston he was quickly embraced as one of the nation's most important members number nine all he was the first heavyweight champion to win the belt three times and he remains the only three-time Linea World Heavyweight Champion the first time aged just 22 made him the youngest boxer ever to take the title from the reigning champion this record is currently held by Mike Tyson who took the heavyweight championship belt page twenty by the time only advertised hit 56 wins 37 by knockout and only five losses number eight his talents didn't stop the boxing and six months before its fight with Liston he released an album with Columbia Records titled on the greatest I'll McGregor it includes spoken word and a cover Ben E King song stand by me which got 102% on the charts he even once had his own NBC cartoon series titled The Adventures Muhammad Ali worry Voice the titular character his Hollywood Walk of Fame star is the only one installed on a wall instead at the ground as he didn't want anyone to walk on it number seven in 1964 only failed to qualify for the US Armed Forces scoring early seventy 829 cue test he defended his low score stating I said that was the greatest I never said I was the smartest two years later as america's would be at phnom intensified the only lowered its requirements an attempted to draw of Dali to the army to use his celebrity status to encourage more crews and entertain troops with exhibition fights only refused to be drafted because I've religious reasons I should probably another poll called negro go ten thousand-mile %uh away from home in america to drop bombs and bullets all are help all brown people who have a probable and I will they directly no I will not go because of his refusal polly was convicted of draft evasion and threatened with the prison sentence and fine he was stripped as possible and World Championship title and prevented from fighting three-and-a-half years while banned from boxing to make money only briefly starred in the Broadway musical but white but it was short-lived canceled after just seven performances number six in 1977 all these long-term talk to quit up three refused to heed his warning and retire from boxing to prevent for the long-term health damage age 35 his doctor reported The Hollies kidneys were falling apart despite this only continue to box for for the four years by the time he retired in 1981 polly was struggling with vocal starters and trembling hands he was later diagnosed with Parkinson's disease number five it isn't up in mister only through his nineteen sixty go to Olympic medal into the ohio River after returning to the gold from the 1960 Rome Olympics only became disillusioned with his win when he realized that despite being an Olympic champion he was still treated as a second-class citizen the urban myth first mention in his 1975 autobiography states the after being thrown out to the restaurant because he was black he threw his middle into the ohio river in frustration but in later years he admitted that the middle part to the story was made up Anne it simply lost it he was given a replacement at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics number four wanna Muhammad Ali's greatest fights the rumble in the jungle was financed by the African countries I is national budget boxing promoter Don King couldn't afford the five million dollar fee that both mahmoud Ali and his opponent George Foreman requested for the fight answers I is president Mobutu Sese Seko decided to put up ten million dollars in an attempt to expand the country's reputation number three in 1981 Muhammad Ali talk to 21-year-old man out to committing suicide of being alerted to the young man nearby was threatening to jump out to the night through a window the police allowed Ali into the building to talk to him after their own psychiatrist said made no progress all declined out to the next window and told the man that they were brothers and that he was going to help eventually talking the man down from the ledge number two Sylvester Stallone was inspired by Ali's 1975 by with underdog Chuck Wepner of to watch you screening at the bloody 15-round fight for the World Heavyweight title stallone went home and wrote the script for Rocky film's antagonist Apollo Creed was based on ollie dreams everything a and happily should be and a man should be 11 like him again and I based the pollack read on him thank God a character like that level to follow number one in 1995 polly was invited to north korea at your request leader Kim Jong Il one function a North Korean official began to brag about the superiority of north korea and how they could take out the United States or Japan anytime they wanted despite being ravaged with Parkinson's disease only suddenly piped up responding no wonder we ate these mother was hi guys I was 10 things you didn't know about Muhammad Ali hope you enjoyed it let us know if so in the comments is actually one of our personal heroes here all time tens and so is Bruce Lee she wanna learn a little bit more about him and there's a link in the sidebar on the description so hopefully I'll check that we are as well we'll see you next time but like guys by

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