Top 10 Terrifying Criminals Still On The Run

10 Robert William Fisher Fisher, a Navy veteran, shot his wife in the back of the head and slashed the throats of his two children from ear to ear before causing an explosion which burned the family home to the ground in 2001

It is believed he feared his wife was going leave him The FBI are offering a one hundred thousand dollar reward for information 9 Wayne Arthur Silsbee Wanted for the sexual assault of several female minors in Oregon between 1995 and 1996 The former school bus driver was acquainted with his victims, having either babysat or taken them to various events

They were all aged between 8 and 10 years old Police advise youth groups – particularly those for deaf children – to be vigilant as Silsbee is fluent in sign language and it is feared he attempts to get close to victims by offering to do volunteer work 8 Andre Neverson Neverson was deported from the USA after shooting a man 5 times He then re-entered the country to murder his sister over an ongoing money dispute – shooting her in the brain and stomach

3 days later he also murdered his ex-fiancée On both occasions he chillingly called the parents of his victims to tell them what he had done 4 months later he was interrupted climbing into the house of another ex-girlfriend where his two-year-old daughter was sleeping His last reported spotting was in his native Trinidad in 2005 7

Yaser Abdel Said Said believed that his two teenage daughters had dishonored the family by failing to adhere to conservative Muslim values Angry that they were beginning to take an interest in dating boys, he took the two girls for a ride in his taxi cab, telling them they were going to get food He then shot them both multiple times One of his daughters managed to call 911 moments before she died, telling the operator ‘Help! My dad shot me’ The FBI believe that he may be driving a cab in New York City today and that he carries a gun at all times

6 Fidel Urbina Arrested in March 1998 for beating and raping a waitress in her car, while out on bond in October of the same year, he beat, raped and strangled a second woman Her body was discovered in the trunk of a burned out car in Chicago The FBI are offering a one hundred thousand dollar reward for the capture of the former car mechanic whose last reported sighting was in Mexico 5

Paul Erven Jackson Wanted for the kidnapping, torture and rape of a number of teenage girls in Oregon during the late 80s and early 90s One victim described how she was locked in a closet, chained to the floor, shocked with a stun gun, sexually assaulted, and drugged with chloroform for over a week His partner in crime and half brother, Vance Roberts, turned himself in to police in 2006 He is currently serving a 108-year sentence; he refuses to divulge information on the whereabouts of Jackson 4

Alexis Flores The Honduran fugitive, who was a homeless drifter in the US, is wanted for the kidnaping, rape and murder of a 5-year-old girl in Philadelphia in 2000 In 2005 he was arrested under a different alias for being an illegal immigrant and having forged documents He served 60 days in prison before being deported back to Honduras Two years later authorities realized he was the same man wanted for the murder in 2000 The FBI believe he remains at large in Honduras today

3 Glen Stewart Godwin While serving a life sentence for murder, having stabbed a man 26 times with a butcher’s knife, Godwin managed to escape from Folsom Prison in 1987 Later that year he was arrested for drug trafficking in Mexico He was sent to prison in Guadalajara, but while US authorities tried to extradite him back to America, he murdered a fellow inmate, buying him more time in the Mexican prison system 5 months later, in April 1991, he managed to escape from prison for a second time and still remains on the loose today

2 William Bradford Bishop Wanted for bludgeoning his wife, mother and 3 sons to death in Maryland, USA in 1976 The Yale graduate had a history of mental illness He committed the atrocity upon learning that he would not receive a promotion at work He then packed his victims into his car and drove for over 6 hours to Columbia, North Carolina

There he dug a shallow grave before lighting them on fire He had a week’s head start before authorities were notified There have since been reported sightings of Bishop in Sweden and Switzerland 1 Joseph Kony Leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army, Joseph Kony is wanted for war crimes and crimes against humanity

He is accused of rape, mutilation and murder He kidnapped young boys to serve as child soldiers and kidnapped young girls as sex slaves Children who attempt to escape his clutches are beaten to death He even makes his child soldiers murder their own parents There are multiple accounts of Kony mutilating civilians with machetes, knives and scissors

He is held personally responsible for over 10 thousand murders and the enslavement of over 24,000 children Intelligence suggests he is currently in Sudan

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