Top 10 Most Haunted Places On Earth

10 The Screaming Bridge, Ohio USA Those who visit the Screaming Bridge in Ohio have been plagued by the screams of the dozens of people who have died there

Particularly harrowing are echoes from the final moments of one woman who jumped from the bridge to escape an attacker Unaware of the rail tracks below, she began to scream when she realized she'd inadvertently jumped to her death The last conversation of a couple whose bodies were found nearby, and the crying of a baby thrown from the bridge by its mother also haunt the air 09 Ancient Ram Inn, UK A British pub built on the site of an ancient Pagan burial ground that was the site of child sacrifice and devil worship

Apparitions of monks, a shepherd, and a centurion, have all been seen by guests Its owner has described being pulled by an invisible force from his bed and dragged across the room Skeletons of young children have been found with blades still wedged into the bones Eight 8 people who have stayed were supposedly forced to undergo exorcisms on leaving 08

Chickamauga, Tennessee USA The spirits of soldiers killed in one of the civil war's fiercest battles can be seen roaming the field in which they died Following the 1863 battle many of the dead were buried in mass graves where they fell Visitors to the battlefield have seen a mysterious woman in a white dress who roams the field She is thought to be the ghost of a woman searching for her fiancé killed in battle The field is also home to Ol’ Green Eyes, a soldier whose body was torn apart by gun fire

First reported in 1870, his green eyes can be seen floating through the air, searching for the rest of his corpse 07 Monte Cristo Homestead, Australia A mansion in Australia owned by one family for over 60 years is plagued by the tormented spirits of those killed there Tragedies include the death of a pregnant maid who was pushed from a balcony, and a young boy who burned to death when his boss set fire to his straw mattress A baby was also killed after reportedly being thrown downstairs by an invisible force, which pulled the child from a maid's grasp

06 Houska Castle, Czech Republic Folklore claims that a castle near Prague was built to cover a bottomless pit which is a gateway to hell The 13th century King Ottokar offered a pardon to any prisoners who would dare to be lowered into the caves The first to do so was heard screaming frantically When brought to the surface moments later, he had been driven completely insane

Mysterious figures have been spotted all over the castle, from a chain of maimed prisoners, to a hybrid creature resembling a giant frog Disembodied chanting and mysteriously moving objects have also been reported Adolf Hitler is said to have believed the stories, instructing a scientific team to visit the castle to investigate the reports 05 Tower of London, UK Screams of executed prisoners echo round this political prison in London where ghosts have been seen re-enacting the moments of their deaths

The beheaded wife of Henry the 8th, Anne Boleyn, is one of the most famous ghosts Her decapitated body paces the Tower’s chapel and floats near the scene of her execution Two young Princes believed to have been murdered by their uncle have also been seen Cowering in a corner, their ghosts are seen holding hands in fear But the strangest ghost has to be the specter of a huge bear

In 1816 a guard reported being charged at by the animal, plunging his weapon into its side only to go straight through it 04 Château de Brissac, France The ghosts of a murdered adulterous couple haunt the 15th century French castle in which they died When her furious husband killed Charlotte de Brézé and her lover, they made sure never to leave him in peace Their disembodied, agonizing screams eventually drove their killer from his home

Known as the Green Lady, guests to the castle claim her ghost resembles a rotting corpse, with gaping holes where her eyes and nose should be 03 The RMS Queen Mary, moored in California USA Around 600 ghosts roam an Ocean liner nicknamed the Gray Ghost One ill-fated passenger, who was murdered aboard the ship, has been known to physically attack those who visit it, leaving slap marks on their skin Also used to transport the military in World War Two, soldiers were subject to poor conditions

Thanks to severe overheating, at its worst point one solider was dying every seven minutes In 1942 the Queen Mary collided with a smaller ship, breaking it in half and killing over 300 people Visitors on board have heard the incident happen since then, reporting ghostly screams for help 02 Eastern State Penitentiary, Pennsylvania, USA Inmates were driven insane by torturous guards in this 19th century prison

Punishments included being ducked in frozen water and strung up outside, and being confined to straitjackets for hours at a time Shadowy figures have been reported since the 1940s, with even its most infamous resident, Al Capone, claiming to be haunted by one of his murdered victims Cackling, screams, and slamming doors have all been heard coming from the cells, while the apparitions of executed prisoners have been seen recreating their final steps on the Death Row corridor 01 Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Kentucky USA This was a tuberculosis hospital before it became a sanatorium and ghostly children can be heard singing nursery rhymes from the roof and playing games with balls in the wards

Scarier is the specter of an old woman bound in chains, who's been seen with blood dripping down her arms before disappearing into thin air The most haunted area of the hospital is in the nurse's station, where one nurse jumped from a window and another hung herself Their voices can be heard in the room, ordering intruders to leave

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