Top 10 Movie Plot Holes You’ve Never Noticed

[NARRATOR] 10 X-Men: Days Of Future Past The X-Men are gifted, with lots of cool superpowers, so it’s completely understandable that the Sentinels would want to steal them

Mystique's power is cosmetic, giving her the ability to shape shift into anyone she likes, this only allows her to steal their appearance though, nothing else When Mystique is captured, the Sentinels wrongly gain the ability to take on X-Men's powers as well as appearance A deleted scene was later released showing Rogue also being captured She can take others' powers so this would have potentially filled the plot hole But that doesn't count; it's still a plothole to us

Sorry X-men 9 The Butterfly Effect The Butterfly Effect sees lead character Evan regularly time traveling, thanks to his childhood diary of horrific events Despite the fact that each trip through time leads Evan closer and closer to permanent brain damage he uses his party trick to prove to a religious prisoner that he has the ability He does this by travelling back to school and stabbing both of his hands in the classroom

This should have then altered the original timeline, meaning his whole life's path would have changed and he wouldn't have ended up in the prison Instead, he returns to a very surprised prisoner who we're now led to believe is living in Evan's original timeline before he scarred his hands, as well as the new timeline in which his hands have already been scarred 8 Jurassic Park The T-Rex A deadly dinosaur who shakes the earth with every step

The audience and characters are instantly aware whenever she's approaching, thanks to the rippling of the water However, during the climax of the film when the group are surrounded by the raptors, the T-Rex somehow manages to sneak up on them all and attack It's crazy enough to think that the 9 tonne dinosaur could have crept up on them bearing in mind it's got the height of roughly three stacked double-decker buses, but are we also supposed to believe that the beast tiptoed through a T-Rex shaped door at the back of the building, creating no noise whatsoever? If so, that was a serious architectural fail on the parks part 7 Lord Of The Rings – The Fellowship Of The Ring When you think of 'Lord Of the Rings' and 'plot holes', people automatically shout about the eagles that could have overcome every obstacle within the series

But we're not going to go there We know better than to bring up the eagles We're more concerned about the lack of advancement in their civilization 3,000 years have passed since the ring was lost up until the film's present day In those 3,000 years, absolutely nothing has advanced

No new technology, weapons, clothing or hairstyles have graced the planet Are we really supposed to believe that they can make trees come to life when they don't even have phones? Their quest would have been so much easier with phones Sort it out Gandalf 6 Charlie's Angels While in the Redstar mainframe, it’s made clear that the floor of the vault will trigger the alarm if if it has more than 0

25 seconds of contact To get in to the room, the angels use replicated finger print and retina scans to trick the system in to thinking a member of staff is going in So why would Cameron Diaz need to summersault her way through the room? Other than to look sassy and utilise the lycra suit Are we really supposed to believe that the staff members of Redstar flip their way through every time they need to work on the server? 5 Batman Begins The Batman series is known for it's menacing bad guys, epic weapons and vehicles

The technology is so far advanced that we'd usually never question it, however the weapon used in Batman Begins has a major design flaw worth noting Ra's al Ghul and his army of scarecrow’s plan to use a microwave emitter to vaporise water This would allow their their toxic poison to reach everyone in the city of Gotham, turning them crazy Good plan It had potential BUT they forgot that humans are made up of 60% water

The emitter would therefore create a popcorn-esque reaction across the humans, before the poisonous vapour even had chance to take hold 4 Gremlins Throughout the film Gremlins, we’re told “don’t feed the Mogwais after midnight” This poses some huge philosophical questions; isn’t it always before midnight? and when does 'after' midnight end? Also, what about the time difference? Does a gremlin in New York turn evil at the same time as a London based gremlin? There are just too many questions to justify ever owning a mogwai Best stick to the goldfish next time

at least you can get them wet 3 Signs Finding crop circles in your back garden would be a pretty terrifying experience

Realizing your alien attackers are deathly allergic to water? Not so terrifying The surface of the earth is taken up by 70% water and around 3% of the earth's atmosphere is water vapour, yet these highly intelligent aliens who were able to travel light years to get to earth were so ill-prepared for their attack that they didn’t even wear protective clothing, not even a loin cloth Considering the aliens were defeated by by a glass of water, it's hard to believe that the water vapour itself had no effect 2 Independence Day We are right to presume that aliens must be pretty intelligent to have the ability to travel all the way to earth, and they must have pretty decent technology to be able to not only fly here, but also confidently start a war

There are two main issues with the climax of this film Number one, the fact that this alien race, with vastly superior technology, was defeated by a simple human computer virus Number two, the fact that they connected a Mac with the spaceship A Mac, which is only compatible with other Mac's and also wouldn't have a strong enough connection to send the virus in the first place We have enough hassle trying to charge iPhone's with the right cable, let alone connecting a Macbook to a space ship! They should have tried throwing water on the aliens, just in case 1Karate Kid Karate Kid is a classic childhood favourite for many Famous for it's catchphrase (“wax on, wax off”)

If we learn one thing from this film, it's that kicks to the face are illegal and will not be tolerated The audience are warned of this a number of times, and even throughout the tournament itself! So, how does the lead protagonist Daniel-San win the tournament at the climax of the film by crane-kicking his opponent in the face This plot hole has caused a lot of controversy online, with karate officials saying the rules vary depending on each karate match but in most cases, he would have been disqualified

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