Top 10 Most Mysterious UFO Sightings Ever

Top 10 Most Mysterious UFO Sightings 10) The crash of Shag Harbour On October 4th 1967, the small town of Shag Harbour spotted four bright orange lights in the sky Over 30 witnesses saw a 60ft-long dome shaped UFO plummet into the water, creating a bright splash

As the coastguard sailed out towards the vessel it started to submerge, leaving a strange yellow foam in its wake – fishermen claimed it was like nothing they’d ever seen before No wreckage was ever found of the UFO, nor were there any reports of planes going missing from any official agencies The Department of National Defence concluded that there was no “explainable conclusion” for this event 9) Colares, Brazil Across October, November and December of 1977 the Brazilian island of Colares [kol-larr-ehs] ]was plagued by various mysterious objects appearing in the sky Rays of light coming from the UFOs would strike the islanders, giving them headaches and paralysis

Dr Wellaide Carvalho [vell-I-dee kar-VAL-oh], a town doctor, treated over 40 patients who had bizarre, small burns that turned black just 10 minutes after being struck by the light After the mass panic regarding the attacks, a team of AIr Force officers was sent to the island to investigate the strange events in a plan named “Operation Saucer” The findings of the operation did not come to light until 1997 when the captain of the investigation, Uyrangê Hollanda [yer-ran-gay holl-un-dah], gave an interview and said he was visited by a humanoid alien while on the island He committed suicide just months later and the records from Operation Saucer remain a secret 8) Rendlesham Forest, UK On Boxing Day of 1980, US airman John Burroughs and two colleagues went into Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk, England to investigate a series of lights

They claim they encountered an extraterrestrial spacecraft that seemed to be made of black glass Two of the men later suffered post traumatic stress disorder A couple of days later more military personnel were sent out to the forest and found that the radiation count was unusually high One soldier, Larry Warren, claims they engaged with an alien being in a silent stand-off in the clearing Mysterious hatches have since been found in the forest and Ministry of Defence official Nick Pope even publically stated that something landed there, but the mystery of Rendlesham Forest has never been explained

7) Phoenix Lights March 13th, 1997 Citizens of Phoenix, Arizona all were shocked when they saw a mile-wide V formation of around 7 strange lights silently glide across the sky It was reportedly seen by 10,000 people The US Air Force denied receiving any information about it despite the fact they sent several F-16 fighter jets to engage with it, and later claimed that the light formation were military flares that took a while to burn out However, former Arizona governor Fife Symington reversed his statement 10 years later saying “[he] was a pilot and knew every machine that can fly… but this was bigger than anything [he] had ever seen”

He claimed he didn’t release the information a decade earlier because he didn’t want to cause a mass public panic 6) Underwater Millennium Falcon In Summer of 2011, a group of Swedish oceanic explorers called the Ocean X Team came across a mysterious shape on the seabed while looking for a shipwreck It was 60m long and bore a resemblance to Han Solo’s Star Wars vehicle in sonar footage It was mostly made of rock, leading scientists to claim it was simply a rock formation on the ocean floor But the divers claimed that it had strange drawings on it and unknown black material in the cracks

They even report that all electronics shut down when you get within 200m of the UFO Some more skeptical explanations for the strange object include seabed rock formations and even a large mushroom, whereas some think it’s an experimental Nazi submarine or an alien spacecraft Whatever it is, it’s been dubbed the Roswell of the ocean 5) NASA International Space Station In June of 2015, the International Space Station was broadcasting a live feed from its exterior cameras when viewers spotted something odd going on in the background Very small, bright shapes are seen leaving the earth’s atmosphere and ascending towards something else in the background of the stream

Somewhat suspiciously NASA decided to cut away from their broadcast at this point citing “technical issues” Some believe it’s just dust coupled with a coincidence but many people believe they are UFOs or even aliens that NASA are trying to keep hidden from us Wake up, sheeple! 4) Zimbabwe Schoolchildren On September 16th 1994, the school children of the Ariel School in Ruwa Zimbabwe spotted a UFO landing in their schoolyard The children saw three objects in the sky disappearing and re-appearing in different places One of the objects was said to land 100m away from some of the kids and a small, metre-high man with large “rugby ball sized” eyes walked out of it

It noticed the children and ran away, with the ship disappearing All 62 children present told pretty much the same story, and in counselling some said there were “thoughts coming from the man’s eyes” 35 of the children were asked to draw pictures of what they saw and they all depicted the same event While some skeptics think it’s mass hysteria or mass hallucination, nobody can thoroughly explain what they saw 3) UFOs over Washington DC In 1952, air traffic controllers at Washington Airport detected a cluster of blips on his radar where they knew there was nobody flying

They tracked their movements but they moved with massive bursts of speed, making it very difficult for radars to lock onto them Separate control tower at Andrews and Bolling Air Force Bases also detected similar movements Pilot Captain Pierman who was in flight at the time claimed he saw six bright lights in the sky and they were “like falling stars without tails” Jets were called to the area but they found nothing Weirdly, exactly the same thing happened again the next weekend, first spotted by staff on a commercial airliner

This time, jet pilots saw the lights and tried to engage but they claimed the objects were moving faster than their maximum speed The official Air Force position on these objects is that they are simply “unknowns” 2) The Valentich Disappearance Frederick Valentich, an Australian pilot, disappeared without a trace in 1978 He was flying his plane between Melbourne and King Island when he noticed that there was a strange object hovering 30m above him He said the object was shiny and had a green light

A few minutes after spotting it he said his engine started the fail, and he radioed his base where they heard mysterious metallic screeching noises The last contact they had with him was “it’s not an aircraft… it’s” before the transmission ended abruptly

Air Transport officials claim that Valentich could have become disorientated, but the wreckage of his aircraft has never been found Some suggesting he had been abducted by the strange object 1) Belgian Wave 13,500 people, including police officers and judges, reported seeing a triangular object with strong lights silently floating in the sky above Belgium on the night of November 29th 1989 A few months later in March 1990 the same thing happened again – reported on two ground-based radars Jets were sent to investigate and the craft sped off impossibly fast

They chased it for an hour as it ducked out of view – apparently dropping from 10,000ft to 500ft in just 5 seconds before escaping Sightings of the same thing was reported for months and months afterwards, with thousands of people trying to take photos but they never developed properly Confidential letters by Belgium Defence Minister Leo Delcroix leaked and revealed there was “no earthly explanation” for the UFO’s appearance"

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